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But what was more than all we've said,
Here science held her spring and head;
And here the Doctor train'd a flock

Of whipsters, to trace his hæc hoc,
And all the various furns and windings

find, Of conjugated verbs, as well as nouns de

But every day,
This was his way,
« A time to play,

• A time to pray.' And the Doctor exacted as strict a decorum, In both, as - Mars, Bacchus, Apollo Viro

i rum,' For he scouted borse-play, disapprov'd of

borse-play’rs, And it can't be supposed he was fond of

Yet so it hap'd, one morn at matin,
That near the desk a youngfter fat in,
The bell-rone of the school was hung,
By which the boys to pray’rs were rung,
And as from cieling it depended,

A rat from hole at top descended,
More nimbly than a lamplighter, I trow,

Eager to seize

A piece of cheese,
From pupil's pocket dropp'd on floor be-

Aithgptsi fur droll, the nilftg star'd,

And writh'd and wriggled,

Grinn’d and giggl’d,
And before one short pray’r. was gone

through half,
Each young sportive brat,

Pointing plump at the rat,
Drown'd all devotion in a loud horse

The rat was scarid and scour'd away,
The Doctór star'd in wild dismay;
And, casting his eyes around the school,

Demanded, what rogue, and what fool, In one culprit was he, who had dar'd lead

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the way,

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Thus to tempt the whole flock from their

duty to Atray ? And now, inflam'd with wrath, his rev'

rence swore, (Swore as devoutly as he pray'd before) That unless their ring-leader was quickly

omade known, I Their b-ms one and all for his crime

Ihould a tone.'
When lo! to save from birch the rest,

The poor loft sheep his crime confess'd ; Confess'd that with fun he fo ftrangelig

I was firuck, At the fight of a rat, that he laugh'd as

cif fuck,' 6 Hoist him up,' says the Doctor, ' more

fun for the dunce, o As l'll make him confers he's been ftruck

more than once !

For the Sporting Magazine, Genuine Letter sent with a HARE, Christmas,

1795: Dear Sir,

By the coach I have sent you a

hare, And hope it will prove acceptable fare ; And since you have married a daughter of

Adam, My service to you, and likewise to Ma. dam.

YOUR present, dear Sir, cane duly to

hand, In order as good as most hres in the land;






POETRY. And when puss had país’d the purgation of

NED AND LUKE. fire, She role in esteem, and her merits grew higher.

Wo chums at the same point of time, The daughter of Adam as we!l as her

With the same general in view ; mate,

Leave college, and, with eager hope, Thank the donor, and, if he don't think it

Their different plans pursue. tou late, Sends him greeting from heart, an happy

Ned ne'er cou'd wink at folly's prank, new year,

Nor flatter pride and vice ; And invites him to taste of Newmarket cheer:

Spoke free and bluntly what he thought :

And dress'd not over-nice.
His friends, in that village of note and re-
He will not forget when he sees London

Luke bow'd demure, spoke with a smile,

Was always (nug and clean ;-
In others ne'er saw viie; and why?

It ought not to be seen.



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Of the Transactions of the Turk, the Chase, and every other Diversion interesting to the Man of Pleasure,

Enterprize and Spirit,
For FEBRUARY, 1796.


Page. Sketch of the Life of Mr. Taplin 227 Inviting. Offer

257 Life of Mr. Tattersall 228 Convivial Thespians

258 Account of the Duel between Major Sports in Hyde-Park

260 Sweetman and Captain Watson 229

Method of Hunting among the Hot-
Theatrical Register


261 Account of the New Musical Farce, Action for Courfing a Hare

263 called Lock and Key

ibid. Lara and the Lottery Tickets ibid. Shepherdess of Cheapside 231 Action for Money lost at the Game of Extra Sporting ibid. Whift

265 Treatise on Farriery

Trial of Mr. Richard England

266 Of the Pleurisy and Inflammations of Finding the Hare

275 the Lungs

235 Observations on the late Duel beRemarkable Instance of Animal

tween Major Sweetman and Capt. Adoption


276 Badger-baiting ibid. Sporting Intelligence

ibid, Argument for and against Polygamy, Boxing

ibid. by Voltaire. ibid. Duelling

277 Picture of a Westphalia Inn


286 Rules in playing the Game of Chess 240 Veterinarian Literature

ibid. Infance of Fidelity and Courage in a Terrier


POETRY.-Airs in Lock and Key; On Hunting


Prologue to the Way to Get MarExperiments on Glandered Horses

245 ried ; Epilogue to the same ; EpiFortunate Release from a Tyger 248 taph; Fox and his Guest; SoliloMethod of Hunting in Patagonia ibid. quy; Mastiff and Wolf; Lines on Account of the Public Games of

Hunoria ; Lines on a Comedian Greece 250

2810284 Customs and Diversions of the Eng RACING CALENDAR.- Races to i lish in the Anglo-Norman period 253

come at Wantage;

Hereford ; Life of Dick England


Shrewsbury; Ipswich ; Derby ; The Feast of Wit; or, Sportsman's Oxford ; York

33-36 Hall


ORNAMENTED WITH 1. A Capital Portrait of Mr. TAPLIN, engraved by Scott: 2. FINDING the HARE (being the third Plate of a Series of Engravings on the Subject of Hare-bunting)



BY W. AND C. SPILSBURY, SNOW-HILL ; And Sold by J. WHEBLE, No. 18, Warwick-square, Warwick-lane, near

St. Paul's; John Hilton, at Newmarket; and by every Bookseller and Stationer in Great Britain and Ireland.



WE are sorry to hear, that our old Friend, Acaftus, is about to take his leave of us on the subject of Hunting ; however, it affords us no trifling Degree of Satisfaction to find it is not his intention to forsake us altogether; his Promise of future Communications is gladly received, to which our usual Attention shall not at any time be found wanting.

Amicus's Lines shall have a Place in our Next.

Mother Punch-bowl came too late for insertion this Month ; her Ladyship, however, may expect a Place in our Next. As also the Jefuitical Exculpation.

Venator, Veritas, An Antiquarian Sportsman, &c. &c. will find their Requests attended to in our present Number.

We are happy in being able again to resume the Life of Mr. Tattersall in this Number, which (we flatter ourselves), with that Part already given, and what may be expected to come, will afford our Readers noinconfiderable degree of Satisfaction and Entertainment.

Capt. Snug has come to hand, but too late for insertion this Month.

The many rich and pleasurable Trifles we have just received from an Old Subscriber, shall have due Attention paid them; his Hint meets our Approbation, which, at a proper season, we shall not hesitate to adopt.

ERRATA.-In our Laft, p. 196, Line 28 from top, for Manroi's read Minerva's.

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