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law. That was strauge.

Inv. That ought not to be; the contempt of the Devil

. Beyond all belief; he could have hang'd public, that necessary supplement to the best digested a dozen innocent people, with half the pains that this body of laws, should in these cases be never dispaluy perjury gave him,

pensed with. Ind. How came that about?

Devil. In days of yore, when the world was but • Veril. Why—I don't know-he had unfortunately young, that method had merit, and the sense of shame to do with an obstinate magist, ate, who bears a was a kind of a curd; but knaves are now so numerous mortal batred to rogues, and whose sagacity could and wealthy, they can keep one another in counteRot be deceived. But, however, tho' he was not able Dance, and laugh at the rest of the world. to save his friend from the shame of conviction, Inv. There may be something in that.-Well, sir, (a trifte, which he indeed but little regarded,) yet he I have twice been out of my guess; will you give had the address to evade, or at least defer, the time of me leave to hazard a third ? Perhaps you are Belhis punishment.

phegor, or Uriel ? Irr. By what means ?

Devil. Neither. They too are but diminutive Devil. By finding a flaw.

devils : the first favours the petty pilfering frauds ; lav. A flaw! what's a flaw!

he may be traced in the double score and soap'd pot Devil. A legal loophole, that the lawyers leave of the publicaa, the alum and chalk of the baker, in open for a rogue now and then to creep through, the sophisticated mixtures of the brewers of wine and that the game mayo't be wholly destroyed. beer, and in the false measures and weights of them all.

Inc. Provident sportsmen ! Would it not be too Inv. And Uriel ? much trouble to favour me with this particular in Devil. He is the demon of quacks and of mountestance !

banks; a thriving race all over the world, but their Devil. Not at all. Why, sir, when matters grew true seat of empire is England : there, a short desperate, and the case was given over for lost, little sword, a tie, and a nostrum, a month's advertising, Belzy starts up in the form of an able practitioner, with a shower of handbills, never fail of creating a and humbly conceived, that his client could not be fortune. But of this tribe I foresee I shall have coovicted upon that indictment; for as much as occasion to speak hereafter. therein he was charg'd with foreswearing himself Inc. Well, but, sirxow; whereas it clearly appeared, by the evi Deril. Come, sir, I will put an end to your pain ; dence, that he had only foresworn himself

" Then: If, for, from my appearance, it is impossible you should indeed, be had been indicted generally, for commit- ever guess at my person.---Now, miss, what think you tog perjury now and then, proofs might be produced of Cupid. or any perjury he may bave comm.ited; whereas, Hor. You ? you Cupid ! you the gay god of love ? by limiting the point of time to the now, no proofs Devil. Yes; me, me, miss !-What, I suppose you could be admitted as to the then. So that, with expected the quiver at my back, and the bow in my submission, be humbly. conceived, his client was hand; the purple pinions, and filleted forehead, with clearly absolved, and his character as fair and as the blooming graces of youth and of beauty, spotless as a babe that's just boro, and Itomaculate as Hor. Wby, I can't but say the poets bad taught sheet of white paper.

me to expect charms Inv. And the objection was good ?

Devil That never existed but in the fre of their Devil Patal; there was no getting rid of the Baw. fancy; all fiction and phrenzy ! Inv. And the gentleman

Inv. Then, perhaps, sir, these creative gentlemen Devil Walks about at bis ease; not public may err u much in your tice, as it is close they place, but he thrusts his person full in your face.

have mistaken your person.

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Devil. Why, their notions of me are but nartow. Rhod. Faith, thou followest a figure in thy jens, a It is true, I do a little business in the amorous way; country gentlemen follow fashion, whea tbeste musa but my dealings are of a different kind to those they threadlare. describe.—My province lies in forming conjunctions D'01. And what! you stand gazing at what was alysurd and preposterous : it is I that couple boys and here, and admire it, i dare say. belaames, girls and greybeards, together; and when Rhod. And do not you ? you see a map of fashion lock'd in legitimate wedlock D'Ol. Not I, I admire nothing but wit. with the stale leavings of half the tellows in town, or Rhod. But I wonder how she entertaisrs use is a laay of tortuve setting out for Edinburgh in a post- that solitary cell : does she not take tobacca, the chaise with her footman, you may always set it down you ? as some of my handywork. But this is but an incon D'OL. She does, she does : others make it të siderable branch of my business.

