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" American plantations, who can forbear admiring their fidelity, though it expresses itself in so dreadful a manner ? What might not that savage greatness of soul which appears in these poor wretches on many occasions, be raised to, were it rightly cultivated... "
The British Essayists: The Spectator - Seite 104
von Alexander Chalmers - 1802
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The Spectator: no. 170-251; Sept. 14, 1711-Dec. 18, 1711

George Atherton Aitken - 1898
...courage exerting itself in fierceness, resolution in obstinacy, wisdom in cunning, patience in sullenness and despair. Men's passions operate variously, and...subject, I cannot forbear mentioning a story which I have lately heard, and which is so well attested, that I have no manner of reason to suspect the...
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African-British Writings in the Eighteenth Century: The Politics of Race and ...

Helena Woodard - 1999 - 180 Seiten
...Indies, though at the same time he maneuvers around the issues of both slavery and the abuse of women: And what Colour of Excuse can there be for the Contempt...them that which we look upon as the proper Means for anaining it?2 In the story to which he refers, two blacks enslaved to an Englishman at St. Christophers...
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