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Account of the burning concave tholin, of a crystal-like body sent

glass, made at Lyons, by M. to him from Iceland - Page 28 * Villette . . Page 1 of the abundance of wood found M. Auzout's speculations on the under ground in Lincolnshire 30 - changes likely to be discovered in Of the stone quarry near Maestricht

the earth and moon, by their inhabitants

- 2 Mathemnatical principles of light, Swarms of mischievous insects, in colours, the rainbow, &c. By

New England - . . 3 F. M. Grimaldi of Bologna 81 Observations on the Barometer. By A letter of Mr. Isaac Newton to the

Dr. Wallis e - 4 secretary, containing his new The rotation of Jupiter on his axis. theory of light and colours - 32

By Mr. Hook and M. Cassini ib. Account of the rotation of a permaGeneral heads for a natural history nent spot in the planet Jupiter,

of a country. By Mr. Boyle 5 observed by Signor Cassini - 35 Of four suns observed in France 7 Some observations about shining Hypothesis on the flux and reflux of flesh, made by Mr. Boyle - 36

the sea. By Dr. Jolin Wallis 8 Observations on the nature of snow. Of worms that eat stones and mortar. By Dr. Grew • . 37

By M. de la Voye - 12 Some observations made by a mi. Observations on ants. By Dr. Ed. croscope, contrived by M. Leu.

mund King .. . - 13w enhoek, in Holland - 39 Experiments concerning the relation An attempt to prove the motion of

between air and light in shining the earth from observations made

wood and fish. By Mr. Boyle 16 by Robert Hook - - 41 Account by the celebrated Dr. Har- Microscopical observations made by

vey, of Thomas Parr, who died in M. Leuwenhoek . . 42 London at the age of 152 years Microscopical observations concernand nine months . . 17 ing blood, milk, bones, and the Some observations concerning the brain. By M. Leuwenhoek 43

darting of spiders. In a letter to An account given by Denys Papin Mr. J. Ray - - - 18 to show that the rain and snow Concerning the eruptions of Mount waters are sufficient to make

Ætna - - . 19 fountains and rivers run perpeSome enquiries concerning the salt tually .

springs and the way of salt-making Restoration of animal life. By Dr. at Nantwich in Cheshire, answered Pechlin - - - 46

by William Jackson, M.D. 21 Observations on a subterranean fire An account of a halo seen at Paris : in a coal-mine near Newcastle.

also on the cause of these meteors, By Dr. Lucas Hodgson - 47 - and of parhelias or mock suns. By Observations on animalcula seen in

M. Huygens ... - 22 rain, well, sea, and snow water ; Experiments about respiration. By as also in pepper water. By M.

the Hon. Robert Boyle - 23 Leuwenhoek . . - 48 The manner of spiders projecting On the trembling of consonant

their threads. Communicated by strings. By Dr. Wallis - 51 Mr. John Ray - - 28 of an unusual meteor. By Dr. An account, by Dr. Erasmus Bar. Wallis


- 52

On the motion of light. By M. Of the pores in the skin of the

Romer - - Page 52 hands and feet. By Neh. Grew,

Mr. Leuwenhoek concerning the M.D. . . Page 77

carneous fibres of a muscle, and Letter from Mr. Anthony Leuwen-

the cortical and medullary part of hoek, about animals in the scurf

the brain . - - 53 of the teeth, the substance called

The manner of hatching chickens at worms in the nose, and the cuti.

Cairo. By Mr. John Graves 54 cula consisting of scales . 78.

Account of the tin mines in Corn- of the bogs in Ireland. By Mr.

wall. By Dr. Christ. Merret 56 · William King - - 81

Of red snow seen at Genoa. By. Concerning the salts of vinegar, &c.

Sig. Sarotti - - 57 By Mr. Anthony Leuwenhoek 83

Observations in Congo. By Michael Abstract of a letter from Mr. Leu-

Angelo de Guattini . - 58 wenhoek to the R. S., dated
On the structure of teeth and other Jan. 23. 1684-5, concerning the

bones, also of hair. By Mr. - various figures of the salts con.