physic, she makes it her food : her sister and she tuit Inv. Indeed!

it try turn, first one, and then the other, and Vascozz Devil. The several arts of the drama, dancing, ministers to ihem both. music, and painting, owe their existence to me: I Rhod. How sayest thou by that Helea of Greece am the father of fashions, the inventor of quinte, trente, the Countess's sister ? there were a paragon, Mas quarante, and hazard; the guardian of gamesters, the sieur D'Olive, lo admire aud marry too. genius of gluttony, and the author, protector, and D'OL. Not for me. patron of licentiousness, lewdness, and luxury. Rhod. No? what exceptions lie against the choice Inv. Your department is large.

D'O1. Tush, tell me not of choice; if I Devil. One time or other 1 inay give you a more fected that way, I would choose my wife a pelle minute account of these matters ; at present we have valentines, blindfold, or draw cuts for them, ki so 1 not a moment to lose. Should my iyraut return, 1 shall be sure not to be deceived in choosing; kes taht must expeci to be again cork'd up in a bottle. (Knock- this of me, there's ten times more deceit ist um ing.) And hark! it is the consal that knocks at the than in horse-flesh; and I say still, that a presyo door; therefore le quick! how can I serve you? pac'd chamber-maid is the only fashion ; i se pass

Inr. You are no stranger, sir, to our distress : rull or fulsome, give her but sispeuce to buy tea here, we are unprotected and friendless ; could your hand-basket, and send her the way of all tessi, ileri art convey us to the place of our birth

no more but so. Devil. "To England ?

Mug. Indeed that's the savingest way. Inv. If you please.

D'OL. O me! what a bell 'tis for a man to 32 Devil Without danger, and with great expedition to the continual charge of a coach, with the super Come to this window, and lay hold of my cloak.-! nances, horses, men, and so forth : and then to tam have often resided in England ; at present indeed, a man's house pestered with a whole country of te there are but few of our family there ; every seventh

grooms, panders, waiting-traids, &c. I carefri : year, we have a general dispensation for residence; please my wife, she careless to displease me; dues for at that time ihe inhabitants themselves can play if she be honest; intolerable if she be *ise; imperis the devil without our aid or as:istance.-Off we as an empress ; all she does must be law, all se sy go! stick fast 10 your hold! Devil on two Sticks.

gospel : oh, what a penance 'tis to todare in! MES OF WIT AND PLEASURE APOUT Town. glad to forbear still, all to keep her laya, 4 Rhoderique. What, Mousieur D'Olive, the only perhaps when all's done, my heir shall be in: admirer of wit and good words.

horse-keeper: fie ant! the very thought of mara D'Olive. Motraw, wits: morrow, good wits: my were able to cool the hottest liver in France. little parcels of wit, I have rodş'io pickle for you.

Chapman's Bussy V.Ambois.-ON 7 How dost, Jack; inay I call thee, sir, Jack yet?



ABERDEEN, Oart, and Kemble, 35 Age rapidity of, 234

Anticipation, habit of, 573
Abroad and at home, 546
Agitation, everlasting, 037

-s in low lite, 333
Absence, eighteen reasons for, 230 Ague, parochial bequest of, 503 Antipathies of Tillotson, 310
frou church accounted for, Alcibiades and his dog, 293

Antiquarians, lesson to, 595
Aldermen, court of, at Fishongers' Apollo mů Merit, address to, 64
universal, 39
ball, 442

Apothecary, inscription for, 310
Absent Man, character of, 594 Alderman's feast, stanzas on, 27

profound erudition of,
by Bruyere, 101

head a pie, 203

Abstraction of a pajater, 632 Aldrich's (Dr. J.) reasons for drink. April fools, epigram on, 539
Accommodating building, 694

ing, 159

Architect, the illustrious, 116
diseases, 333

love of smoking, 677 Argunentum ad hominem, 031
tactics, 03-129 Ale warın and ale to warm, 25 Arcests, anagrams on the pains of,
thieves, correspond. All in one story, 490

ence of, 210
Alliteration, letter of, 633

Artemisia, the blue stocking, 263
Accommodation for thieves and tres. All Saints' church in Langham place, Artillery of hell against heaven, 047
passers, 443


