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gislature of New York, from the constantly sustained by the conCity of New York; and was a Re- tinued confidence of his constitupresentative in Congress, from his ents, he gave a firm support to native State, from 1853 to 1855. President Jefferson's administra

tion, and to that of his successor, CUTTS, CHARLES.

President Madison, until the close

of his first term, March 3, 1813, Born in Massachusetts, in 1769;

having patriotically sustained, by entered Harvard College in 1786 ;

his votes, non-importation, non-ingraduated in 1790; studied law

tercourse, the embargo, and finally with Judge Pickering; was elected a member of the Legislature in

war, as measures called for by the

honor and interest of the nation, 1804, and then Speaker of the

although ruinous to his private forHouse; was sent to the United

tune. On the third of June, of that States Senate in 1810, and served till 1813; and chosen Secretary of

year, he was appointed Superin

tendent-General of Military Supthe Senate, from 1814 to 1825. He

plies, an office created by the act of died in Virginia, in 1846.

March 3, 1813, the functions of

which were required only during CUTTS, RICHARD.

the continuance of the war. The Born June 22, 1771, at Cutt's office was accordingly abolished Island, Saco, in the province or by the act of March 3, 1817, to district of Maine, then constitu

provide for the prompt settlement ting a part of the Commonwealth

of public accounts. By the same of Massachusetts, and received his act the office of Second Comptroller early education at Harvard Uni

of the Treasury was created, to versity, at which institution he gra- which Mr. Cutts was immediately duated in 1790, and in the twen

appointed, by President James tieth year of his age.

He stu- Monroe, and which he held until died law, was extensively engaged 1829, after which he resided in the in commerce, and took an active City of Washington, in the retirepart in politics. He visited Europe, ment of private life, until his death and on his return, after serving two in 1849. successive years as a member of the General Court of Massachusetts, he

DAGGETT, DAVID. was, at the age of twenty-nine, in 1800, elected by the people of his Born in Attleborough, MassaDistrict a member of the House chusetts, December 31, 1764; graof Representatives of the United duated at Yale College in 1783; States. He took his seat in the and was professor of law in that inHouse, December 7, 1801, and stitution. He was States Attorney through six successive Congresses, and Mayor of New Haven, and fre

quently a member of the Legisla- | the same office which had been held ture, and member of the Council. by his father. This post he held From 1813 to 1819 he was a Sena- until 1831, when a vacancy having tor in Congress, from Connecticut; occurred in the representation from from 1826 to 1852 he was a Judge Pennsylvania in the United States of the Supreme Court of the State; Senate, Mr. Dallas was chosen to and was Chief Judge from 1832 to fill it. He took an active part in 1834, when he attained the age of the debates of the stormy session of seventy years. He died April 12, 1832–33. On the expiration of his 1851.

term of office in 1833, he declined a

re-election, and resumed the pracDALLAS, GEORGE MIFFLIN.

tice of his profession. In 1837 he

was appointed, by President Van He was born July 10, 1792, in

Buren, Ambassador to Russia, and the City of Philadelphia, where he

remained in that country until Ocreceived his early education. He

tober, 1839, when he returned home, graduated at Princeton College in

and once more devoted himself to 1810; commenced the study of law

the practice of law. In 1844 he in his father's office in Philadelphia;

was elected Vice-President of the and was admitted to the bar in 1813.

United States, and entered upon In the same year he accompanied

the duties of his office in March of Mr. Gallatin to Russia as his pri- the following year. His term of vate secretary, when that gentleman office expired in March, 1849, when was appointed a member of the com

he was succeeded by Mr. Fillmore. mission to negotiate a peace under

He was appointed by President the mediation of Alexander. Dur

Pierce to succeed Mr Buchanan as ing his absence he visited Russia, Minister at the Court of St. James, France, England, Holland, and the

in which position he was retained Netherlands. He returned to the by Mr. Buchanan, when he became United States in 1814, and after

President. assisting his father for a time in his duties as Secretary of the Treasury,

DALTON, TRISTAM. he commenced the practice of his profession at Philadelphia. In 1817

17 Was born in that portion of Newhe was appointed the deputy of the bury, Massachusetts, now NewburyAttorney-General of Philadelphia, port, in 1783, and at the early age and soon won a high reputation as of seventeen graduated at Harvard a criminal lawyer. He took an ac- University. He studied law as an tive part in politics, and in 1825 he accomplishment, the fortune which was elected Mayor of Philadelphia, he inherited from his father not reand on the accession of General quiring him to practice it as a proJackson, in 1829, he was appointed fession, and he took a deep interest to the office of District Attorney, in the cultivation of a large landed estate, in what is now the town of had the privilege of even a common West Newbury. Washington, John school education; was by trade a Adams, Louis Philippe, Talleyrand, printer; and was elected a Repreand other distinguished guests par- sentative, from Massachusetts, to took of his hospitalities. As emi- the Thirty-fifth Congress, serving nent for piety as he was for mental on the Committee on Roads and endowments, the Episcopal Church, Canals. of which he was a warden, shared in his generous liberality; and he

DANA, AMASA. was also noted for the affectionate

He was a member of the New interest which he took in the wel

York Assembly in 1828 and 1829, fare of his servants, both black and

and a Representative in Congress, white. He was a Representative,

from that State, from 1839 to 1841, Speaker of the House of Represen- and again from 1843 to 1845. tatives, and a Senator in the Legislature of Massachusetts, and a Senator of the United States in the

DANA, JUDAH. First Congress after the adoption of the Federal Constitution. When

Born in Massachusetts in 1772;

graduated at Dartmouth College in Washington City was founded, Mr. Dalton invested his entire fortune 1795; commenced the practice of in lands there, and lost it by the

law in Fryeburg; was Attorney for

Oxford County for six years; Judge mismanagement of a business agent.

