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" The powers over person and property of which we speak are not only not granted to Congress, but are in express terms denied, and they are forbidden to exercise them. And this prohibition is not confined to the States, but the words are general, and extend... "
The Candidature for the Presidency in Eight Years of Stephen A. Douglas: His ... - Seite 5
von Benjamin Franklin Butler - 1860 - 12 Seiten
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Harper's Magazine, Band 19

Henry Mills Alden, Frederick Lewis Allen, Lee Foster Hartman, Thomas Bucklin Wells - 1859
...public use without just compensation. " The powers over persons and property, of which we speak, are not only not granted to Congress, but are in express...including those portions of it remaining under Territorial Governments, as well as that covered by States. " It is a total absence of power, every where within...
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