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2 Confed’rate as in ancient days,

In awful league they join; Armies surround in dread array,

Malice and rage combine.

3 Rise, mighty God, defend Thy cause,

Let all the heathen know, Thạt to defy Thy sacred Laws,

Is misery and woe.

4. Thine arm can put our foes to shame:

Oh, may they seek Thy face; Teach them to know Thy holy name,

And they shall praise Tby grace.


(C. M.)

Under the figure of an Israelite deprived of access to the sanctuary, as hing David was during the rebellion of Absalom, this Psalm describes the earnest desire of a devout soul after the temple and presence of God; and concludes with an act of faith in the Divine power goodness.


1 How lovely is Thy dwelling-place,

O LORD of hosts, the mighty God!
My spirit longs to view Thy face,

And thirsts to visit Thine abode.

2 The feather'd tribes their nests prepare

Within Thy courts, my God, my KING;
Fain to Thine altars I'd repair,

With holy joy Thy praise to sing.

3 How blest are they, whose daily praise

Dwells on Thy love; delightful theme! Thou art their strength, and all Thy ways

Display the glory of Thy name.
4 Upheld they go from strength to strength,

Conducted through the vale of tears ;
Till every one, arriv'd at length,

With joy before bis God appears.
5 O Lord of hosts, within Tby courts,

One day my soul would value more Than thousand days in gay resorts

Of splendid pomp, or golden store. 6 Thou art our sun, our shield, look down,

With grace divine direct our way; And grace with glory deign to crown

In realms of everlasting day.

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PSA L M LXXXIV. II Metre. (C. M.) IO

God of hosts, the mighty Lord,

How lovely is the place
Where Thou, enthron’d in glory, shew'st.

The brightness of Thy face! :) 2 My longing

soul faints with desire
To view Thy blest abode;
My panting heart and flesh cry out

For Thee, the living God.

3 O LORD of hosts, my King, my God,

How highly blest are they,
Who in Thy temple always dwell,
And there Thy praise display.


4 Thy saints advance from strength to strength,

Approaching still more near; Till all on Sion's holy mount

Before their God appear.

5 For God, who is our sun and shield,

Will grace and glory give;
And no good thing will God withhold

From those who justly live.
6 O God, whom heav'nly bosts obey,

How highly blest is he
Whose hope and trust, securely plac'd,

Is still repos’d on Thee.

PSALM LXXXIV. III Metre. (C. M.) ) 1 My soul; how lovely is the

place To which Thy God resorts ! 'Tis beav'n to see His sacred face,

Though in His earthly courts.
2 There the great Monarch of the skies

His saving power displays,
And light breaks in upon our eyes,

With kind and quick’ning rays.
3 With Thy rich gifts, O heav'nly Dové,

Descend and fill the place,
Wbile CARIST reveals His wond'rous love,

And sheds abroad His grace.
4 Here, mighty God, Thy words deelare

The secrets of Thy will;
And lo! we seek Thy mercy here,

And sing Thy praises still.

5 My beart and flesh cry out for Thee,

While far from Tbine abode;
When shall I tread Thy courts, and see

My Saviour and my God.
6 To sit one day beneath Thine eye,

And hear Thy gracious voice, Exceeds a whole elernity

Employ'd in earthly joys.


(Old 113.)

This Psalm is appointed by the Church for Christmas-day;-- it celebrates the redemption of the Israel of God from spiritual captivity, and the blessed effects of the advent of MESSIAN.


LORD. Thou hast heal?d the land that mourp’d,

Our long captivity hast turn'd,
And cover'd all its sin :
Zion the voice of mercy hears,
The wrath of man no longer fears,

Or war's terrific din.

2 Turn us, O God, our SAVIOUR, turn,
Nor let Thine anger ever burn,

Speak the reviving word:
Grant us to hear Thy pard’ping voice,
That we Thy people may rejoice

In Thy salvation, LORD.

3 Mercy descending from on high, Proclaims the great salvation nigb, Now glory fills our land.

Ne'er let us turn from Thee again,
Nor give Thy HOLY Spirit pain,

But yield to Thy command.
4 Mercy, and truth united meet;
Justice and peace each other greet,

Our land yields her increase.
Thy righteousness, O LORD, display,
And guide our footsteps in the way

Or everlasting peace.

PSA L M LXXXVI. (L. M.) A prayer of David in great affliction, calculated for the use of the Church during her pilgrimage of suffering. 1 BOW OW down Thiné ear, O LORD, and hear,

Attentive to Thy suppliant's prayer;
Needy and poor Thy servant see,

Oh, save the soul that trusts in Thee. 2 O Lord, Thy servant's soul rejoice;

To Thee I lift my plaintive voice:
Thou, Lord, art ready to forgive,

In mercy hear, and bid me live.
3 Thy saints shall all Thy works record ;

Who, who is like unto the LORD ?
All nations shall Thy acts proclaim,

Adore, and glorify Thy name.
4 Great is the glory of Thy throne ;

Thou art JEHOVAH, God alone :
Teach me Thy way, Thy truth to hear,
Unite my heart. Thy name to fear,

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