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sury, 201.

p. 372.


house of representatives, 23.

for military lands, whence issued-re-
office of president, 118.

cord of, art. 323.
in offices, what, how supplied, 127. WEIGHERS, see revenue, p. 653.

power of congress in relation to, art.
admitted into the Union, 657.

representatives from, 22.

to be distributed by secretary of trea-
circuit court for, 508.
district court for, 544.

West Indies, British intercourse with,
provision relative to jury in, ib.

art. 716, &c.
collection districts in, p. 515.

WEST POINT, see army.
Vessels. See Shipping, Navigation, Whale FISHERI, registry of vessels in,

art. 1375, 1385.
VICE-PRESIDENT, see President.

Wisconsin Territory,-

territory of-established, &c. p. 199.
representatives from, 22.

land offices in, 331.
circuit court for, 511, see Appendix lands in, p. 153, art. 599.
A. No. 4.

offices of, 600.
district court for eastern district, 553. Wines,
for western district, 554.

French, duty on, art. 748, 1670.
collection districts in, p. 527.

report of, after arrival, p. 410.
military land bounties, (see domain) duty on, p. 471-472.


subpæna for, 631.
WABASA, (see Pensioners) art. 2549, &c. compensation to, 633.
Wages of fishermen-suits for, art. 1566. attachment against, p. 169, note.
Waiters in the army, art. 2296.

discharged from arrest-when, ib.

contempt of court by, ib.
power of congress to declare, 60. imprisoned, maintenance, art. 633.
no state shall engage in, unless, 130. proof by, and examination of, the same
Department of, p. 70.

in all courts, 634.
secretary of-duties of, 70.

depositions of de bene esse, 635.
to report clerks employed, art. 143. may be compelled to appear and de-
may appoint clerk-duties of, art. 327. pose,
oath of officers, 328.

testimony of to be taken by clerk,
secretary to have charge of books, when-may be used on appeal,
&c. 329.

when, ib.
annual statements by, 330.

Woon, manufactures of, duty on, p. 471.
estimates by, 331.

Wool and woollen goods, duty on, p.
accounts, 332.

reports to congress, 333.

hats in felts, duty on, p. 470.
repayment of moneys to treasury, WRECKS on the coast of Florida, p. 464.

stealing from, obstructing escape
flags and standard, 335.

from, art, 2650.
report accounts settled, 342.

WRECKERS on coast of Florida, appoint-
re-establishment of Indian agencies, ed by judges, 591.


vacancies in, 341.

all necessary may be issued by courts
salary of secretary, 338.

of U. S. art. 480.
commissioner of pensions—duties tested, how-under seal, 622.
compensation, 339.

form of, 623.

may be altered by courts, ib.
search, how to be issued, 80.

of injunction, when issued, art. 654.
of distress by agent of treasury, art. Ne exeat, 443.
284, &c.

of venire, 641.
of error, (see judiciary, error.)


[blocks in formation]


Horses turned over to the U. S. to Paymaster's clerks—how employed be paid for-claims how adjusted -salaries

16 and paid-act to extend to mules Letters to and from certain officers, -extension of act 1 free

17 One company to be added to each of One regiment of riflemen and one of the regiments of artillery-one re- light infantry to be equipped

18 giment of infantry to be raised 2 Repeal of certain acts

19 Corps of Engineers increased-pay, Pay of officers of the Pay and Medi&c.--paymaster to be attached to cal departments

20 pay department

3 Additional paymasters, for militia duCorps of Topographical Engineers ties, &c.

21 organized and increased-vacan- Compensation to certain orduance cies, how filled-pay, &c. 4 store-keepers

22 Civil Engineers to be no longer em- Engineers to disburse money in cerployed 5 tain cases

23 President to appoint assistant adju- Term of service of cadets enlarged 24 tants general-pay, &c.

6 Bounty on re-enlistment-height of President to add to Quartermaster's soldiers

25 department-rank, pay, &c.-ap- Officers not to be separated from pointments to be made from the their regiments, for civil work 26 army

7 Pay of superintendents of armories, Quartermaster General, to employ &c.

27 forage-masters, wagon-masters- Additional surgeons to be appointed 28

8 Act for payment of horses lost, &c. Commissariat of subsistence increased 9 continued-back rations disallowed 29 Pay of stewards of hospitals 10 Number of posts at which chaplains Ordnance department to be increased are allowed

30 -construction of act 5th April, Assistant Quartermasters not to be 1832, relative to pay, &c. 11 separated from line

31 Commissioned officers to receive ad. Additional assistants to Ordnance de. ditional rations for every five years partment limited

32 of service 12 Pay of private reduced

33 Enlistments, term of-pay of non- Compensation for disbursement by commissioned officers and soldiers engineers limited

34 -allowance in lieu of spirits 13 Commissaries not to be separated 35 Chaplains to be employed-to act as from line schoolmasters. (See No. 29,) 14 Land bounty repealed

36 Additional Professors to be employ- Rations of Paymaster and Surgeon ed 15 General


pay, &c.

