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. PSALM 1. (l.m.)

The blessedness of the righteous. 1 BLEST is the man whose heav'n-taught mind

Disdains the paths which scorners find, The Law of God, his chief delight

He meditates by day and night.
2 Like some fair tree with clust'ring fruit,

Where richest soil supports its root;
No fatal blast its bud attends;
Its fruit in sure perfection ends.

3 Thrice happy man! his branch shall rise,

Stored with rich foliage to the skies ; With streams supplied, from injury free, 'Till glory crown the fruitful tree.

4 The ungodly are to woe consign'd,

Swept like the chaff before the wind;
While saints rejoice to endless days,
God hears their prayers, and knows their ways.

* B

Appointed by the Church for Easter-Day: the opposition of Jew and Gentile against the Messiah -his victory and exaltation. Compare Actsiv.25.

1 WHY do the nations furious rage?

Why vain attempts combine ? Kings of the earth against the LORD,

And His ANOINTED join.

2 He, who in heav'n sits, derides:

He bids their wrath be still, “ Messiah, I have made my King

« On Zion's holy hill.”

3 Hear the decree! Jehovah speaks,

“ This day, my equal Son, “ In homage every knee shall bow,

“ And Thy dominion own."

4. “ Ask; and the utmost parts of earth

Thine heritage shall be:
The heathen lands shall own Thee LORD,

And be possess'd by Thee.”

5 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings, Serye


the LORD with fear,

with Him; His sceptre own; His pow'r and grace revere.

Seek peace

6 On His great day, His foes shall feel

The terror of His word ;
Then, O how blest, thrice blest are they,

Who trust in CHRIST the LORD.

A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom his

son, erpressing his great confidence and security

in the protection of God. 1 LORD, how are they increased, who rise

In numbers great, in malice strong! Bent to destroy, combined, they rage,

With pow'rful hand with venom'd tongue. 2 But Thou, O Lord, art still my shield,

My buckler, tho' distrest and low; Do Thou with glory crown my head,

Do thou subdue the cruel foe.

3 Thy mercy


my soul sustain, In former straits so oft exprest; I cried to Thee; nor cried, in vain;

Thou heard'st froin heaven; and I was blest. 4 Peaceful to sleep I give my eyes,

In Thee, my FATHER, I confide; Preserved by Thee, from sleep I rise,

Nor fear ten-thousand foes beside.
5 Rise, Sovereign God! salvation shew,

Salvation doth to God belong !
Be calm, my soul, surmount thy woe,

And praise JEHOVAH in thy song.



The same subject continued, 1 O GOD of truth and righteousness,

Attend my cry to Thee !
In former scenes and sad distress
Thou hast delivered me.

2 Have mercy, LORD, and hear my prayer ;

My trust is in thy name.
Save me from those, who seek to turn

My glory into shame.
3 Know that the Lord hath set apart,

He hears, and he defends,
The godly man, who trusts in Him,

And on His grace depends.
4 Then stand in awe; sin not; and learn

To tremble at His word;
Explore thy heart, hope and be still;

And wait upon the LORD.
5 In vain the sons of men enquire,

Who, who will shew us good ?
Oh! fix on Thee my soul's desire,

Feed me with heavenly food.
6 With light of thy salvation, LORD,

O let me thus be blest;
'Tis joy divine, far more than gold,

Or a whole world possest.
7 Replenish’d, fed, protected, blest,

What more can I desire ?
Thy name, Thy all-sufficient word

Gladness of heart inspire.
8 Peaceful amidst surrounding foes,

I'll lay me down to sleep.
Great Guardian, with thy watchful eyes

My soul in safety keep.

PSALM 5. (c.m.) 1 PONDER my words, 0 LORD, give ear,

My meditations weigh ;

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