of Probate for twenty years; Judge At the same time a vessel, which

of the Common Pleas for nine years; was freighted with his furniture and valuable library, was lost on her

one of the Committee which drafted

the Constitution of Maine ; a memvoyage from Newburyport to Washington, and he thus found himself

, ber of the Executive Council of the after having lived sixty years in af

State in 1834; and by appointment fluence, penniless. Several offices

of the Governor, was a Senator in

Congress during the years 1836 and of profit and honor were immedi

1837. He died at Fryeburg, Maine, ately tendered him by the Govern

December 27, 1845. ment, and he accepted the Surveyorship of Boston. He died in Boston in June, 1817, and his remains were

DANA, SAMUEL. taken to Newburyport, where they were interred in the burial-ground

He was a respectable lawyer and

a judge, and during the years 1814 of St. Paul's Church.

and 1815 a Representative in Con

gress, from Massachusetts. He DAMRELL, WILLIAM S.

died at Charlestown in November, Born in Portsmouth, New Hamp- 1835, in the sixtieth year of his shire, November 20, 1809; never age.


several sessions as Chairman of the

Committee on Claims. He was born in Connecticut in 1747, and died in 1830. He gra

DANNER, JOEL B. duated at Yale College in 1775, and was a Senator in Congress, from He was a Representative in ConConnecticut, from 1810 to 1821. gress, from Pennsylvania, from 1850

to 1851.

He was born in Essex County,
Massachusetts, and graduated at

He was a Representative in ConHarvard University in 1799. From

gress, from New Jersey, from 1806

to 1808. 1820 to 1823 he represented the York District of Maine in Congress,

DARBY, JOHN FLETCHER. was subsequently in the Legislature as a member of the House for six Born in Person County, North years, and was a member of the Se. Carolina, December 10, 1803. In pate in 1829. He was chosen a 1818 he removed with his father to member of the Executive Council Missouri, and settled in St. Louis of Massachusetts in 1817, and to a County, where, until 1823, he worksimilar station in Maine in 1841, ed on a farm, pursuing his studies but he declined both offices. He under many difficulties, having presettled in Kennebunk early in the viously received a good English present century, where he died, education in his native town. After May 1, 1858.

the death of his parents, in 1825,

he applied for an appointment at DANIEL, HENRY.

West Point, but being unsuccessful, He was born in 1793, and was a sold out his father's estate, and went Representative in Congress, from to Frankfort, Kentucky, and stuKentucky, from 1827 to 1833, where died law wi Mr. Crittenden. In he had a famous encounter with May, 1827, having a license to pracTristain Burgess.

tice from the Supreme Court of

Kentucky, he returned to Missouri DANIEL, JOHN R. J.

and commenced his professional life. Born in Halifax County, North He was four times chosen Mayor of Carolina; graduated at the univer- the City of St. Louis, and once a sity of that State in 1821 ; studied member of the State Senate, and law, and practiced it with success ;

was a Representative in Congress, he served for several years in the

from 1851 to 1853. General Assembly, and was elected Attorney-General of the State; and

DARGAN, EDWARD S. was a Representative in Congress, He was born in North Carolina, from 1841 to 1853, serving through removed in early youth to Alabama, where he subsequently taught school was a Quaker in religion. He eduand studied law. In 1844 he was cated himself, taught school, studied elected Mayor of Mobile; from law, and was successful as a practi1845 to 1847 he was a Representa- tioner. In 1807 he was elected to tive in Congress; and during the the State Legislature; served as a latter year was elected a Judge of volunteer lieutenant in the last war the Supreme Court of Alabama. with England; and was a member

of Congress, from 1817 to 1819,DARLING, MASON C.

declining a re-election. In 1820 he Born in Bellingham, Massachu- was appointed Deputy Attorneysetts, May 18, 1801; received a General for Chester County, and in common school education ; com

1821 was appointed President Judge menced active life as a school of the County Court, which he held teacher in New York; and having

until his death. studied medicine, graduated at the Berkshire Medical Institution of DARLINGTON, WILLIAM. Massachusetts in 1824. He prac

Born in Birmingham, Chester ticed his profession for thirteen

County, Pennsylvania, April 28, years, when he removed to Wiscon

1783. He was brought up on a sin, and aided in establishing the

farm until eighteen years old, trained towns of Sheboygan and Fond du

in the religion of George Fox, and Lac. The principal offices held by

when young had but a limited him, in Wisconsin, were those of

education. He studied medicine, Judge of Probate, Mayor of Fond

and in 1804 graduated at the Unidu Lac, a member, for several years,

versity of Pennsylvania; in 1806 he of the Territorial Legislature, and

was disowned by the Society of a Representative in Congress, from

Friends for accepting the appointthe State of Wisconsin, from 1847

ment of surgeon to a military regi. to 1849.

ment; in 1807 he went to India as DARLINGTON, EDWARD.

surgeon of a merchant-ship; in 1811

and 1812 he assisted in establishing He was born in Pennsylvania, and

the West Chester Academy, Pennwas a Representative in Congress, sylvania, of which he was long a from that State, from 1833 to 1839.

trustee, and the secretary; in 1813

he prepared a catalogue of plants DARLINGTON, ISAAC.

of his native country; in 1814 he Born in Westtown, Chester took part in establishing the Bank County, Pennsylvania, December of West Chester, and was its presi13, 1781, and died April 27, 1839. dent; when Washington City was He was brought up to hard labor, attacked by the British, he went partly on a farm, and in the shop of thither as a volunteer; and he was his father, a worthy blacksmith, and a member of Congress, from Penn

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