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" Their valiant leader hails the noble Randolph. Lord R. Mine ancient guest ! Does he the warriors lead ? Has Denmark rous'd the brave old knight to arms? "
The British Theatre: Or, A Collection of Plays, which are Acted at the ... - Seite 18
herausgegeben von - 1824
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Shakespeare Imitations, Parodies and Forgeries, 1710-1820, Band 2

Jeffrey Kahan - 2004 - 384 Seiten
...Mine ancient guest! Does he the warriors lead? Has Denmark rous'd the brave, old knight to arms? Off. No, worn with warfare, he resigns the sword. His eldest hope, the valiant John of Lorn, 105 Now leads his kindred bands. Lord R. Glenalvon, go. With hospitality's most strong request Entreat...
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