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Pace, Dr. Richard, a fhort History of him, 100, & feq. Papifts and Proteftants, terribly executed by King Henry. See the Memoirs after 358. Paris-Univerfity bribed, 246. Parker's Ant. Brit. 215. Parker, Thomas, Earl of Macclesfield, Ld. Chancellor, 238. Parliament meets, 306-is diffolved, 320.

Parr, Lady Catherine, K. Henry's fixth Wife, Mem. p. 25-impeached for Herefy, but efcapes with her Life, ib. Paul III. elected Pope. Mem. P. 40-endeavours to restore Peace among Chriftians, 41~ his Death, 47. Paulet, William, Efq; Reprefentative in Parliament for Winchefter, 200.

Paulet, William, Lord St. John,

Lord Treasurer, 272. Pelham, the Right Hon. Henry, Chancellor of the Exchequer, the prefent Poffeffor of Card. Wolfey's Houfe at Eber, 202. Pembroke, the Right Hon. Earl

of, 321. Penfions, given on account of Protections in Ireland, first disused, 180.

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Pox, the French, a new Way of conveying it, 312. Poyet, Chancellor of France, difgraced, Mem. p. 34. Premunire, the ufual Sentence incurred on it, 300.

Privilege, the great Difference

between that enjoyed now, and what was felt in Wolfey's

Time, 299. Proteftants, whence fo called, 172. Puckering, Sir John, Ld Keeper, 273.

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Rawleigh Redivivus, 280. Rawlinson, Mr. Sergeant, Ld Commiffioner of the Great Seal, 282-Sir William, ib. Raymond, Lord Chief Juftice,

and Ld Commiffioner, 290. Record-office, in the Exchequer, 246.

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Religion, the State of, 72. Rich, Sir Richard, Ld Chancellor, 272 the Rt. Hon. Edward, Earl of Warwick and Holland, ib. Richmond, Duke of, Ld Com

miffioner of the Great Seal, 276-Charles Duke of, 321. Richmond-Park firft enclosed in K. Charles I.Time; but closer fhut up fince, to the no small Inconvenience of the present Inhabitants, 189. Rolls, Mafter of the, a Difpute about his Authority, 191. Rome plundered, 112. Rofcomon, the Earls of, 67. Rothes, Earl of, the Origin of the Family, 176. Ruffel, Sir John, returns to England, 202 his Let

ter to Wolfey, 203 - retains his Affection for him to the last, 205-goes to him with a Token of the King's Favour, 302. Rymer's Fadera, 136, 246, 270.


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the E. of Angus, 64, 65-his Family and Descendants, ib. Scotland, Affairs of, 64, 174. Seymour, Lady Jane, became a Favourite of K. Henry's, Mem. p. 11.-who marries her, 15 dies, 17.

Shaftsbury, Earl of, Lord Chancellor, 280-the present Earl Henry defcended from him,

ib. Shakespear, on the Steps previous to the Divorce, 210, & feq. -on the Legantine Court, 220, & feq. on its Proceedings, 231, & feq. -on the Courtiers confpiring against Wolfey, 251, &feq.- on the King's fending for the Great Seal, 260, & feq.-draws Wolfey's Character, 354, & Seq. Shelley, Judge, demands of Wolfey the Surrender of York-house, 321-pofts to Court, 322. Shrewsbury, Earl of, kindly entertains Wolfey, 343 - much concerned at his Illness, 344. Skeffington, Sir William, Lord Deputy of Ireland, 181 the Rt. Hon. Clotworthy, ib. Skelton, the Poet, his Verfes upon Wolfey, 105, 106 fmartly corrected by Lilly,


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Speed, the Hiftorian, 246. Stafford, Henry Lord, a finished Scholar, 80.

Stathmore, Thomas Lyon, Earl of, 66.

St. John, Lord, fold Wolfey the
Ground on which he built
Hampton-court, 182.
Stokeflie, Bp. one of Erafmus's
. Correfpondents, 79.
Stow, the Hiftorian, 95, 132,

215, 244. Stuart, Henry, Lord Meffin, marries the Q of Scotland, 174. Stubbs, Lawrence, a tight Friend

to the Cardinal, 336. Subfcribing Lords, 318. Suit at Law merrily determined, Mem. p. 47:

Surry, the noble Earl of, beheaded, Mem. p. 26. Sweating Sickness, divers great Men dies of it in England, 159-fatal in Ireland, 181.

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Vannes, Peter, K. Henry's Ambaffador at Rome, 209 joined with Caffali to manage

the Bufinefs of the Divorce there, 210.

Varillas, the French Hiftorian, 146-Mem. p. 37.

Venice, Doge of, his Letters to K. Henry, Q Catherine, and Card. Wolfey, 69. Venetians join with the Pope and the D. of Milan, to fend Ambaffadors to Francis, 22 enter into a Treaty with him, 23-the fame published, 39

enters into another, 114left out of the Treaty of Cambray, 161-conclude a Peace with the Turks, Mem. p. 43. Vernon, Admiral, Member of Par


liament for Ipswich, 199. Virgil, Polydor, a bitter Enemy to the Cardinal, 103 fawning blafphemous Letter to his Eminence, 348. Voltaire's Character of Francis I. Mem. p. 38.

