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ERRATA. Vol. I. page 14. line 3. for “God's" read “ Gods."

275. line 13. for ":" read "

28. line 3. read "a dainty gallery." Vol. II, page 76. line 1. for " Lord's" read "Lords."

130. line 39. for “ had” read "bath."

163. lir fo: at the hard heels" read “hard at the heels." Vol. III. page 129. line 19. “ for line 19.” read

** Aurora whither slid'st thou? down again," 455. line 3. for “ line 3," read

"Nepenthe, Heav'ns drink, most gladness brings,"


VOL. 11.


The troublesome raigne and lamentable death of Edward the Second, king of England: with the tragical fall of proud Mortimer: and also the life and death of Piers Gaveston, the great Earle of Cornewall, and mighty favourite of King Edward the Second. As it was publickly acted by the Right Honorable the Earle of Pembroke his servauntes. Written by Chri. Marlow, Gent. Imprinted at London, by Richard Bradocke, for William Jones, dwelling neere Holbourne Conduit, at the signe of the Gunne, 1598, 4to.

This tragedy was entered on the book of the Stationers' Company in July, 1598, and was printed in 1598; again in 1612, 4to, and a third time in 1622, 4to. It is not in the former editions divided into acts.

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