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" Almost all the parts of our bodies- require some expense. The feet demand shoes ; the legs stockings ; the rest of the body clothing ; and the belly a good deal of victuals. Our eyes, though exceedingly useful, ask, when reasonable, only the cheap assistance... "
Works of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin: Consisting of Memoirs of His Early Life - Seite 203
von Benjamin Franklin - 1810 - 274 Seiten
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The New England Farmer's Almanac ..., Band 1

Thomas Green Fessenden - 1823 - 432 Seiten
...ever did a premeditated injury to another without doing a greater to himself. Dr. Franklin observed, " The eyes of other - people are the eyes that ruin us. If all but myThe poorer a man is, the more aecessity there t for his being honest. A rich knave may, peraps, prosper...
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