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in 1818, where he was eminently successful as a jury lawyer. He was for twelve years Clerk of the House of Representatives of Georgia, and several times Senator and Representative in the Legislature. He was a Representative in Congress from 1837 to 1842; and in 1845 he was appointed Judge of the Ockmulgee Circuit; and from 1849 to 1855 he was a Senator of the United States, where he served on important committees, and spoke on many important questions of national interest, and commanded a wide influence.

DAYTON, JONATHAN. A native of New Jersey; graduated at Princeton College in 1776 ; was a member of the State Convention in 1787 ; a Representative in Congress from 1791 to 1799; Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1797; and was a Senator of the United States from 1799 to 1805. He was a distinguished statesman, and died at Elizabethtown, New Jersey, October 9, 1824, aged about sixty-eight years.


A Representative in Congress, from North Carolina, from 1793 to 1795.

DAYTON, WILLIAM L. Born in New Jersey, February 17, 1807; graduated at Princeton College; is a lawyer by profession; was a member of the State Senate of New Jersey in 1837; was appointed one of the Justices of the Superior Court of the State February 28, 1838, and resigned said office in 1841, and resumed the practice of law; was a Senator in Congress from 1842 to 1851. In March, 1857, was appointed Attorney-General of New Jersey, which office he still holds.


He was a member of the New York Assembly in 1816 and 1817, and was a Representative in Congress, from that State, from 1823 to 1825, and again from 1833 to 1835.


DEAN, EZRA. He was born in Ohio, and was

He was born in New York, and elected a Representative, from that

was a Representative in Congress, State, to the Thirty-fourth Con

from Ohio, from 1841 to 1845. gress.


Is a native of Pleasant Valley, He was a Representative in Con- Dutchess County, New York. In gress, from New York, from 1831 May, 1837, he entered the Amenia to 1833; a State Senator in 1827 Seminary, and in September of the and 1828; and a member of the same year he went to Yale College, Assembly in 1835 and 1836. and graduated in 1841. He studied law in Pine Plains, and commenced a major in the army under Gates, practice in Poughkeepsie in 1844, at the capture of Burgoyne. He attaining eminence in his profes- distinguished himself at the battle sion; and was elected a Represen- of Monmouth, by a gallant charge tative in Congress from 1851 to on the enemy. Dearborn being sent 1853.

to ask for further orders, WashingDEAN, SIDNEY.

ton inquired, by way of commendaHe was born in Glastenbury, tion, "What troops are those ?" Hartford County, Connecticut, No- “ Full-blooded Yankees from New vember 16, 1818. He received only Hampshire, sir,” was the reply. In a common school education; en- 1779 he accompanied Sullivan in tered upon active life as a manu- his expedition against the Indians; facturer; but subsequently became

in 1780 he was with the army in a clergyman. He served one year New Jersey; in 1781 he was at in the Legislature of Connecticut, Yorktown, at the surrender of Cornand was elected a Representative wallis; in 1789 Washington apin Congress, from that State, in pointed him Marshal of the District 1855, and re-elected in 1857; of- of Maine. He was elected a memficiating during his first term as ber of Congress, from 1793 to 1797. Chairman of the Committee on Pub- In 1801 he was appointed Secrelic Expenditures, and is now a mem- tary of War, and held the office ber of the Committee on the Dis- till 1809, when he was appointed trict of Columbia.

to the lucrative office of Collector

of Boston. In 1812 he received a DEANE, JOSIAH.

commission as senior major-general He was born in Massachusetts,

in the army of the United States. and was a Representative in Con

In the spring of 1813 he captured gress, from Massachusetts, from

York, in Upper Canada, and Fort 1807 to 1809.

George, at the mouth of the Ni

agara. He was recalled, by Mr. DEARBORX, HENRY.

Madison, in July. He was ordered Was a native of New Hampshire,

to assume the command of the miand settled, in the practice of physic, litary district of New York City. at Portsmouth. He was a captain | In 1822 he was appointed Minister in Stark's regiment at the battle Plenipotentiary to Portugal ; two of Bunker Hill; he accompanied years after he returned to America, Arnold in the expedition through at his own request. He died in the wilderness of Maine to Quebec; \ 1829, aged seventy-eight years. he was captured by the British, and put into close confinement, but in

DEARBORX, IIENRY. May, 1776, was permitted to re- Born in 1783, in Exeter, New turn on parole; in March, 1777, Hampshire ; was educated at Wilhe was exchanged; he served as liam and Mary College, Virginia


and commenced the study of law modore Bainbridge, and one of his in Washington, while his father father; a book on Architecture, and was Secretary of War under Jeffer- a Life of Christ. He died, in Port

He finished his studies at land, Maine, July 29, 1851. Salem, Massachusetts, in the office of Judge Story, and commenced

DEBERRY, EDMUND. to practice in that city. He re- Born in Montgomery County, moved to Portland, and superin-North Corolina, August 14, 1787. tended the erection of the forts in

