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6 This scene will all my labours end

This road conduct on high ;
With comfort I'll review the past,
And triumph, though I die.

Bristol Coll. altd.

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500. L. M.

In Time of War.
1 WHILE sounds of war are heard around,

And death and ruin strew the ground;
To thee we look, on thee we call,
The Parent and the Lord of all.

2 Thou, who hast stamped on human kind

The image of a heaven-born mind,
And in a Father's wide embrace

Hast cherished all the kindred race;
3 O see with what insatiate rage

Thy sons their impious battles wage;
How spreads destruction like a flood," ::
And brothers shed their brothers' blood !

4 See guilty passions spring to birth,

And deeds of hell deform the earth;
While righteousness and justice mourn,
And love and pity droop forlorn.

5 Great God! whose powerful hand can bind

The raging waves, the furious wind,
O bid the human tempest cease,
And hush the maddening world to peace!

6 With reverence may each hostile land
Hear and obey that high command,
Thy Son's blest errand from above-
My creatures ! live in mutual love !!


501. 75. M.

The Shortness of Life. 1 While with ceaseless course the sun .

Hasted through the closing year,
Many souls their race have run,

Never more to meet us here!
2 Finished here probation's day,

They have done with all below;
We a little longer stay,

But how little none can know. 3 As the winged arrow flies

Quick, the destined mark to find;
As the lightning from the skies

Darts, and leaves no trace behind. 4 So our brief and transient days

To their end speed swiftly on;
Soon we pass life's little space,

Here to-day, to-morrow gone.
5 Thanks for mercies past, receive

Pardon of our sins renew;
Teach us, Lord! by faith to live,

With eternity in view.
6 Bless thy word to young and old;

Fill our hearts with filial love;
And, when life's short tale is told,
May we dwell with thee above!

: " Olney Hymns, alta

502. C. M.

Reflections on the Death of Jesus.
1 With warm affection let us view,

With pious grief improve,
The solemn and impressive scene

Of Jesus' dying love.

2 Not all the malice of his foes,

His pity could subdue;
Father! forgive,' he meekly prayed,

They know not what they do.' 3 O what a love was here displayed,

Beyond our utmost thought!
How pure the lessons, how sublime,

In life and death he taught!

4 Let not his sacred truths, by us

Be lost or misapplied ;'
Nor let our thoughtless hearts forget
That 'twas for us he died.

. f Exeter Coll.

503. s. M.
A Communion Hymn.

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Yes, to the last command

We will obedient prove; Around his table will we stand,

In memory of his love,

2 His precious blood he shed

For our unworthy race, While uttering in the Almighty's stead

His messages of grace. 3 O, if our senseless pride

His dying words neglect,
'Tis we who pierce his sacred side,

And we who God reject !
Then let us ever keep

This consecrated feast, 'Till memory shall have sunk to sleep,

Or life itself have ceased.

504. c. M.

Broilerly Kindness from the Precept and Example of Christ.

i Ye followers of the Prince of peace,

Who round bis table draw!
Remember what his spirit was,

What his peculiar law.

? The love, which all his bosom filled,

Did all his actions guide;
Inspired by love, he lived and taught;

Inspired by love, he died.

3 Let all the sacred law fulfil ;

Like his be every mind ;
Be every temper formed by love,

And every action kind. 4 Let none, who call themselves his friends,

Disgrace the honoured name;
But by a near resemblance prove
The title which they claim.

Beddome, ,




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