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1 O Thou, through all thy works adored!

Great power supreme! Almighty Lord !
Author of life, whose sovereign sway

Creatures of every tribe obey !
2 To thee, Most High! to thee belong

The suppliant prayer, the joyful song ;
To thee will we attune our voice,

And in thy wondrous works rejoice.
3 Planets, those wandering worlds above,
Guided by thee, incessant move; .
Suns, kindled by a ray divine,
In honour of their Maker shine.

: 4 From thee proceed heaven's varied store,

The changing wind, the fruitful shower,
The flying cloud, the coloured bow,
The moulded hail, the feathered snow.

5 Tempests obey thy mighty will;

Thine awful mandate to fulfil,
The forked lightnings dart around,
And rive the oak, and blast the ground.

6 Thé varying seasons all are thine,

All governed by thy hand divine;
Supporting, through thy constant care,
The tribes of earth, and sea, and air.

7 To thee, of life the eternal spring,

Invisible, all-powerful King,
One chorus let all creatures raise,
One hymn of universal praise.


80. C. M.

Divine Condescension. Ps. višt.
TO THOU, to whom all creatures bow,

Within this earthly frame !
Through all the world, how great art thou !

How glorious is thy name!

2 When heaven, thy glorious work on high,

Employs my wondering sight;
The moon that nightly rules the sky,

With stars of feebler light;
3 Lord, what is man, that he is blessed

With thy peculiar care!
Why on his offspring is conferred,

Of love so large a share!

4 Him next in power thou didst create

To thy celestial train;
Ordained with dignity and might

O'er all thy works to reign.

$ All, his imperial will obey :

The beast that treads the plain;
The bird that wings its airy way;

The fish that skims the main.

@ O thou, to whom all creatures bow,

Within this earthly frame !
Through all the world how great art thou !
How glorious is thy name!

Tate, ali'd

81. 10 s. M.

Divine Light implored. 1 O THOU, whose power o'er moving worlds presides!

Whose voice created, and whose wisdom guides !
On darkling man, in pure effulgence shine,
And cheer the clouded mind with light divine!

2 'Tis thine alone to calm the pious breast

With silent confidence, and holy rest;
From thee, great God! we spring; to thee we tend;
Path, motive, guide, original, and end.

- † Dr. Johnson

82. 8&7s. M.
All Creatures invoked to praise God.

1 Praise the Lord! ye heavens adore hina;

Praise him, angels in the height;
Sun and moon rejoice before him ;

Praise him, all ye stars of light!
Praise the Lord, for he hath spoken;

Worlds his mighty voice obeyed;
Laws, which never can be broken,

For their guidance he hath made.

2 Praise the Lord, for he is glorious,

Never shall his promise fail ;
God hath made his saints victorious,

Sin and death shall not prevạil:
Praise the God of our salvation,

Hosts on high his power proclaim;
Heaven and earth, and all creation,
Praise and magnify his name!

| Dublin Coll.

. 83. 78. M.
Praise to God in Prosperity and Adversity. Hab. iii. 17, 18.

1 PRAISE to God, immortal praise,
. For the love that crowns our days;,

Bounteous source of every joy!

2 For the blessings of the field;

For the stores the gardens yield;
For the vine's exalted juice;

For the generous olive's use.
3 Flocks that whiten all the plain;

Yellow sheaves of ripened grain;
Clouds that drop their fattening dews;
Suns that temperate warmth diffuse:



4. All that spring, with bounteous hand,

Scatters o'er the smiling land;
All that liberal autumn pours
From her rich o'erflowing stores :


6 These to thee, our God! we owe,

Source whence all our blessings flow!
And for these our souls shall raise
Grateful vows and solemn praise.


6 Yet should rising whirlwinds tear

From its stem the ripening ear;
Should the fig-tree's blasted shoot

Drop her green untimely fruit :
7 Should the vine put forth no more,
Nor the olive yield her store:
Though the sickening flocks should fall,
And the herds desert the stall :

8 Should thine altered hand restrain

Vernal showers and latter rain ;
Blast each opening bud of joy,
And the rising year destroy :

9 Still to thee our souls shall raise
Grateful vows and solemn praise;
And, when every blessing's flown,
Love thee-for thyself alone!

Mrs. Barbauld. 84. 8 & 7 s. M.

The God of Mercy adored. i Praise to God, the great Creator,

Bounteous source of every joy;
He whose hand upholds all nature,

He whose word can all destroy !
Saints, with pious zeal attending,
.. Now the grateful tribute raise ;
Solemn songs to heaven ascending,

Join the universal praise.

2 Here indulge each grateful feeling;

Lowly bend with contrite souls;
Here his milder grace revealing,

Here no awful thunder rolls :
Lo! the eternal page before us

Bears the covenant of his love,
Full of mercy to restore us,

Mercy beaming from above.

3 Every secret fault confessing,

Deed unrighteous, thought of sin,
Seize, O seize the proffered blessing,

Grace from God, and peace within!'
Heart and voice with rapture swelling,

Still the song of glory raise;
On the theme immortal dwelling,
Join the universal praise.

† J. Taylor.

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