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" Afric's heat, and season'd to the sun; Numidia's spacious kingdom lies behind us, Ready to rise at its young prince's call. While there is hope, do not distrust the gods ; But wait, at least, till Caesar's near approach Force us to yield. "
Bell's British Theatre: Douglas, by J. Home. ... The alchymist, altered from ... - Seite 35
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Joseph Addison and Richard Steele: The Critical Heritage

Edward Alan Bloom, Lillian D. Bloom - 1995 - 480 Seiten
...from the Beginning of the Second Act, that a Way lay open to him and his for their Escape by Land. Numidia's spacious Kingdom lies behind us, Ready to rise at its young Prince's Call. And 'tis manifest from the latter End of the Fourth, that the Sea lay open to his Passage; 'tis Cato...
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