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This Year the King was pleased to create Vlick def Burgh* Earl of Clanrickard, and to make his Son, the Duke of Richmond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; and Richard Nugent, Lord Baron of Delvin,t Lord Deputy, who could the easier keep the Kingdom quiet, because the two great Enemies and Competitors, the Earls of Kildare and Ormond, were both in England. About this time the Title of Ormond was taken from Sir Pierce Butler, who was with great Pomp, in lieu thereof created Earl of Osory, at Windfor, on the 23d of February; and whoever is curious enough to see a Copy of the Patent, and a full Account of the whole Solemnity, may find it Lib. G. 121. in the Library at Lambeth.

But it is to be observed, that among other Noblemen and Gentlemen, who contributed greatly towards the Peace of this Country, was Luke Dillon, Esq; # who had considerable Estates in the Counties of Meath, Roscomon, and Longford.

Now we are speaking of the Affairs of Ireland,

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of Thomond enjoyed the Title, of whom had been Earl of Ulfer,
being lineally descended from who married Maud, 2d Daugh-
the faid Donogh; also to that of ter to Henry Earl of Lancaster,
Viscount of Tadcaster, in the second Son to Edmund Earl of
County of York, his Brother be- Lancaster, second Son of King
ing created fo by the late King Henry the IIId ; and from this
George the Ift, October the 5th, great Family the present Earl of
1714; and, this laft Earl dying Clanrickard' is descended.
without Issue-male, the Title is + From this noble Lord the
extinct, tho' a considerable Part present Right Hon. Thomas Nu-
of the Eftate goes to one of the gent, Earl of Westmeath, and Ba-
Sons of the Right Hon. the Earl ron of Delvin, is descended.
of Inchiquin.

# This Gentleman's Son, Luke One of the Ancestors of the pre- Dillon, Efq; was Chief Baron fent Rt. Hon. Thomas Fitz-Morris, of the Exchequer in the Year Earl of Kerry, married a Daugh- 1570 ; and, in the Reign of

O Brien, Prince King James the Ift, Sir Robert of Thomond: And of this Family Dillon, Knt. was created Earl of is also the present Rt. Hon. Da. Rofcomon ; and from this Peer niel O Brien, Ld. Viscount Clare. the present Right Hon. James

* This Peer was descended Dillon. Earl of Roscomon, is defrom a very antient Family, one fcended.

ter of


we shall here take notice, that we omitted to mention, under the Head of the Affairs of Ireland, in the Year 1494, that the Order of the Garter was established in Ireland, and among others Sir Nicholas Taaf, and Sir Robert Preston,t were two of the first Members, it consisting only of 13, which was set aside by Act of Parliament the same Year.–And,

In the Year 1499, that Thomas Lord Barrymore was sain by his Brother David, who was Archdeacon of Cork, but upon what Occasion, or whether he was punished for it, our Historian does not tell us, only saying, “That David, Lord Barry, more, I was one of the Lords of Parliament in 1579.

Whilft Turky, Hungary, Italy, France, Affairs of Spain, Scotland and Ireland were thus emEngland. || 1526.

ployed, Henry, as Rapiu admits, peacea

bly enjoyed his Kingdom: ” And then be observes, That, ever since the Publishing of the

League * This Knight was of an scended; one of whose Ancestors antient Family, fome of whom was Lord Deputy of Ireland in were very instrumental, in the Henry the VII]th's Time. Keign of Queen Elizabeth, in

I This Nobleman had a conreducing the Irijh to her Ma

fiderable Eftate in the County jesty's Obedience; and from him of Cork; from whom is descended the Rt. Hon. Theobald Taaf, Earl the Right Hon. James Earl of of Carlingford, is descended. Barrymore ; and by his present

+ From this Gentleman the Countess, Sister to Arthur Chiprefent Right Hon. Fenico Prefton, chester, Earl of Donegal, has seveLord Viscount Gormanston, is de- ral Children living.