Urbino, D. of, marches his Army into Naples, 46 - foon quits it, 47.


Walsh, Sir Walter, repairs to arrest Wolfey, 341 executes his Orders, 342. Warham, William, Archbishop


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1.99. Winter,

the Cardinal's natural Son, very extravagant, 315. Wolfey, Cardinal, discovers his Addrefs and Policy, 16 to 21 -demands Commiffioners to be fent from the Venetians, &c. 40-receives Letters from the Doge of Venice and the D. of Milan, 69, 70-preferves the Balance of Power well, 72compromised the Differences of Magdalen College, 85-the Charter he obtained for the University of Oxford, 86, & feq.-his further Care of them, 90 forms the Royal Houfhold, 94-regulates the Coins, 95

- re

encourages Trade and Navigation, 96-fuppreffes fome of the leffer Monatteries, ib.

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not deceived by the holy Maid of Kent, 10c-the Charges on him relating to Secretary Pace, removed, ib. & feq.-as well as other Defamations, 102the King's Letter to him, 103 -libelled by paltry Authors, 105-keeps up his Correfpondence with Bp. Fox, 109. receives a Letter from Sigifmond, K. of Poland, 119-another from Lady Anna Bulleyn, 125-one from the King, 126 -a fecond from Lady Anna, ib. obtains another Commiffion for hearing Caufes in his Abfence, 130 — gces as High Ambafador to France, 131 arrives at Abberville, 133-called there the Pacifick Cardinal, 134-compleats feveral Treaties between his Mafter and Francis, ib. 135 -returns to England, 136– but, in his Way home, directed a Mart to be kept at Calais, ib,-made his Holiness's Vicar General, 138. takes Cromwell into his Service, 141tries a third Time for the Papacy, 162 & feq. — prefents Hampton-court to the King, 182 his Care not to deprive the People of their common High-ways, 186-of Archbp. Warham, 189-founds his College at Ipfwich, 191writes to the Mafters of his School there, directing Lilly's Rudiments to be taught, 197his College fell with him, 198 -made Bp. of Winchester, 199-the Pope fent Inftruments for that Purpose, 200, 201-the King's, ib. 202orders Eber-place to be repaired, 201-obtains a Bull to uphold the Temporalities of Win


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chefter, 202-his Care of Sir John Ruffell's Children, 203 of his Fellow Subjects, 205-and of York in particular, ib.- -never corrupted or influenced Perfons to fend Reprefentatives to Parliament of his Recommendation, 206joined with Campeius to fit in Judgment on the Divorce, 210

introduces him to the King, 214-cleared from the Charge of firft making him unealy with Queen Catherine, 230yet charged with preventing the Divorce, 242 vifibly declines in the King's Favour, 248-notwithstanding he was determined to act impartially, 249 follows the King to Grafton in Nottinghamshire, 251-noProvifion made for his Reception there, 252-yet gracioufly received by the King, 253, 254-Wagers laid about it, 253-next time received but coolly, 257-departs from Court for London, 259-Indictments, &c. drawing against him, 260-at firtt refuses to deliver up the Great Seal, 263 -at laft does it in great Form, 270, & feq. orders his Jewels, &c. to be taken care of for the King, 281 verely reprimands his Treafu-fets out for Efher, 282 his Devotion on his Knees, in the High-way, 285

rer, ib..


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makes Sir John Norris a Prefent, 287--and another to the King, 288-his kneeling in the Dirt, cleared up, 289, &feq. brought the Court of Chancery into high Efteem, 293-arrives at Esher, 294the Information against him, 295-appoints his Attorneys

by fpecial Commission, 296, 297-fubmits to the King, 298-his Speech to the Judges, 299-Judgment figned against him, ib.-a Prifoner at large, 300-had good Authority for his Legantine Commiffion, ib. -bears his Misfortunes pretty well, 301-wants to reward his faithful Servants, ib.moft pathetick Interview with them, 302-protected by the King, 303 Reflections on

him in the Houfe of Commons answered, 309-Artiticles exhibited against him in the House of Lords, 310, to 318-charged with having the Pox, 312-the Articles rejected in the House of Commons, 318 Collier's Remarks on them, 319-Salmon's, 320-Wolfey justly reproaches the Duke of Norfolk, ib. at first reafons against furrendering York-house to the King, 321- - but foon after figns that Deed, and another Inftrument, 322-writes to Lady Anna Bulleyn and Cromwell, 323 reflects on his Difappointments, ib.-ftill reIceives Meffages from Court, 324-takes the Difmembering and Suppreffion of his Colleges to Heart, 324-writes to the King about them, ib.his Patience, 325-falls dangeroufly ill, ib. cherished again by the King, and Lady Anna, 326-and obtains his full Pardon, ib.-the Articles of it, 327-the King grants him further Marks of Friend

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ship, ib. complains to Cromwell, 328-his Enemies alarmed at the King's Favour, and push for his being fent to York,

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