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Matthews 492.

Á CHRONOLOGICAL SERBES of Events, continued from our preceding volume.

To cacb article is annexed the number of the page of this volume in which it is to be found.
1982 April 4.

Cuddalore in the East Indics surrenders to the French 218.
May 22. A prodigious whirlwind and inundation in the island of Formosa 493.

June 2 Hyder Ally attacks Sir Eyre Coote's army, near Arnee, in the Carnatic, and is see
pulsed 214.
8. Sir Eyre Coote's grand guard drawn into an ambuscade, and totally cut off, by 6000 of
Hyder Ally's chosen horse 214

23. The Earl of Dartmouth East Indiaman, having on board a cargo worth 200,000 l.
lolt on one of the Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal, and a great many of the crew

July 6. An obstinate engagement between the French and British fleets, near Negapat-
Dam in the East-Indies, in which 77 British were killed and 233 wounded, p. 215. The
French loss was 178 killed, and 601 wounded, p. 221.

Aug. 4. The Grosvenor East Indiaman lost on the coast of Africa 453. $21.
31. Triacomale in the land of Ceylon surrenders to the French forces 215.

Sept. 3. Another obstinate engagement between the British and French fleets in the Easte Indies, in which the British had so killed and 283 wounded, but no thips were taken on either Gide 219 Bå. A dreadful famine rages in the Carnatic 221. Dec. 19. Charlestown evacuated by the British troops 106. 20. Peace finally ratified with the Marattas 492. 1783. Jan. 29. Hyder-Nagur and the Bedanure country in the Eaft-Iodies taken by Gen. 20. The preliminary articles of peace between Great Britain, France, and Spain, figned ar Versailles 1.

The officers of the Scots Brigade who refused to take the oaths to the States-General dismissed their service, and receive half pay from Great Britain, vol. 44. p. 702. vol. 45. p. 107.

24. The 77th regiment of foot mutiny at; Portsmouth, and refute to imbark for the Feb. Lt-Gen. James Murray tried for the surrender of Fort St Philip in Minorca 88. 125. March 11. The Knights of St Patrick invested with the digaity of their order, and in. Ralled on the 17th 160.

29. Lord Shelburne religus bis office of First Lord of the Treasury, and is succeeded by
20. The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland obtain a Royal Charter 445:
During this month and February, the city of Messina and Calabria Ulterior were destroy.
ed by carthquakes, and lives lost to the amount of 40,000. p. 113. 209. 393. 466.525.

April 7. Ao elegant monument erected in the church-yard of Portfea, Portsmouth, to the
memory of Adm. Kempenfelt and the crew who perished in the Royal George 297.
8. The Empress of Ruffia publishes a manifesto upon her troops entering the Crimea 435.

8. The Ranger, Lieut. Pruen, taken by the Maraita fleet, after an obftinate engagemedi, in which Col. Humberston was killed, and a great many officers wounded 606.

June 2. Charles Spalding the celebrated diver, and Ebenezer Watson, fuffocated in the diving bell near Dublia 324

3- Gen. Matthews's army, consisting of about 600 Europeans and 1600 sepoys, surreaders 60 Tippoo Saib at Bedaure in the East Indies 607:

5. The air balloon invented by M. Montgolfier, a Frenchman 491: 649. 13. The French forces drive from their out-ports before Cuddalore in the East-la18. Gen. Washington transmits a circular letter to the Governors of the different States, upon the subject of the peace, &c. before he retires from the fervice 494.

20. A fevere engagement between the British and French fleets in the East-ladies 686.

21. The American army mutiny, and commit such outrages at Philadelphia, as obliges the Congress to remove to Princetown 383. 437.

29. An interview between the King of Sweden and the Empress of Rulia at FrederickA pcu ilagd rises out of the sea near Iceland 339.



Ealt-Indies 46.


the Duke of Portlaod 223.


dies 682.

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