Ascension day, 633
Acting by rote, 421

AU Saints' day,& day of all Saints, 47 Assault, extraordinary case of, 005
true excellence of, 46T Almack's on Friday, 523

Assembly at New York, honorous
Actress and her washerwoman, 412 Alphabet, Irish mode of teaching, 363 description of, 237
proposals from, 555 Amateur theatricals, 161

Ash-stripping, felony of, 22
Addison and Steele, 51

executioners, 432

Assistance, unlooked for, 135
Address, for all occasions, 221 Ambiguous robbery, 234

Assize town described, 677
Advantages of being in debt, 108 Ambition boundless, 63

Astrology defined, 567
Adventures of a louse, 608

Amende honourable, specimens of, Astronomer, appointment of, to view
Advertisement, American, 131 416, 485

an eclipse, 4914
extraordinary,85, 472 American and Scotchman, dialogue Astronomer's room described, 18
matrimonial, 178 between, 239

Asyhim for lunatics, 235
Advice, tardy, 19

new world, 186

Athanasian creed, merits of, 347
to a poor gentleman, 277

Oddities, 208

Attainments, superfluous and
prudent, to a dead man, 52 Anachronisms iu the arts, 413

cond-rate, 639
to servants, by Swift, 578 Anacreontic, or the returned kiss, Atterbury, bishop, and lord Conings-
Advocate, Priendly, 82


bury, 119
Adultery, a venial offence, 503 Anagrams, ne plus ultra of, 235 Avaro, the, 62
a shandean fragment, 220 Analogy sympathetic, 117

Avonmore, lord, and Curran, 573
Æsop in slavery, 302

Ancestry, príde and folly of, 109, 183, Auctioneering magistrate, 415
affectation, fashionable, 103


Auctioneers, eloquence of, 134
Afection, intuitive, 639

Ancestors, grammatical, 124 Augustan liberality, 300
matrimonial, 48
Ancestral enormities, 569

sacritices, 638
Age, characteristics of the present, Animal and vegetable life, 181 Author, advice to, 295

Answor, an idiot'x, 115

Author and critic, 300
criterion of, 121
Anticipation of curses, 54

calamities of, 418
metamorpho ( of, 629

of being hanged, 412

mortifications of, 111

Author, terrors of a young one, 2 Barry the painter and the duke ui, Bulards, a scene from a
's new suit, 425
Norfolk, 61

Abley, 534
s, club of, 113
Barrymore and Bannister, 399 Bill of an Irish eating

house, ma
Authorship, real calamities of, 567 Basbiul man, confessions of, 163 Billy Tailor, adventudes 4,1
Authority, proof of, 57

Bassompiere, marshal, and spy, 395 Biped thief detected,
Bath remedies, 64

Bipeds, 18
Babine, republic of, 222

tale, or fashionable duel, 312 Birch, stanzas on, 46
Bachelor's recantation of a single wife of, gallantries of, 246 Birmingham man in Argerica,
life, 482

of love, 264

Bishop and his coachman, Ses
-, tombstone advice to, 40 Beacon and bacon, 50

and, 105
of arts, how to obtain degree Bear and stake, si

's blessing, tTLe varie di
of, 272
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credit, state af, 52
Backbiting, merits of, 252

application of, 631

Neville's feast, 682
Backwards and forwards, 689 Beau Nash's method of telling a $, the seven, 39
Bacon's, Friar, study at Oxford, 86

story, 396

Biter bit, 53-56
how to save, 443

-'s head, dissection of, 115 Biting and kissing hands, so
lord, and James I. 309

Tibbs, 324

Black eyes of love & rengeance,
Bad company, toast of, 57

Beauty, amatory address to, 614 Blacket, widow, of Oxford, is
and worse, 399

balance of, 65

Black footman, retort of, 193
character, utility of, 213

discovery of, 71

Blacksmith, the bypling, 37
Bad habits, ocular proofs of, 576

everlasting, 112

Blaize, Mrs. Mary, elegy o2, 3*
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universal adoration of, 532 Bleeding, effects of, 111
Raddeley, Mrs., in the lock-up house, Beautiful colours, 30, 33

