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And gar

For all the Wrak a Wretch can pack,

And in bis Bags embrace,
Zic Deid fall tak bio be the Back,


Then fall he swak, away with Lak,

And wate not to what Place,
Then will they mak, at him a Knack,

That maist of his Geir bes;
With ane O and an I,

Qubyle we haif Tyme and Space,
Mak we gude Cheir, quhyle we are heir,

And thankful be for Grace.


Were there a King to rax and ring,

Amang Gude-fallows crownd,
Wretches wald wring, and mak Murning,

For Dule they fould be drownd.
Quha finds a Dring, or auld or zing,

Gar boy him out and hound:

Now let os fing, our Cares to ding,

And mak a gladfome Sound, With an O and ade I:

Now are we further bound,
Drink thou toome, and I to thee,
And let the Cap go round,

QUBA understude, fuld have his Gude,

Or he were clofd in Clay,
Sum in thair Mude they wald ga vid,

And die lang or thair Day;
Not wortb a Hude, or an auld Soude

Thou shall bear hence away; :
Wretch be the Rude, now to conclude,

Full few fall for the pray,
With an O and ane !,

Gude Fallows as langs we may,
Be merry aod free, syge blyth let us be,
And log on tway and tway,

Quod Jo. BLYTH.

The End of the firft Volume,



I a82-38 Final bland stains

sign I. P-R8, S-X2

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