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" Creatures that by a rule in nature teach The act of order to a peopled kingdom. They have a king, and officers of sorts. Where some like magistrates correct at home, Others, like merchants, venture trade abroad. Others, like soldiers, armed in their stings,... "
Part the second of An introduction to the writing of Greek - Seite 155
von George Isaac Huntingford (bp. of Hereford.) - 1785
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A Place in the Story: Servants and Service in Shakespeare's Plays

Linda Anderson - 2005 - 339 Seiten
...and his court: Therefore doth heaven divide The state of man in divers functions, Setting endeavor in continual motion, To which is fixed, as an aim or butt, Obedience (Henry V 1.2.183-87) As Canterbury goes on to explain, even honeybees observe and enforce obedience,...
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