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Books Die Bücher 11 - 20 von ungefähr 47 beziehen sich auf Civic Engagement in American Democracy.   

The Missing Middle: Working Families and the Future of American Social Policy

Theda Skocpol - 2000 - 207 Seiten
The author of Boomerang: Health Care Reform and the Turn Against Government explores the changing world of American social policy and its ramifications in terms of average ...
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Congress, Keystone of the Washington Establishment

Morris P. Fiorina - 1989 - 169 Seiten
This book makes a strong case that a Washington establishment does exist and that members of Congress are responsible for it. Fiorina’s description of the self-serving ...
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Continuity and Change in House Elections

David W. Brady, John F. Cogan, Morris P. Fiorina - 2000 - 297 Seiten
This book analyzes continuity and change in elections to the U.S. House of Representatives from the early 1970s to the late 1990s, with emphasis on the elections of 1994, 1996 ...
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Democracy, Revolution, and History

Theda Skocpol - 1999 - 273 Seiten
The work of Barrington Moore, Jr., is one of the landmarks of modern social science. A distinguished roster of contributors here discusses the influence of his best-known work ...
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Social Policy in the United States: Future Possibilities in Historical ...

Theda Skocpol - 1995 - 326 Seiten
Reforming health care, revamping the welfare system, preserving or cutting Social Security, creating employment programs for displaced employees, and revising U.S. social ...
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American Government in a Changed World

George C. Edwards, Morris P. Fiorina - 2003 - 191 Seiten
'American Government in a Changed World' is a compendium of original essays that analyze how the events of September 11, 2001, have impacted various aspects of our political ...

Manufacturing Consent: Changes in the Labor Process Under Monopoly Capitalism

Michael Burawoy - 1979 - 267 Seiten
Since the 1930s, industrial sociologists have tried to answer the question, Why do workers not work harder? Michael Burawoy spent ten months as a machine operator in a Chicago ...
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State and Party in America's New Deal

Kenneth Finegold, Theda Skocpol - 1995 - 342 Seiten
Providing a needed historical perspective on current debates about industrial and agricultural policy, Kenneth Finegold and Theda Skocpol compare the origins, implementation ...
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Home Style and Washington Work: Studies of Congressional Politics

Morris P. Fiorina, David W. Rohde - 1991 - 254 Seiten
Explores the activities of members of Congress in their constituencies and in Washington
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