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Sect. VIII. The Run from the Western Entrance of the

Strait of Magellan to the Islands of Dis-



IX. The Discovery of King George's Islands,

with a Description of them, and an Ac-

count of several Incidents that happened



X. The Run from King George's Islands to the

Islands of Saypan, Tinian, and Aguigan;

with an Account of several Islands that

were discovered in that Track,


XI. The Arrival of the Dolphin and Tamar at

Tinian, a Description of the present

Condition of that Island, and an AC-

count of the Transactions there,


XII. The Run from Tinian to Pulo Timoan,

with some Account of that Island, its

Inhabitants and Productions, and thence


XIII. Transactions at Batavia, and Departure

from that Place,


XIV. The Passage from Batavia to the Cape of

Good Hope, and from thence to Eng-



CHIAP. II. An Account of Captain Wallis's Voyage in 1766,

7, and 8, in his Majesty's ship the Dolphin, 120

Sect. 1. The Passage to the Coast of Patagonia, with

some Account of the Natives,


II. The Passage through the Strait of Ma-

gellan, with some further Account of

the Patagonians, and a Description of

the Coast on each side, and its Inha-



III. A particular Account of the Places in which

we anchored during our Passage through

the Strait, and of the Shoals and Rocks

that lie near them,


IV. The Passage from the Strait of Magellan,

to King George the Third's Island, call.

ed Otaheite, in the South Sea, with an

Account of the Discovery of several

other Islands, and a Description of their



V. An Account of the Discovery of King

George the Third's Island, or Otaheite,

and of several Incidents which happen-

ed both on board the Ship and on Shore, 175

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· Sect. I. The Run from Plymouth to Madeira, and

from thence through the Strait of Ma-



II. The passage from Cape Pillar, at the West-

ern entrance of the Strait of Magellan,

to Masafuero; with some Account of

that Island,


III. The Passage from Masafuero to Queen

Charlotte's Islands; several Mistakes cor-

rected concerning Davis's Land, and an

Account of some small Islands, supposed

to be the same that were seen by Quiros, 267

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Sect. IV. An Account of the Discovery of Queen

Charlotte's Islands, with a Description

of them and their Inhabitants, and of

what happened at Egmont Island,


V. Departure from Egmont Island, and Passage

to Nova Britannia ; with a Description of

several other Islands, and their Inhabit-



VI. Discovery of a Strait dividing the Land

called Nova Britannia into two Islands,

with a Description of several small Is-

lands that lie in the Passage, and the

Land on each side, with the Inhabitants, 296

VII. The Passage from Saint George's Channel

to the Island of Mindanao, with an Ac-

count of many Islands that were seen,

and Incidents that happened by the Way, 301

VIII. Some Account of the Coast of Mindanao,

and the Islands near it, in which several

Mistakes of Dampier are corrected, 308

IX. The Passage from Mindanao to the Island

of Celebes, with a particular Account of

the Strait of Macassar, in which many

Errors are corrected,


X. Transactions off Macassar, and the Pas-

sage thence to Bonthain,


XI. Transactions at Bonthain, while the vessel

was waiting for a Wind to carry her to

Batavia, with some Account of the Place,

the Town of Macassar, and the adja-

cent Country,


XII. Passage from Bonthain Bay, in the Island

of Celebes, to Batavia. Transactions

there, and the Voyage round the Cape

of Good Hope to England,


A Table of the Variation of the Compass as observed

on board of the Swallow,


CHAP. IV. An Account of Lieutenant Cook's Voyage, in

1768, 1769, and 1770, in his Majesty's Bark

the Endeavour,


Sect. I. The Passage from Plymouth to Madeira,

with some Account of that Island, ib.

II. The Passage from Madeira to Rio de Ja-

neiro, with some Account of the Coun.

try, and the Incidents that happened


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Horn to the newly discovered Islands in

the South Seas, with a Description of

their Figure and Appearance; some

Account of the Inhabitants, and several

Incidents that happened during the

Course, and at the Ship’s Arrival a-

mong them,


VIII. The Arrival of the Endeavour at Ota-

heite, called by Captain Wallis, King

George the III.'s Island. Rules esta-

blished for Traffic with the Natives,

and an Account of several Incidents

which happened in a Visit to Tootahah

and Toubourai Tamaide, two Chiefs, 423

IX. A Place fixed upon for an Observatory

and Fort: an Excursion into the Woods,

and its Consequences. The Fort erect-

ed; a Visit from several Chiefs on

Board and at the Fort, with some Ac-

count of the Music of the Natives, and

the Manner in which they dispose of

their Dead,


X. An Excursion to the Eastward, an Ac-

count of several Incidents that happen-

ed both on Board and on Shore, and of

the first Interview with Oberea, the

Person, who, when the Dolphin was

here, was supposed to be Queen of the

Island, with a Description of the Fort, 438

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