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" ... in the virtuous a disapprobation of the wicked ; he carries his persons indifferently through right and wrong, and at the close dismisses them without further care, and leaves their examples to operate by chance. This fault the barbarity of his age... "
The Plays of William Shakespeare ...: With the Corrections and Illustrations ... - Seite 122
von William Shakespeare - 1809
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The Christian Tradition in English Literature: Poetry, Plays, and Shorter Prose

Paul Cavill, Heather Ward, Matthew Baynham, Andrew Swinford - 2007 - 512 Seiten
...'celestial Wisdom'. Shakespeare, despite his many excellences, is not morally serious enough for Johnson, for 'it is always a writer's duty to make the world better'. 218 Johnson's criticism of Shakespeare is morally perceptive when he sees that the playwright fails...
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