The Works of Christopher Marlowe

Clarendon Press, 1910 - 664 Seiten

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Seite 32 - Our souls, whose faculties can comprehend The wondrous architecture of the world, And measure every wandering planet's course, Still climbing after knowledge infinite, And always moving as the restless spheres, Will us to wear ourselves, and never rest, Until we reach the ripest fruit of all, That perfect bliss and sole felicity, The sweet fruition of an earthly crown.
Seite 360 - Gallop apace, bright Phoebus, through the sky, And dusky night, in rusty iron car, Between you both shorten the time, I pray, That I may see that most desired day When we may meet these traitors in the field.
Seite 192 - Oft have I thought to have done so; but the devil threatened to tear me in pieces, if I named God, to fetch both body and soul, if I once gave ear to divinity : and now 'tis too late. Gentlemen, away, lest you perish with me.
Seite 186 - If it like your grace, the year is divided into two circles over the whole world, that, when it is here winter with us, in the contrary circle it is summer with them, as in India, Saba, and farther countries in the East; and by means of a swift spirit that I have I had them brought hither, as you see.
Seite 191 - Wittenberg, never read book ! And what wonders I have done, all Germany can witness, yea, all the world ; for which Faustus hath lost both Germany and the world, yea heaven itself, heaven, the...
Seite 194 - That sometime grew within this learned man. Faustus is gone : regard his hellish fall, Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise Only to wonder at unlawful things, Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits To practise more than heavenly power permits.
Seite 193 - Tis gone; and see where God Stretcheth out his arm, and bends his ireful brows! Mountains and hills come, come and fall on me, And hide me from the heavy wrath of God!
Seite 305 - Christians, dogs, and Turkish infidels; But now begins the extremity of heat To pinch me with intolerable pangs: Die life, fly soul, tongue curse thy fill, and die!
Seite 135 - Give me a map; then let me see how much Is left for me to conquer all the world.
Seite 332 - I have not seen a dapper Jack so brisk ; He wears a short Italian hooded cloak Larded with pearl, and, in his Tuscan cap, A jewel of more value than the crown. While others walk below, the king and he From out a window laugh at such as we, And flout our train, and jest at our attire.

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