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given to them. For this reason very little reference has been made to Lempriere.

The Questions are designed to direct the student's attention to the subjects of the notes, as well as to those of the text; for a knowledge of the characters here introduced will greatly facilitate a proper understanding of all subsequent studies in Latin and Greek. The text is Burmann's. The selection from the Metamorphoses is the same with that published in England by Mr. Bradley, with some slight expurgation. The remaining portion was selected and expurgated for the occasion.

In preparing the notes, the additions of Burmann, Schrevelius, Minellius, Banier, and the Delphin edition, have been consulted; and the notes of Mr. Bradley have been used, wherever they conformed to the plan of this work.

B. A. GOULD. Boston, April, 1827.

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Pyrami et Thisbes Mors...
Ino et Meliceria in Deos mutati..
Cadmus et Hermione in Serpentes mutati...
Atlas in Montem mutatus..
Perseos et Andromeda Nuptiæ.

44 47 51 53 54

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Certamen inter Ajacem et Ulyssem de Achillis Armis.......
Hecuba in Canem mutata...
Memnonis Cineres in Aves mutati.

115 127 133

LIBER XIV. Æneas et Reges Albani.


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