Blessed spot, epigram on, 6

maid, the, 179

Blessings of man enumerate
Bail, literary, 326
Bed, paradoxes of, 166

disposed of, 420
Baker's funeral, the, 178

Bedford, old duchess of, and George Blood, merit of, 422
George, and tooth drawer, 45 JII., 220

Blue-bottle Ly, fable of, 38
- lodgings, comforts of, 238 Bedmakers at Cambridge, 270

derils, original of, 421
Balaam's ass, 119

Beer-working on the sabbath, 167 stocking, or learned ly.
Balance, how to strike, 71
Begging, modesty in, 56

prices of, 894
Ball, characters at a county, 319 Begone dull care, 486

-stocking, rices ot, *2
conversation, charms of, 638 Behaviour, indigent philosopher's Bhinders, remedy for, 155
Balloons, variety of, 652
rules for, 278

of translators, $30
Bail-room, elegy written in, 174 Bell-hanger's handbill, 25

Blunderton's (Dr.) early mount
Bandy joke, 160

Bell-ringing, predilection for, 465 Chiswick, 214
Bank-clerk and stable keepers, 201 team, Irishman's, 30

Boar's head taveni, the, ss,
Bankrupt turned preacher, 341 Bencher, the incurious, 75

Bodily infirmities, 79
Bannister's, c., love of enemies, Benefit, medicinal and moral; 84 Bcisrohert's death, 36

s of marriage, in twelve argu- Bolingbroke, Mullet, & Joboses,
apology for late ments, 270

Booksellers, grace of, 330
hours, 111

Ben Jonson, a bricklayer, 203 Bore, character and deinition
and tripeman, 33

and his vintner, 112 Borrowed countenance, 397
Baptism, singular difficulty of, 640

and Devü's tavern, 521 Bosor of lore, 200
Barber, alderman, and narrow toed

grace before Ling Botheration, 168
shoes, 199

James, 144.

Bottle conjuring, wonders of, 137
and coscomb, 59
Bequeathing a blessing, 209

pleasures of the, 175
stage struck, address of, 310 Berkshire publican, 162

-, flying, 36
& Scotchman, bargain of, 338 Best stock of life, 655

Bottom to cho last, 178
Bard, miserable picture of, 645

and Scarlett, characters of, 017 Boulter, the highwayman, in
Barn, ode to an old one, 555

of a bad job, 385, 084

Bowels of an attorney gebel 14
Barnard, Dr. Johnson and sir J. Rey. Better bargain, 6t

of compassion, 167
nolds, w3
Betterton and Tillotsou, 549

Bosing, noile, 299
Baronet's establishment, 566 Bettesworth, Mr. Sergeant, and Dean Bex-looby loungers, 10
Barrington's prologue, spoken at Sid Swift, 368

Boyd, Hugh, and dying botties,
ney, New South Wales, 132 Betting and praying, 5-45

Bruins, art of living without,
Barristers, amusements of, 217 Biblical fop described, 397

Brausley the comedian's acting by
Barry and his carpenter, 4
Bigamy & trigamy distinguished, 489

tute, i


wars, 30

Bread and incat, 64
Butler's Oliver Cromwell, 085

Chancery grants, 64
Breakfast, literary, 35

Sketch of the devil, 687

suit, lasting wear of, 208
Bray, vicar oí, 163
Buttresses and pillars, 55

Changed lais, the, 355
tedious, 159

Byron, lord, on the letter H, 338 Changing the subject, 293
luxurious, 724

Character of a coachman, 05
Brewer and negro, 534
Caernarfon, earl of, his maiden

