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THE writings of Dr. Franklin are held in .such universal estimation both in England and America, and contain matter so highly interesting to every class of the community, that an apology for presenting them to the world in a more convenient form than any which has hitherto 'appeared, is considered as unnecessary. The Editor, however, deems it his duty to inform the public, that this collection contains only such papers as are amusing and instructive to the generality of readers. The remainder of Dr. Franklin's works, consisting of letters relative to the American war, the subjects of which are almost forgotten, and some abstruse philosophical experiments requiring illustration by a series of expensive engravings, have not been inserted; as the former could only tend to revive animosity, and the latter to increase the price of this volume to a disproportioned extent. Such readers however, uo wish to possess the whole of Dr. Franklin's works, are informed, that a handsome edition in three volumes octavo, is published by J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church-yard, and Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster-Row, London.

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