He was educated at the ordinary the harbor. He was appointed Col- schools of the county, and having lector of Boston. by President Madi

entered public life, in 1806, as a son, (having been previously made member of the State Legislature, Deputy Collector by his father, he continued to serve there, with when Collector,) as an inducement occasional intermissions, until 1828; for his father to accept the com- and was a Representative in Conmand of the army, and he held the

gress, from 1829 to 1831, from 1833 office until removed by General

to 1845, and again from 1849 to Jackson, in 1829. In 1812 he was 1851. brigadier of militia, and had the command of the troops in Boston

DE GRAFF, JOHN J. harbor. In 1821 was a member of He was a Representative in Conthe Convention for revising the gress from New York, from 1827 Constitution of Massachusetts. In to 1829, and again from 1837 to 1829 was a Representative in the 1839. Legislature, from Roxbury; and the

DEITZ, WILLIAM. same year chosen Executive Councillor; and the following year a He was a member of the New State Senator. From 1831 to 1833, York Assembly, in 1814 and 1815; he was a Representative in Con- a Representative in Congress, from gress. He was

soon appointed that State, from 1825 to 1827; and Adjutant-General of Massachusetts, a State Senator, from 1830 to 1833. and continued in that office till

DELANO, COLUMBUS. 1843, when he was removed for lending some of the State arms He was born in Vermont, and during the Dorr Rebellion in Rhode having removed to Ohio, was elected Island. In 1847 was chosen Mayor a Representative in Congress, from of Roxbury, which office be held that State, from 1845 to 1847. until his death. While in the Custom-house, in Boston, he wrote and DEMMING, BENJAMIN F. published three volumes on the " Commerce of the Black Sea.” | mont; received a common school He also wrote a biography of Com- education ; served a number of years

he He was born at Danville, Ver

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DENVER, JAMES W. He graduated at Yale College in

Born in Winchester, Virginia, in 1803, and was elected a Represen- 1818.

1818. When quite young he emitative in Congress, from Maryland, grated to Ohio with his parents ; from 1833 to 1835, and died at received a good education ; in 1841 Washington, April 14, 1834, before he went to Missouri, where he the expiration of his term in Con

taught school and studied law; he gress.

served in the Mexican war as a

captain, under appointment from DENNISON, GEORGE.

President Polk; in 1850 he went to He was born in Luzerne County, California, where he was appointed Pennsylvania, and was a Represen- member of a relief committee to tative in Congress, from that State, protect emigrants; and, afterwards,

, from 1819 to 1823.

Secretary of State of California;

he was a Representative, from CaDENNY, HARMAR.

lifornia, in the Thirty-fourth ConBorn in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, gress; by President Buchanan he in 1794; graduated at Dickinson was appointed Commissioner of InCollege; was a member of the Le- dian Affairs, which office he resigngislature of his native State, and a ed to accept the appointment of Representative in Congress, from Governor of the Territory of Kansas, which position he resigned in November, 1858, and was re-appointed Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

ber of the Thirty-fifth Congress, from his native State. He is Chairman of the Committee on Unfinished Business



DEWEY, DANIEL. He was born in South Carolina ; Was a lawyer, having studied graduated at Harvard University under Theodore Sedgwick, and atin 1810; and was a Representative tained a high rank in his profession. in Congress, from his native State, He was a member of the Council of from 1852 to 1853.

the State, and a Representative in

Congress, from Berkshire District, DESHA, JOSEPH.

Massachusetts, in 1813 and 1814; He was born in Pennsylvania, was appointed Judge of the SuDecember 9, 1768, and emigrated preme Court of Massachusetts in to Kentucky in 1781; in 1794 he 1814. He died June 3, 1815. served as a volunteer in the expedition against the Indians, under

DE WITT, ALEXANDER, General Wayne ; served for a time Born in Worcester County, Masin the State Legislature; fought at sachusetts, April 2, 1798. He is a

2 the battle of the Thames, as a ma- bank president; was once in the jor-general; was a Representative Legislature of his native State, and in Congress, from 1817 to 1819; a Representative in Congress, durwas Governor of Kentucky for four ing the years 1856 and 1857. years, from 1824; and died at Georgetown, Kentucky, October 11, DE WITT, CHARLES G. 1842.

He was a Representative in ConDESHA, ROBERT.

gress, from New York, from 1829 He was a prominent merchant of to 1831, and appointed Chargé Mobile, where he died, February 8,

d'Affaires, for Central America, in 1849; and a Representative in

1833. He died at Newburg, April Congress, from Tennessee, from

13, 1839. 1827 to 1831.


He was born in Ulster County, He was a native of Pennsylvania, New York, and was a Representaand a Representative in Congress, tive in Congress, from that State, from that State, from 1831 to 1833. from 1819 to 1821, and a member

of the New York Assembly in 1839 DEWART, WILLIAM L.

and in 1847. He died at Kingston, He was born in Pennsylvania; is New York, January 30, 1857, aged a lawyer by profession, and a mem- seventy-three years.

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