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In Three PARTS. Mberry

I. An Enquiry into the Nature and Properties of

the Electrical Fluid, in order to explain, illuila.
trate and confirm the truth of Sir Isaac Newton's

Doctrine of a Subtile Medium or Ætber.
II. A Differtation on the Nature of Fire in general,

and Production of Heat in particular.
IH. A Miscellaneous discourse, wherein the forc.

mentioned active Principle is shewn to be the only
probable mechanical Cause of Motion, Cohesion,
Gravity, Magnetism, and other Phänomena of

To which is subjóin'd, by way of Appendix, a clear

and concise Account of the Variation of the Mag-
netic Needle or Mariner's Compals; by which the
Longitude is investigated on the most simple Priñ.

And, to render the whole more intelligible, a Giors

sary of Terms is added.



Of the Cathedral Church of Worcester.
A Fool may find what a wise Man bath overlooked :

Printed for the Author, by R. LEWIS, Bookseller

and Printer, at the Bible and Crown, in High-Jireet,
by whom they are SOLD. Also by Mr..
SANDBY, in Fleet Street; and J. Johnson and Co.
in Pater-noster Row, BOOKSELLERS, in LONDON

and by Mr. FLETCHER, BOOKSELLER, in Ox.-
- FORD. &c. &c. MDCCLXVI. Price 6s.

and by Meter Rowe, bi and J. To

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At the end of the Preface instead of the Catch

word Chap, it should be Subscribers . . Page 65, line 3. for 138 read 136 [ Chap. p. 45, I. 26. for, at the beginning, read, in the 11th p. 112, l. 9. for paricularly r. particularly

p. 220, 1. 29. for Crusibles r. Crucibles : for 366 r. 388 p.. . · p. 438, 1. 16. for conclusjon ř. conclusion p. 503, I. 5. after 104° 31' 26 r. as appears by

the preceding Table p: 507, 1. 17. r. Longitude from London 74° p. 512, l. 8. after magnetic Meridian in degrees

r. find the side C# and --


.. JF Men of Genius and polite Literature have I confessed their particular embarrassments for

want of proper Apologies, whenever they bave addressed the public, the World may judge with what anxiety the Author of the following Sheets must be affected; who, though fully sensible of the want of a learned Education, yet ventures to publish with the greatest diffidence indeed and humility) 'bis Sentiments on yo delicate and mysterious Subjects as Ele&tricity and Fire.

It was, if I mistake not, in the Year 1739, that I was equally suprised and delighted at the performance of many curious Experiments exhibited by the ingenious Dr. Defaguliers, when, none in the whole Course of his Lectures made so deep an Impression as those relating to Electricity, altho they were effečted only with a glass Tube.

Those pleasing Ideas were much improved, when the electrical Machine was introduced, by, which means the force of the Fluid was render'd still more conspicuous, and every observer saw and concluded that it was real Fire.

Since that Time Ele&tricity bath been the principal object both of my Study and Practice; and tho in many respects unqualified for an Author, yet bave "Í from a pure


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