· Anthony Leuwenhoek - ib. tained in several substances 84

Account of the salt springs and salt. A discourse concerning gravity and
making at Droitwich. By Dr. its properties; and on the laws of

Thomas Rastell - - 59 the descent of heavy bodies. By
Letter of Mr. Leuwenhoek, contain E. Halley . .. • 8.3

ing an account of the vast num- Propositions concerning the descent

bers of animals in melts of fish 61 of lieavy bodies, and the motion of

An account of Okey-hole, and se projects - - - 89

veral other subterraneous grottos Account of the trade winds and

and caverns in Mendip-hills. By monsoons, observable in the seas

Mr. John Beaumont, jun. - ib. between and near the tropics. By

An account of several curious dis- E. Halley - - 91

coveries about the internal texture Mathematical principles of natural

of the flesh of muscles, of strange philosophy. By Isaac Newton,

motions in the fins, and the man- Lucasian professor of mathematics

ner of the production of the shells at Cambridge. Analysed by Dr.

of oysters, &c. By M. Leuwen Halley -


hoek - - - 63 On the effects of a burning specu.

Description of a monstrous animal lum, lately made in Germany 98

cast out of the stomach by vomit. An estimate of the quantity of vapour

By Dr. Lister of York - 64 raised out of the sea by the warmth

Description of Pen-park Hole, in of the sun. By E. Halley - 99

Gloucestershire. Communicated On the circulation of the watry va.

by Sir Robert Southwel - 65 pours of the sea, and the origin

The anatomy of a rattle-snake, dis of springs. By Mr. E. Halley 100

sected by Edward Tyson - 67 A letter from H&os Sloane, M.D.,

On animal power. - By J. A. Bo with accounts of the earthquakes

relli . . '68 in Peru, Oct. 20. 1687; and at

A discourse read before the Royal Jamaica, Feb. 19. 1687–8; and

Society concerning the jointed June 7. 1692

: 104

worm. By Edward Tyson 71 Account of the Giants' Causeway,

Letter from Mr. Anthony Lenwen- in the north of Ireland. By the

hoek, of Delft, concerning the Rev. Dr. Samuel Foley - 111

appearances of several woods, and Account of the mischief which befell
their vessels - - 74 the inhabitants of the Isle of Sorea,

A conjecture on under currents at near the Moluccas - - 113

the Straits' mouth and other places. On chylification. By Mr. William

By Thomas Smith, D.D.. 76 Cowper

. 114

Microscopical observations of vast in the earth. By Dr. Robert St.

numbers of animalcules seen in Clair - - Page 142

water. By John Harris, M. A. Captain Longford's observations on

rector of Winchelsea - Page 116 his own experience upon burri-

On the great age of Henry Jenkins; canes, and their prognostics ib.

in a letter from Mrs. Ann Savile Some experiments and observations

to Dr. Tancred Robinson, F.R.S. concerning sounds. By Mr. Wal-

119 ker


- 144

Microscopical observations on the On the generation of fleas. By Sig.

seeds of figs, strawberries, &c. D. Cestone = . 145

By Mr. Leuwenhoek - 120 On sable mice, which have lately
On the use of opium among the come in troops into Lapland,

Turks. By Dr. Edward Smyth, about Thorne, and other places

F.R.S. - - - - 121 adjacent to the mountains. By

An account of strange beans fre. Sir Paul Ricaut, F.R.S. - 146

quently cast on shore on the Ork. On the cures performed by Mr.

ney Isles. By Hans Sloane 123 · Greatrix, the stroker. By Mr.

On the structure of the internal Thoresby . . . . 147

parts of fish. By Dr. Charles Beds of oyster-shells found near


. . 124 Reading, in Berkshire. By Dr.

The theory of the tides, extracted James Brewer

: 149

from Mr. Isaac Newton's treatise, An account of giants. By Dr.

entitled, Philosophiæ Naturalis Thomas Molyneux - - 150

Principia Mathematica. By Mr. On the fossil shells and fishes at

Edmund Halley . . 126 Broughton, in Lincolnshire. By

A discourse concerning the large the Rev. Mr. Abraham de la

horns frequently found under Pryme .

