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HISTORY of Ireland, by Dr. Leland, continued, Page U
Essays from the Satchelor, in Prose and Verse, 14

Archæologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity,

vol. II. 17

history of the British Dominions in North America, from their

first Discovery in 1497, to the Treaty of Peace in 1763, 22

Dissertation on the ancient Republics of Italy, translated by Dr.

Langhorne, 27

Present State of Music in Germany, the Netherlands, and Unit-

1 ed Provinces, by Dr. Burney, 34, 81, 321

Anglo-Saxon Version from Orosius, by Ælfred the Great, with

an English Translation, 44

Remarks on Ecclesiastical History, Vol. IV. and V. By Dr.

Jortic, jcancluded, • 51

Sermon^of jhe\a/««v.v)0hnOtfiyTJ. D. 55

Course dfPIfysiology, by DrVPemberton, 58

Foreign A^t:cl;r$». ],J'' 61, 144, 226, 307, 387,467
Foreign LlTURft&tf Is rzirtCENCE, 68, 148, 230, 310, 390,

; '' r '. t 473

Miscellaneous^POsms, .by ^ohri Byrom, M. A. 69

The Dying Negro," a Poetical Epistle, '70

The Jesuit. An Allegorical Poem. By Mr. Marriott, 71

The Academick Sportsman. A Poem. By the rev. Gerald

Fitzgerald, 72

Ode on an Evening View of the Cresent at Bath, ibid.
The Orange-Girl at Foote's to Sally Harris. An Heroic Epistle,


The Passions personified, in familiar Fables, 73

The Siege of Tamor. A Tragedy. By Gorges Edmond

Howard, Esq. - . - ibid.

The History of Lord Astibourn and the hon. Miss Howe, 74

The Fatal Effects of Deception. A Novel, ibid.

A Collection of authentic Cafes, proving the Practicability of

recovering Persons visibly dead by Drowning, Suffocation, &c.

By Alex. Johnson, M. D. ibid..

A 2 Memoirs


An Answer to Dr. Rotheram's Apology for the Athanasian
Creed. ibid.

A full Answer to •The Catholic Doctrine of a Trinity, proved,

&c. by Will. Jones,' 76

Essays on Public Worlhip, Patriotism, and Projects of Reforma-

tion, ■ "77

The Original and Present State of Man briefly considered. _ By
Jos. Pbipps, ibid.

Multum in Parvo contra Parvum in Multo: or a Six Days can-

did Review of a Six Years uncandid Controversy, 78

A Lecture on the Importance and Necessity of rendering the
English Language a peculiar Branch of Female Education, etc.
By J. Rice. ibid.

The Travels of the Imagination; a true Journey from Newcastle

to London, in a Stage Coach, 79

Oxonia Explicata & Ornata. Proposals for disengaging and
beautifying the University and City of Oxford, ibid.

A Letter to Sir Rich. Hotham, Knt. in Answer to his Reflections

upon East India Shipping, 80

A modest Apology for the prevailing Practice of Adultery, ibidi

Correspondence, 80, 160

An Essay on Military Education: 5 Bv\Lewis.xccrie^,."; 92-

The Excellency of the JewiA:L^nvWwiicated7 Bj:1ho. Ran-

dolph, D.D. , 95

A Dissertation on the XVllth Article*? t.hi CTiurchofEngland, 104-

The Young Geographer and AAro^omer's.He|r.*Co"ny)anion. By
E.Jones, 7 *•••**• Vl«"*J io7
The Works of Mr. Jonathan RichartlionV" * in, 175,
The Intent and Propriety of the Scripture Miracles considered
and explained, in a Series of Sermons preached at Boyle's
Lecture. By Dr. Henry Owen, 117,20;

Dialogues of Lucian. From the Greek, 125

A new History of London. By John Noorthouck, 120..

Desiderata curiosa Hibernica, 138

Jo. Dav. Michaelis Epistolæ de LXX. Hebdomadibus Danielis-

ad D. lo. Pringle, Baronetum, 142-

Obl'ervations on the present State of the parochial and vagrant

; Poor, 151

Au Essiy on the Means of producing moral Effects from phy-

sical Causes, 154

An exf.ct Collection of the Debate* and Proceedings in Parlia-
ment, in 1664 and it^jj, ibid.

Poem6 and Translations. By a young Gentleman 'of the Uni-

versity of Cambridge, 1C5


The Naval Review. By the Rev. Robert English, 15 5-

Pnblic Spirit; an Ode,' ^'r ibitf.

The Chimney Sweepers. A Town Eclogue, ibid.

The-Fond Lover. A Poem, . 156

Essay qn. ^i«f Ujregpocl SpaV ^er, by1 Tho. Houlfldn, M;D.

v ■' '^ *f 'ibid.

A History of a Gentleman cured of Heats in his Face, 158

Obseryations.jpA various Subjects., By./. C. Velthusen, ibid.

The Haidelberg Catechisiji, . . 159

A short Catechism, intended chiefly for Children and Youth. By

Geo. Burnet, M. A. ;. .... •,- ibid.

Minutes of the Proceedings before the Lords Committees for

Privileges, upon the several Claims to the Titles of Vis-

count Valentia, &c. ibid,.

The Vauxhall Affray; or the Macaronies defeated, _i-6ot
Woman's Witr a Jest-book for the Ladies, ibid.
State Papers collected by Edward Earl of Clarendon, Vol. II.

• , ;.. 161, 254.

Fucdamenta Entomologia: or,' an Introduction to the Know-
ledge of Insects. By W. Curtis, t'jt

Fragmentuim ex Lib. XCI. Historiarum Titi Livii Patavini, rffj

The Works in Architecture of Robert and James Adam, Es-

quires, No. L 192

The Antiquities of England and Wales. Vol. I. Ey Francis

Grose, Esq. . , 195, 263,

The History of the Isle of Man, by the Jate Mr. Rolt, 210

The Scripture History of Abraham. By W. Gilbank, A. M.

!>«-" vi'.jff,' /'r,.;' . . .213

The History and Antiquities of Great-Yarmouth, in Norfolk.

By Henry Swinden, , .... 2i£

Narrative of the Mutiny of the Officers of the Army in Bengal,'

, in 1766. By Henry Strachey, Esq. 220;

Poems on various Subjects. By Phillis Wheatley, a Negro, 232

Evelina: a.Poem. By John Huddlestone Wynne, 234

The Pantheon a Poem, ibid.

An Ode, sacred to the Memory of the late Right Hon. George

, Lord Lytcehon, .' ibid.

The City-Patricians. A Poem, ibid-

SuTry Triumphant: or the Kentish Men's Defeat, 23£

The Macaroni: a Comedy, ibid.

The Pantheorsites. A Dramatic Entertainment, ibid.

The Fashionable Friend, a Novel, ibid;

The Hermitage: a, British Story, 24.6

The Friends, ibid.

Sociai-anifra brought, to the Test. By . John Macgowan, 237

A General History of Ireland. By John Huddsitonc Wynne,

.'7 r-r,t\ jj^f&r. . ,, ,v. ibid..

An Introduction to the Knowledge and Use osMaps, ibid.

Considerations on the Uuse and Abuse of Antimor.ial Medicines

in Fevers"and other Disorders, 238

The Universal Botanist and Nurseinan. Vol. III. Ey Richard

• Weston, Esq. ■ '239

A faith-

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