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203.-An engraved portrait of Sir William Dugdale, the Historian, of Warwickshire, by Hollar, 1656.

Sir William Dugdale, Garter King of Arms, was born at Shustoke, near Coleshill, Warwickshire, on 12. September, 1605, and died at Blyth Hall, 10 Feb., 1686. He published his " Antiquities of Warwickshire” in 1656.

Presented by J. KERSHAW, 1871. 204.-A view of Stratford-upon-Avon Church and the Avon from the Bridge, bordered by scenes from Shakespeare's Plays. Layton sculp.

Bequeathed by F. W. FAIRHOLT.

205.-SHAKESPEARE AND HIS ASSOCIATES : engraved portraits of the six following persons :(1) Shakespeare, after Droeshout's engraving in

th irst Folio published by W. Smith. (2) Edward Alleyn, the actor, from the original

at Dulwich. S. Harding, del. T. Nugent,

sculp., published 7 March, 1792. (3) Richard Burbage, the actor, from the picture

at Dulwich. S. Harding, del. and sculp.,

published 1 March, 1790. (3) Nathaniel Field, the actor, from the picture at

Dulwich. S. Harding, del. D. Gardiner,

sculp., published 1st April, 1790. (4) Henry (Wriothesley), Earl of Southampton.

Shakespeare's patron; See No. 241. (6) Philip Massinger, the dramatist. C. Grignion,


Presented by HENRY GRAVES, May, 1888.

206.- Portrait of Shakespeare, at full length: a drawing, 2 ft. 3 in. by 10 in., copied "from the original drawing by Ford Madox Brown.”

Madox Brown's painting of Shakespeare was acquired by the Manchester Art Gallery in 1902.

207.-Portrait of Queen Elizabeth "designed and engraved by George Vertue" after a drawing by Isaac Oliver, limner.

Presented by MRS. CHAMBERS, of Milcote, 1867.

208.-Portrait of the Rev. Stephen Nason, M.A., Vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon, 1763–1787: a photograph by J. F. Ward from a painting by Edward Grubb, of Stratford-upon-Avon, 74 in. by bin.

Edward Grubb (1740 ?-1816) was a portrait painter of repute, who lived at Stratford-upon-Avon. See No. 209. Presented by JOHN JAMES NASON, M.B.,

of Stratford-upon-Avon, grandson of the subject of the portrait.

209.-A portrait in oils, by Edward Grubb, of the Rev Joseph Greene, master of the Free Grammar School, Stratford-upon-Avon, from 1735 to 1772. Ift. by 9}in.

Joseph Greene born at Lichfield in 1712, died, while rector of Welford, in 1790. On the back of the picture are the inscriptions:

Effigies Josephi Greene, A.M., Rectoris de Welford, Comitat Glocestriens 1771."—“E. Grubb de Stratford super Avon delin, 1783, Anno Ætat. Iosephi Greene Rectoris 72."

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

210.—Mask of Shakespeare from the Monumental Bust.

A lithograph by R. J. Lane, A.R.A., published by Tho. Baxter, Worcester, February, 1853; with facsimiles of autographs from Charles Knight's “Shakspere, a Biography.”

Bequeathed by F. W. FAIRHOLT.

211.--Coloured Drawing by F. W. Fairholt,

1862, of Shakespeare's Monument in Stratford-uponAvon Church. 10 in. by 4žin.

Engraved by Fairholt for Halliwell's Folio Volume edition of Shakespeare's Works, 16 Vols. (1853-65).

Bequeathed by F. W. FAIRHOLT.

212.-Portrait of George Carew, Earl of Totnes and Lord Carew, engraved by Van Voerst, about 1630. For an account of George Carew see note on No. 161.

Presented by FREDERICK MANNING, Leamington,

January, 1862.

213.—Sir Thomas Lucy: a drawing of his bust from his tomb in Charlecote Church, co. Warwick.

Sir Thomas Lucy (1532-1600) was the owner of Charlecote House, at the time of Shakespeare's alleged poaching exploit in the neighbourhood.

The drawing, formerly in the possession of John Payne Collier, was made by Augusta Cole, after a sketch by Fairholt,

Presented by HENRY GRAVES. August 1884.


214.—Two portraits of_John Trapp, M.A., Master of Stratford-upon-Avon Free Grammar School, 1624-1669.

One engraving by R. Gaywood, is dated 1654, when Trapp was 53; the other is dated 1660.

Trapp, a distinguished Puritan scholar, was also rector of Welford 1646-60. He died at Westonupon-Avon on 16 Oct., 1669.

Presented by J. O. HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, 18713

215.—Miniature portrait of Sir Thomas Lucy, Knight (1585-1640), grandson of Shakespeare's Sir Thomas Lucy. 4žin. by zin.

Copied by G. P. Harding, about the year 1820, from the original by Isaac Oliver in Charlecote House. (See No. 213).

The younger Sir Thomas Lucy was a friend of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury.

Presented by HENRY GRAVES, February 6, 1889.

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216.-Address of the “Freie Deutsche Hochstift für Wissenschaften Künste und allgemeine Bildung in Goethe's Vaterhause” at Frankfort-on-theMaine to the Mayor and Council of Stratford, sending greeting to the British Nation on the Tercentenary of the Birth of Shakespeare. Dated “am Sonntag Jubilate" (17 April) 1864.

Engrossed on vellum, with ornamental border, containing miniatures of Goethe's and Shakespeare's Birthplaces, and the Arms of the Society. With seal. Frame made of wood taken from the scion of Shakespeare's Mulberry-tree in New Place Garden.



217.-A miniature portrait of William Henry Ireland, by Samuel Drummond; painted from life, on ivory, about 1825. 2lin, by zin.

William Henry Ireland (1777-1835) made himself notorious as a forger of Shakespearean documents.

Presented by DR. C, M. INGLEBY, 1876,

218.-Wreath of oak-leaves with acorns which was placed upon a bust of Shakespeare at Frankfort at the Tercentenary Celebration, in 1864. Artificial, excepting the cups of the acorns; framed.


to be deposited as a memorial in the Birthplace Museum, 1864.

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