- 152

ground in Ireland. By Thomas Observations on the fossils of Re-
Molyneux, M.D. - . - 129 culver Cliff. By Mr. Stephen

On fossil wood dug up at Youle, in Gray

. - .154

Yorkshire. By Richard Richard. Letter from Dr. Wallis to Dr.
son, M.D. ... . 1311 Tyson, concerning man's feeding

The Torricellian experiment tried on flesh . - - 155

on the top of Snowdon-bill. By On an insect commonly called the

Mr. Halley

Mr. Halley

imo in Tre

- 132 death-watch. By the Rev. Mr.

Account of a moving bog in Ire

William Derham

William Derham . .. • 156

- 156

_land - - - - 133 Concerning spiders, their way of

Description of an opossum, dissected killing their prey, spinning their

at Gresham College. By Edward webs, &c. ByM. Leuwenhoek 157

Tyson, M.D. - - 134 Concerning trees found under

Concerning the eyes of beetles, &c. ground in Hatfield Chase. By

By Mr. Anthony Van Leuwen- the Rev. Mr. Abraham de la

hoek - - - 139 Pryme - - - 162

Account of one Edm. Melloon, who Concerning some remains lately ob-

was of an extraordinary size ib. served in Lincolnshire. - By Mr.

Of the posture-master, or a man Thoresby -' . - 166

having an absolute command of concerning green weeds growing in

his joints and muscles - ib. water, and some animalcula found

The symptoms that attended the bite about them. By M. Leuwen-

of a serpent - - 140 hoek - - - 167

On the scarabæus galeatus pulsator, Concerning a water-spout, lately

or the death-watch. By Mr.Ben observed at Hatfield. By the

jamin Allen . . 141 Rev. Mr. Abraham de la Pryme,

On an eruption of fire out of a spot F.R.S. .


Abstract of letters relating to some Experiments and observations on the

microscopical observations

motion of sound, &c. By the

Page 170 Rev. Mr. Derham, rector of Up-

On the seeas of oranges, &c. By minster, and F.R.S. Page 197

Mr. Anthony Van Leuwenhoek A new island raised near Sant Erini,

- 175 in the Archipelago. By Dr. W.

Concerning the figures of sand. By Sherard, consul at Smyrna 199

* M, Leuwenhoek, F.R.S. - 178 Microscopical observations on the

A new division of terrestrial brute tongue and taste. By Mr. Anthony

animals, particularly of those that Van Leuwenhoek .. . 200

have their feet formed like hands. The new island thrown up near the

By Edward Tyson, M. D. F.R.S. island of Santerini, By Mons.

181 Bourgignon - - 202

Concerning Harwich Cliffs, and the Concerning a colliery that was blown

fossil shells found there. By Mr. up near Newcastle. By the Rev.

Samuel Dale . 189 Dr. Arthur Charlett · - 205

An account of cochineal. By Mr. Concerning the icy mountains of

Anthony Van Leuwenhoek, Switzerland. By William Bur.

F.R.S. - - . 184 net, Esq. - - - ib.
Concerning animalcula on the roots Experiments on metals, made with

of duck-weed. By M. Leuwen- the burning-glass of the Duke of

hoek, F. R. S. ' . - 186 Orleans. By Mons. Geoffroy,

Of the rain at Towneley in Lan. F.R.S. - - - 206

cashire, Upminster in Essex, Microscopical observations on th:

· Lisle, and Paris. By the Rev. particles of crystallised sugar.

W. Derham, F.R.S. - 188 By M. Leuwenhoek, F.R.S. 207

Ad experiment made at a meeting On the usefulness of the silk of

of the Royal Society, on the di spiders. By M. Bon, P.R.S. of

minution of sound in rarefied air. Montpelier :. - 208

By Mr. Fr. Hauksbee • ib. Experiments on fishes kept in water,
Experiment on the descent of malt under different circumstances.

dust in the evacuated receiver. By By Mr. Fr. Hauksbee, F.R.S.

· Mr. Fr. Hauksbee



. • 189

. 189

2 11

The doctrine of combinations and A burning spring at Broseley, in

alternations. By Major Edward Shropshire. By Mr. Richard

Thornycroft . . ib. • Hopton. - - , - 213

Of ancient manuscripts. By Mr. Observations on the subterraneous

Humfrey Wanley - - 190 trees in Dagenham and other
Experiments on the attrition of marshes, bordering on the river

bodies in vacuo. By Mr. Fr. Thames. By the Rev. Mr. W.