alderman, 382
Bribery, amorous, 84
speech, 119

anabaptist. 379
case of, 77
Cæsar, Julius, and the coward, 57

bankrupt, 374
Bruklayers, artifices of, 201
Mr. and dean Swift, 685

catholie, 378
Bright, Edward, of Malden, 154 Calais, delights of a trip to, 619

cheat, 373
Brighton Belle, tbe, 163
Canıbridge and Oxford, equal pre-

churchwarden, 382
plessures of, described, 501 sents to, 22

clown, 381
Rroonustick, meditation on, 390

bed-makers, 270

degenerate noble, 371
Brother feeling, 415

scholar, vakaries of, 224

epigrammatist, 384
Brotherhood, unconscious, 231 Campaigns, theatrical, 626

herald, 383
and sisterhood, 637 Campbell, admiral, and lord Sand-

hutling courtier, 372
Protherly love, 300
wich, 155

jealous man, 384
Brown, Flint and Spark, 337
Candles, general fault of, 66

justice of

peace, 381
Brown's, (Sir Thomas) courtship, 406 Candle-light reign, 439

kuave 374
Brutus the second, 296

newsmonger, 370
Bruyere's absent man, 101
Canning's friend of humanity and

an obstipate man, 371
Bubb Loddington's apology, 72 kuife grinder, 438

a philosopher, 384
Buckingham, duke of, his character, Canon and vicar, 39

play writer, 370
by Dryden, 434
Cantab aud Cambridge mayor, 304

popish priest, 380
and father Fitz Cantabrigian analogy, 117

proud man, 376
gerald on transubstantiation, 258

degree qualification, 273

quaker, 378
's epigram on the monu. Capability Brown on servants, 452

ranter, 379
ment, 212
Captain Godolphin's exploits, 035

rebel, 376
Bucks have at ye nil, 203
Captain's whiskers, a tale, 536

state convert, 375
illon, dullest chapter of, 230 Capuchins of Burgundy, los

tailor, 371
Bulkeley, lord, and Duke of Dorset, Card-playing, Irish, 592

translator, 376
Cards and chess, invention of, 490 Characters at a county ball, 319
Bulls, epistolary, 138
Card tricks of a Jew conjurer, 498

Character, criterion of, 50
parliamentary, 07
Care, antidote to, 486

Charity and gallantry, 291
Rulluna versus Boatum, 572
Caroline, queeu of George II., 467

mistaken, 300
Bumper, origin of, 548

Carpenter, country, equivoque of, 33 Charitable frolic, 480
bug-isole and spigot proverb, illus. Carriages, appropriate, 39

Charles II., Commons' petition to,
trated, 607
Cases, two different, 205

and answer, 362
Burial wive, prevention, 413
Cat, on the death of a lady's, 60

and duke of Buckingham, 295
societies, benefits of, 620 Catch, musical and legal, 532

and Mr. Penn, 302
Burnet's Own Timcs with Swift's Catching au accent, 576

his modesty, 38
oled, 25;

tish, 60

and Killigrew, 59
Eumet, bishop, his inadvertence, 177 Catherine Hays, ballad on, 620 Charon, ingratitude of, 299
- judge, and coachman, 432 Catholic convent, 330

Charteris, colonel, 39
on. reformation, 309 Catholics, Luther's anathema of, 445

bis fafe agree-
ou horse-stealing, 146 Catholicism and Protestantism, 679 ment, 62
Durtis's black coat, 213

Cause and effect, discovery of 489 Chastisement, periodical and expe-
Tan OʻShanter, 149
Causes, good and bad, 53

dient, 152
Billy's (Dr.) government, 5:22 Celebrity and notoriety, 80

Chastity, a marriage portion, 626
Busines and pleasure, 361
Celerity and ambition, 019

of wives, 444
e. cnoiny in, 120
Celia and Damon, 36

Chateauneuf and Louis XIII., 48
Busy jodolent, character of the, 439 Cerberos's successor, 128

Cheerfulness, invocation to, 542
butiot, duke of Ormynd, and the Ceremony, ridicule of, 300

Cheese, choice of a wife by, 123 **
Por ur: te, 401
Chains, hanging in, 29.4

the old, 70
murderer, 111
Chalk and cheese, 208

C).eltenham, omuisements of, 528
Samuel, characters by, 371-384

atbictions of, 81

Cherry, Andrew', the comedian, 38

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