Art. 1. Any person who has turned over to the service of the United States, his horse, saddle, bridle, or equipments, by the order of the com. manding general, or other commanding officer, shall be paid the value thereof. The claims provided for under this act shall be adjusted by the Third Auditor, under such rules as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of War, with the assent of the President. This act, and the act to which this is an amendment, shall extend to mules as well as to horses. Decisions under this act shall be recorded as they are required to be recorded by the act aforesaid, and payment shall be made as is required by that act. This act shall extend to cases where any person mentioned in the act to which this is an amendment, shall have died in the service, and his horse, saddle, bridle, or equipments, shall have been turned over to an officer, or other person, for the benefit of the United States, by order of the proper officer commanding, and not restored to the representatives of the deceased or paid for by the United States.(1) (See Art. 2295, et seq.)

(1) Act 14th Oct. 1837.

2. There shall be added to each of the four regiments of artillery, one company, to be organized in the same manner as authorized by existing laws, with the exceptions hereafter mentioned; there shall be added to every company of artillery sixteen privates, and to every company of infantry one sergeant and thirty-eight privates, and the number of second lieutenants of a company of artillery shall be reduced to one, and this reduction be so made in connexion with the appointment of officers to the four additional companies authorized as aforesaid, and the transfer to the Ordnance department hereafter directed, that all the present second lieutenants shall be retained in service; and there shall be raised and organized under the direction of the President, one regi. ment of infantry, to be composed of the same number and rank of officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, composing the regiments of infantry now in the service of the United States, who shall receive the same pay and allowances, and be subject to the same rules and regulations which now apply to other regiments of infantry, as provided for in this act.(1)

3. The President is hereby authorized to add to the corps of engineers, whenever he may deem it expedient to increase the same, one lieutenant colonel, two majors, six captains, six first and second lieutenants; and the pay and emoluments of the said corps shall be the same as those allowed to the officers of the regiment of dragoons.(2)

So much of the act passed the 29th day of April, 1812, entitled “An act making further provision for the corps of engineers,” as provides that one paymaster shall be taken from the subalterns of the corps of engineers, is hereby repealed; and the paymaster so authorized and provided, shall be attached to the pay department, and be in every respect, placed on the footing of other paymasters of the army.(3) (See article 2247.)

4. The corps of topographical engineers shall be organized and increased by regular promotions in the same, so that the said corps shall consist of one colonel, one lieutenant colonel, four majors, ten captains, ten first lieutenants, and ten second lieutenants.(4)

Vacancies created by said organization, over and above those which can be filled by the present corps, shall be taken from the army, and from such as it may be deemed advisable of the civil engineers employed under the act of the 30th of April, 1834; the pay and emoluments to the officers of said corps shall be the same as are allowed to officers of similar rank in the regi. ments of dragoons.(5)

5. The authority to employ civil engineers, in the act of the 30th of April, 1824, is hereby repealed after the passage of this act.(6)

6. The President is hereby authorized to appoint so many assistant adjutants general, not exceeding two, with the brevet rank, pay, and emoluments of a major, and not exceeding four, with the brevet rank, pay and emoluments of a captain of cavalry, as he may deem necessary; and they shall be taken from the line of the army, and in addition to their own, shall perform the duties of assistant inspectors general, when the circumstances of the service may require it.

The officers to be taken from the line and transferred to the staff, under the last preceding section, shall receive only the pay and emoluments at. tached to their rank in the staff; but their transfer shall be without prejudice to their rank and promotion in the line, according to their said rank and

(1) Act 5th July, 1838, sec. 1.
(2) Ibid. sec. 2.
(3) Ibid. sec. 3.

(4) Ibid. sec. 4.
(5) Ibid. sec. 5.
(6) Ibid. sec. 6.

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