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" Lost broke into open view with sufficient security of kind reception. Fancy can hardly forbear to conjecture with what temper Milton surveyed the silent progress of his work, and marked his reputation stealing its way in a kind of subterraneous current... "
The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.: Together with A Journal of a Tour to the ... - Seite 428
von James Boswell - 1888
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The Museum of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art, Band 13

Robert Walsh, Eliakim Littell, John Jay Smith - 1828
...that in which Dr. Johnson describes him aa surveying the silent operation of his work, and marking its reputation stealing its way, in a kind of subterraneous current, through fear and silence? " I cannot," says Dr. Johnson," but conceive him calm and confident, little disappointed, not at all dejected, relying...
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