** Hauksbee, F.R.S. - • 191 Derham, F.R.S. .. .214

An account of an extraordinary Strata of earth, stone, coal, &c. found

sleepy person. By Dr. William in a coal-pit at the west end of

Oliver, F.R.S. .. 192 Dudley, in Staffordshire. By

Account of river and other shells, Mr Bellers . . 216

with various vegetable bodies, Some further microscopical observ-

found under ground. By the Rev. ations on the animalcula found

Mr. Morton, A.M. and F.R.S. on duck-weed, &c. By Mr.Leu-

195 wenhoek - - - 217

An account of the death and dis- Concerning the luminous appear-

section of John Bayles of North ance observable in the wake of

ampton, reputed to have been ships in the Indian seas, &c. Ry

130 years old. By Dr. James Father Bourzes . . 218

Keill -

• 196 An account of a woman who had

lain six days covered with snow, of the infinity of the sphere of fixed
without receiving any nourish stars. By Edmund Halley,
ment, &c. By Mr. Samuel Bow LL.D. . - Page 240

dich - - Page 220 Account of a boy who lived a con-
An account of several extraordinary siderable time without food. . By
meteors or lights in the sky. By Patrick Blair, M.D. - . 241.

Dr. Edmund Halley . . ib. Concerning a new island lately raised

On his own philosophy. By Sir out of the sea, near Tercera, one

Isaac Newton

222 of the Azores. By Tho. Forster,

An account of a journey from the Esq. - . . . ib.

port of Oratava, in the island of Observations on the figures of snow,

Teneriffe, to the top of the peak By the Rev. Benj. Langwith,

in that island, in August, 1715; D.D. - -

• 242

with observations. By Mr. J. Experiments concerning the degrees

Edens -

- - 224 of heat of boiling liquors. By M.

A short history of the several new Fahrenheit

stars that have appeared within Experiments and observations on the

these 150 years. By Dr. Halley freezing of water in vacuo. By

225 M. Fahrenheit - 244

An account of some large teeth Concerning the difference in the

lately dug up in the north of Ire- height of a human body between

land. By Mr. Francis Nevile morning and night. By the Rev.

227 Mr. Wasse - • 245

Some microscopical observations on The specific gravities of several

the substance of a melon. By bodies. By M. Fahrenheit, R. S. S.
: M. Leuwenhoek - 228

The art of living under water. By Of the currents at the Straits' mouth
· Edm. Halley, LL.D. Secretary

. . 246
to the Royal Society - 229 An essay on the natural history of
Concerning Britain having formerly whales. By the Hon. Paul Dud.
· been a peninsula. By Dr. Wil

ll ley
ley - -

, 4 - 247
liam Musgrave, F.R. Š. -232 Of magnetical powers. By M.

An account of an experiment to Muschenbroek . • 249

show that all places are not equally An account of the strata in coal-

full. By J. T. Desaguliers, M. A. - mines, &c. By John Scrachey,

*F.R.S. - - : -233 Esq. F.R.S. - - 251

n account of the skeleton of a An account of the strata of bogs, and

large animal impressed on stone. , of horns found under ground

By Dr. William Stukety, F.R.S. in Ireland. By Mr. James

.. . 234 Kelly - - - 253

Experiments made with Mons. Vil. On the controversy among mathema-

lette's burning concave. By the ticians, concerning the proportion

Rev. Dr. J. Harris, and Dr. J.T. of velocity and force in bodies in

Desaguliers - - 235 motion. By the Rev. Dr. Samuel

An account of the extraordinary Clarke

- - ib.
meteor seen all-over England, on Observations made by a young gen-
the 19th of March, 1718-9. By tleman, who was born blind, or lost

Edm. Halley, LL.D. - 236 his sight so early, that he had no

An account of some experiinents to remembrance of ever having seen,

find how much the resistance of and was couched between 13 and

the air retards falling bodies. By 14 years of age. By Mr. Wil-

J. T. Desaguliers, LL.D. • 238 liam Chesselden, F.R.S. - 255

On the plague 'at Constantinople. An account of elephants' and mam,

By Emanuel Timone, M.D. 239 moths' teeth and bones found

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