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(L. M.) This Psalm is entitled, A Prayer of the afflicted when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the Lord.” In the Epistle to the Hebrews, i. 10. the latter part of this Psalm is addressed to Messiah, the eternal Son of God,

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LORD, hear my prayer, incline Thine ear,

Hide not. Thy face, Thy suppliant hear:
Rise and appear for my relief,

My spirits faint, assuage my grief.
2 My days, like shadows, swift decline,

But, LORD, eternal days are Thine;
Like with’ring grass, my days are past,

Thine to eternity shall last.
3 Rise, mighty God, on Zion shine,

Display Thy pow'r, Thine arm divine;
The time to favour her is come,

Let Israel find her long-sought home.,
4 So shall the heathen fear Tby name,

Kings of the earth Thy.grace proclaim;
Zion her head with joy shall rear,

When Thou in glory shalt appear.
5 In ages past Thy hand, O Lord,

Thy glorious pow'r, Thy mighty word,
The heav'ns, and earth's foundations land,

And the whole frame of nature made.'
6 They all shall fade and pass away,

But Thou shalt reigo in endless day;
Resplendent shines Thy glorious name,
In time, eternity, the same.

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PSALM CIII. (Old 104)

) The Psalmist praiseth Jehovah for the mercies of redemption; describes, in most affecting expressions, the frail and transient state of man; and calleth on heaven and earth to praise the everlasting mercy oj God. My soul, praise the Lord, bless his holy

His goodness record, His bounlies proclaim;
Who crowns thee with mercies and

grace from above, And pardons transgressions with infinite love. 2 Jehovah is great, yet deigns to forgive,

To an ger He's slow; by mercy we live:
He will not chide always, His ways lle makes

known, A just God and SAVIOUR, and mercy His throne. 3 As far as the heav'ns in grandeur are high,

So great is. His love, so'glorious, yet vigh ;
His children He pities, who serve Him with

fear, As parents their offspring, with tenderest caro. 4 The days of our life, hory soon are they past!

The mercies of God eternally last :
His word ever faithful, and His righteousness,

Shall his children's children eternally bless. 5 The LORD, in the heav'ns prepar'd hath His

The sov'reign dominion He claims as His own;
Let angels, archangels, accomplish His word,
Let all His works praise Him:-my soul, praise

the LORD.

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(L. M.)

MY Y soul, inspir'd with sacred love,

God's holy name for ever bless;
or all His favours mindful prove,

And still thy grateful thanks express. 2 'Tis God that all thy sins forgives,

And after sickness makes thee sound;
From danger He thy life retrieves,

By grace preservd, wilh mercy crown'd 3 The LORD abounds with tender love,

And unexampled acts of grace;
His waken'd wrath doth slowly move;

His willing mercy flies apace.
4 GOD will not always harshly cbide,

But with His anger quickly parts ;
He loves His punishments to guide,

More by His love than our deserts. 5 As high as heav'n its arch extends

Above this little spot of clay,
So much His boundless love transcends

The feeble homage we can pay. 6 As far as 'tis from East to West,

So far has He our sins remov'd;
Who with a father's tender breast,

Has such as fear Him always lov'd.
The LORD, the universal King,

In heav'n has fix'd His awful throne;
To Him, ye angels, praises sing,

In whose great strength His pow'r is shown. 8 Ye that His just commands obey,

And hear and do His sacred will;

Ye bosts of His, this tribute pay,

Who still what He ordains fulfil.

9 Let ev'ry creature jointly bless“

The mighty LORD; and thou, my heart, With grateful joy thy thanks express,

And in this concert bear thy part.


III Metre. (S.M.)

MY Y soul, repeat His praise,

Whose mercies are so great, Whose anger is so slow to rise,

So ready to abate.

2 High as the heav'ns are rais'd

Above the ground we tread,
So far the riches of his grace

Our bigbest thoughts exceed.

3 The pity of the LORD,

To those who fear His name,
Is such as tender parents feel;

He knows our feeble frame.

4 Our days are as the grass,

Or like the morning flow'r;
'If one sharp blast sweeps o'er the field,

It withers in an hour.

5 But Thy compassions, LORD,

To endless years endure;
And children's children ever find

Thy word of promise sure.


(Old 104.)

An act of praise, celebrating the glory, wisdom, goodness, and power of JEHOVAH, in the manifold works of creation. 1 MY soul, praise the Lord, His honour pro

claim: O LORD our great God, how glorious Thy name! Tby beams light diffusing, no eye can bebold,

The clouds are Thy chariot, in glory untold. 2 The heav'ns and earth, the waters and air,

Were form’dby Thy hand, sustain'd by Tby care, The angelic spirits Thy goodness record,

They all wait Thy order, exist by Thy word. 3 The fowls of the air, the beasts of the field,

The earth Thou hast form'd its produce to yield; The trees Thou hast plapted Thy bounty display, While birds chaunt Thy praises, and join in the

lay. 4 The sun, moon, and stars, by day and by night,

The heav'ns adorn'd with varying light;
The rivers and oceans, the ships on the sea,

Acknowledge Thy goodness, and wait upon Thee. 5 Man, form’d for Thy praise, refresh'd from above,

Returns to his work and labours of love;
Thy glory for ever, O LORD, shall endure,
Thy works shall all praise Thee, Thy throne is

6 I'll sing to the LORD as long as I live,

My being, my all, to Him will I give;
In sweet meditation my days will I spend,
In hope of that glory which never shall end.

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