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the County of Suffolk cannot, it is presumed, be unacceptable, as they will exhibit a just and faithful representation of domestic manners, and provincial customs.

In the arrangement, adopted by the Editor, the following collection is divided into Four Parts, of which the First Part will be found to consist of Local Descriptions ;" the Second of “ Circumstan“ ces and Events, Historical, Political, Legendary, “ and Romantic ;" the Third of “ Biographical Me“ moirs, Anecdotes, and Characters ;” and the Fourth of “ Manners, Habits, and Customs.” To each Poem are prefixed such necessary Remarks and Observations as tend to ellucidate the subject, but which, from the narrow limits of the plan, are of course superficial, and calculated rather to excite than to gratify curiosity. They do not, indeed, affect to convey any fresh information, or to abound in anecdotes hitherto unnoticed: it is hoped, however, that they still may be deemed necessary by ordinary readers, and no unacceptable appendage to the several articles. The Notes, likewise, which are appended, will be found to contain some little information of which every one may not be already possessed, and which may serve to amuse at least, if they fail to instruct. It has been the Editor's endeavour to form this GARLAND of the choicest and most variegated flowers; and to dispose those which he has culled in such a manner as to place in their proper light the dark shades, sprightly glow, and airy colors, and thus to form a combination at once pleasing to the eye, and gratifying to the taste.

To a valuable and highly esteemed Friend, the accuracy of whose information is unquestionable, from whom the Editor first derived a taste for Antiquarian and Topographical research, and with whom he has spent many pleasurable hours in its pursuit, he stands indebted for much useful information, particularly in the Biographical Part of this collection. He is, therefore, alone restrained from

expressing what he feels for such continued assist ance by the delicacy of an intimate friendship.

It would be absurd to state that the Subject is exhausted. Many Pieces, both of Miscellaneous and Romantic Poetry, are doubtless yet remaining in various libraries throughout the County, and in the hands of private Collectors, which have escaped the researches of the present Editor : but he has completed the object which he proposed to himself, and trusts that he has been instrumental in rendering accessible to common readers no inconsiderable portion of suFFOLK LOCAL POETRY.

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The Invocation, by Mrs. J. Cobbold. ..

Onehouse, by the Rev. Charles Davy. .. .. .. 17

Sonnet to Great Blakenham, by Miss S. Evance.
Stanzas, written after visiting the Beach at Felixtow, by
Mr. B. Barton,


To the Rev. Mr. Murdoch, Rector of Stradishall, by James

Thomson. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Description of the Coast at Aldeburgh, by the Rev. George

Crabbe. .. .. .. .. .. ..

A Pastoral Song, written at Butley, 1792, by the Rev.

John Black. .. .. .. .. .. ..

An Elegy, on the Enclosure of Honington Green, by Na-

thaniel Bloomfield. .. .. .. .. ...

Verses, written at Dunwich, by Henry Dell. ..

Sonnet to the River Orwell, by J. T. Shewell. .

Ştanzas, addressed to the Inhabitants of Yoxford, by Ann

Candler. i. .. ..

Address to the River Gippin. ..

Barnham Water, by Robert Bloomfield.

Holy Wells, a Legendary Tale, by Mrs. J. Cobbold.

Lines, written on leaving Ipswich

Lines, written at Southwold, October 1809. ..

Haverhill, by Mr. John Webb.

Burnt Hall, by Robert Bloomfield. ..

To the River Orwell, by Mr. B. Barton.

Lines, written on the Coast of Suffolk, August 27, 1793,

Inscription for the Tomb of Guthrun the Dane, in St. Mary's

Church, Hadleigh, by N. Drake, M. D. .. ...

An Epistle to Carieret Leathes, esq. by the Rev. William

Broome, LL. D. .. . . .. .. ..

Journal of a Young Lady's Tour through part of Suffolk.

The Glories of Bury. .. .. .. "

The Church Yard at St. Edmund's Bury



A Day at Aldeburgh, by the Rev. C. E. Stewart, M. A. 102





The humble Address of the Bellmen of the Borough of

Ipswich. .. .. .. ..




. . 109

The Suffolk Wonder.


Abbot Reeve's Lament, by Mrs. J. Cobbold. .. .. 116




A Song of an English Knight, that married the Royal Prin-

cess Mary, sister to King Henry the VIIIth. .. .. 121

Captain Death, written by one of the surviving Crew. . 126

Epistle from Mary, Queen of France, to Charles Brandon,

Duke of Suffolk. .. .. .. .. .. 128

The Pleasant History of the King and Lord Bigod of Bungay. 135

The Faken ham Ghost, by Robert Bloomfield. .. .. 139

A Merry Song on the Duke's late Glorious Success over

the Dutch. .. .. .. .. .. .. 143

The most rare and excellent History of the Duchess of Suf

folk's, and her husband Richard Bertie's Calamities. .. 147

Admiral Vernon's answer to Admiral Hosier's Ghost. ..

On the removal of the Market Cross at Ipswich, by Mr.

B. Barton. .. .. .. .. .. .. 158

An heroic Epistle from William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk,

to Margaret, Queen of Henry the Vlth. .. .. 161

The Reason for taking down the Ipswich Cross at length

Ciscovered . . . . . . .



Brave Lord Willoughby. .



The Origin of the Monday Night's Club, at lpswich. .. 180

The Suffolk Comedy, in three Parts. .. .. .. 183

Prologue spoken at the Lowestoft Theatre, August 14, 1790. 189

The Politick Maid of Suffolk; or the Lawyer Outwitted. 194

On King George the IInd's Landing at Lowestoft, January

14, 1736. .. .. .. .. .. .. 199

A true and tragical Ballad concerning John and Elizabeth

Smith, of cookley, near saleswor


The Fall of Edmund, King of the East Angles, a Tradition-


ary Tale. ..


The Shannon and the Chesapeake, or the Glorious Fight off

Boston Light House, &c. &c. .. .. .. .. 208

The Lily of Nettlestead, by Mrs J. Cobbold. .. .. 217

On the Unfortunate Seamen, who were wrecked on the Coasts

of Suffolk and Norfolk, October 31, 1789, by P. Homer. 221

The Melford Disaster, a new Ballad, 1794. . .. 225

Lines, written in the Park of Christ Church, Ipswich. .. 228

The Loyalty of Woodbridge, by William Stygall. .. 232

Verses on the Consecration of the Standard, presented by

Lady Rous to the First Troop of Suffolk Loyal Yeomanry

Cavalry. .. .. .. .. .. .. 235

The Elvedon Hunt, 1754, by Richard Gardiner, esq. .. 237

The Whale, November 5, 1816. .. .. .. .. 240



Dan John Lidgate. .. . .. .. .. 245

Lines, written at the Stone, near Hadleigh, which com-

memorates the Martyrdom of the Rev. Rowland Taylor,

LL D. by N. Drake, M. D. .. .. .. .. 251

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