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Martin Van Buren, President. Richard M. Johnson, Vice President, and President

of the Senate. James K. Polk, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

CHAP. 1. An ACT to postpone the fourth instalment of deposite with the States.

Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the transfer of the fourth instalment of deposites directed to be made with the States, under the thirteenth section of the act of June twenty-third, eighteen hundred and thirtysix, be and the same is hereby postponed till the first day of Postponed till January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine ; Pro-191 Jani 1839. vided, That the three first instalments under the said act shall remain on deposite with the States, until otherwise directed by Congress.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Senate Approved, October 2d, 1837.


CHAP. 2. An ACT to authorize the issuing of Treasury Notes. [Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States is hereby author- The Presiden: ized to cause Treasury notes for such sum or sums as the note to be inued exigencies of the Government may require, but not exceeding, for not exceeding in the whole amount of notes issued, the sum of ten millions not of lese deno of dollars, and of denominations not less than fifty dollars for 850, any one note, to be prepared, signed, and issued in the manner hereinafter provided.

Sec. 2. Änd be it further enacted, That the said Treasury Notes to be ronotes, authorized to be issued by the first section of this act, deemed after the shall be reimbursed and redeemed by the United States, at the


than their face.

imbursed and re

xpiration of one year.

per cent.

notes to be sign

surer and counensigned by the


1837. Treasury thereof, after the expiration of one year from the

dates of the said notes respectively; from which said dates, for Notes to bear the term of one year, and no longer, they shall bear such inteis expressed on rest as shall be expressed upon the face of the said notes; which

rate of interest upon each several issue of the said notes shall

be fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, by and with the adInterest in no vice and approbation of the President; but shall in no case exthe rate of sin ceed the rate of interest of six per centum per annum. The

reimbursement herein provided for shall be made at the Treasury of the United States to the holders of the said notes respectively, upon presentment, and shall include the principal of each note, and the interest which may be due thereon at the time of payment. For this reimbursement, at the time and times herein specified, the faith of the United States is hereby

solemnly pledged. The Treasury Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said Treasury ed by the Trea-notes shall be prepared under the direction of the Secretary of

o the Treasury, and shall be signed, on behalf of the United Register of the States, by the Treasurer thereof, and countersigned by the Re

gister of the Treasury; and that those officers respectively shall, Those officers as checks upon each other, and to secure the public safety, keep to act as checks upon each other. separate, full, and accurate accounts of the number, date, deno

mination, and amount of all the notes signed and countersigned by them respectively; which said accounts shall be carefully preserved and placed on file in the Treasury Department; and, also, similar accounts, kept and preserved in the same manner

of all the said notes redeemed, as the same shall be returned The Treasurer and cancelled; and the Treasurer shall further account quar

qua terly for all such notes delivered to him for signature or issue by The Treasurer the Register. The Treasurer and Register of the Treasury are der the direction hereby authorized, by and with the consent and approbation of

Penetary, the Secretary of the Treasury, to employ such additional temauthorized to em porary clerks as the duties enjoined upon them by this section

may render necessary: Provided, Said number shall not exceed four, and with a salary of not more than at the rate of twelve

hundred dollars to each per annum. The Secretary Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of of the Treasury, h under the dired: the Treasury is hereby authorized, with the approbation of the tion of the Presi. President of the United States, to cause to be issued such porportion of said tion of the said Treasury notes as the President may think exed in payment of pedient, in payment of debts due by the United States to such choose to receive public creditors or other persons as may choose to receive such

notes in payment, as aforesaid, at par. And the Secretary of The Secretary the Treasury is further authorized, with the approbation of authorized as dee. the President of the United States, to borrow, from time to to borrow on the time, not under par, such sums as the President may think exnotes, &c. . pedient, on the credit of such notes.

The notes trans Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the said Treasury ferable by deli- notes shall be transferable by delivery and assignment endorsed

thereon, by the person to whose order the same shall, on the face thereof, have been made payable.

to account quarterly.

of the Treasury,

ploy additional elerks.

dent, to cause a

notes to be issu

debts to such as

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of the Treasur

very and assignment, &c.

notes to be received in pay.

ment of Treasury

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in Treasury notes, into the hands of

lector, on


Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the said Treasury 1837. notes shall be received in payment of all duties and taxes laid The Treasury by the authority of the United States, of all public lands sold bei by the said authority, and of all debts to the United States, of ment of duties,

taxes, public any character whatsoever, which may be due and payable at lands, &c. the time when said Treasury notes may be so offered in payment. And on every such payment, credit shall be given for On every pay. the amount of the principal and interest which, on the day of mour

notes, credit to such payment, may be due on the note or notes thus given in begiven for pris: payment.

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That any person making. Persons makpayment to the United States in such Treasury notes, into the iné Sniled States hands of any collector, receiver of public money, or other pub- int lic officer or agent, shall on books, kept according to such forms a collector, &c. as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, give certificates, &c. duplicate certificates of the number and respective amount of principal and interest of each and every Treasury note thus paid by such person; and every collector, receiver of public And the colmoneys, or other public officer or agent, who shall thus receive me any of the said Treasury notes in payment, shall, on payment ceive credit, dc. of the same, receive credit both for principal and interest computed as aforesaid, which on the day of such last mentioned payment shall appear due on the note or notes thus paid in, and he shall be charged for the interest accrued on such note or notes from the day on which the same shall have been received by him in payment as aforesaid, to the day on which the same shall be paid by him as aforesaid.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to cause ized to cause to to be reimbursed and paid the principal and interest of the bea reimbursed Treasury notes which may be issued by virtue of this act, at principal and in

ierest of the Trea. the several time and times when the same, according to the pro- sury notes. visions of this act, should be thus reimbursed and paid. And Authorized to the said Secretary is further authorized to make purchases of notes, &c. the said notes, at par, for the amount of the principal and interest due at the time of purchase on such notes. And so much Appropriation of any unappropriated money in the Treasury as may be neces-nourpay Treasury sary for that purpose, is hereby appropriated, for paying the principal and interest of said notes. Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That a sum not exceeding $20,000 appro

3 priated to defray twenty thousand dollars, to be paid out of any unappropriated the expenses of money in the Treasury, be, and the same is hereby, appropri- issuing Treasury ated, for defraying the expense of preparing, printing, engraving, signing, and otherwise incident to the issuing of the Treasury notes authorized by this act.

Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall Imprisonment falsely make, forge, or counterfeit, or cause or procure to be for not less than falsely made, førged, or counterfeited, or willingly aid or assist the in falsely making, forging, or counterfeiting, any note, in imita- and fine not ex tion of, or purporting to be, a Treasury note aforesaid; or shall for forging, coun falsely alter, or cause or procure to be falsely altered, or will-altering,or for ingly aid or assist in falsely altering any 'Treasury note issued pages

Treasury author







Imprisonment and hard labour,

three nor more than ten years,

lesing or utter

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