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| We think it best here to introduce not only Translations of several Letters from the Doge of Venice, and the Duke of Milan, to the King, Queen, and Cardinal Wolsey, after the Battle of Pavia, but also King Francis's Oath, to confirm the Trea, ties concluded between England and France during his Captivity, (which we have from Rymer's Fædera, Vol. XIV.) in Support of what we have related touching the different Negotiations carried on from that Period down to this Year.


s League of Cognac, these Powers (Rome and Venice) “ had used their constant Endeavours to persuade

Henry to come into it, as also to declare himself so Protector thereof. They also ordered their Am

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ANDREW GRITTI, Doge of excellent King of England and

Venice, to the King. France, whom we have en: We send to your most se- • joined to visit you, and to rerene Majesty, the noble and

• late several Things to you in our most beloved Citizen, Dr. our Name. Lawrence Aurium, Knț. to re- Therefore, we entreat you

fide as our Ambassador at your . to give such Credit to the • Court, whom we have order- • Words of the said Ambassador, • ed, in his Instructions, to ac- • who shall speak the Sentiments

quaint your Majesty with cer- of our Mind, as if delivered stain · Matters and we pray

by ourselves. Given in our your Highness to give the same

Ducal Palace, on the 23d of • Credit to what our Ambassador July, 1526.' • shall say, which proceeds from

our Will, as if spoken by our- FRANCIS SFORZA, Duke of • selves in your Presence. Given Milan, to the Cardinal of ? in our Ducal Palace, on the York. • last Day of March, 1525,

Most Rev. moft illustrious

' Lord, and honoured Father, ANDREW Gritti, Doge of we lately received your Lord

Venice, to the QUEEN. • fhip's Letters from Sir Gregory . We send the noble and our Casali, who, in your Name, • beloved Citizen, Dr. Mark An

• had

communicated several thony de Venerio, as our Ambaf- Things to us, relating to the • fador to his Majesty's Court, . moft Chriftian King's Glory, 5 with Instuctions to impart cer. your Lordfhip's Honour and • tain Matters to your Majesty in • Credit, the common Safety of our Name.

Italy, and our Welfare, than • We entreat your Majesty to · which nothing could be more • have the same Regard for what acceptable to us in this Storm;

he says, as if spoken by us in • for we are so tofled, that withyour

Presence. Given in our out his Majesty's Assistance and Ducal Palace, on the 28th Day your molt Rev. Lordship's • of July, 1526.

Help, we must be dashed on

o the Rocks, The Doge of Venice to WOLSEY. « The Arrival of his Majesty's • Most Rev. Father in Chrift, • Ambassadors in Italy was very we send the noble and our most seasonable, for they persuaded • beloved Citizen, Dr. Mark An- • several of the Italian Princes of thony Venerio, as our Ambassa- • his Majesty's Desire of defenddor to the most serene and most ing them, and the Imperial


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“ bassadors, in case the King would accept of “ what they propofed, to settle with him the Pen“ fion he was to have : But this Pension was not to “ be raised till they had conquered Naples and Mi" lan.” It seems then, upon the Hopes of an imaginary Pension, the Pope meant to persuade Henry to declare



• Dignity ; neither are we dif- • whom we pray may long hap• fident, but that our Enemies, pily live and prosper. • being deterred from being de- ' Cremona, Feb. « firous of new Adventures, may 27, 1525 • be brought perhaps to a sound FRANCIS, D. of Milan.' • Way of Thinking. • As to what interests our.

The Duke of MILAN to the

KING. « felves we are not ignorant,

Most Serene and most Christian . that all is to be done thro' the

Lord, " Authority, Endeavours, and

• Sir Gregory Cassali, being on • Care of your most reverend

« his Return to your most ChrifLordship, that some time or • other we may be at Rest, and

tian Majesty, I could not let

• pass such an Opportunity of unreturn you such Thanks as we

• folding some Things to him, that are able, besecching you to

• he may lay them before your • continue us your pious Offices ;

• Majesty ; and I most humbly • and we, in all Changes of Af« fairs, shall not only venture our

entreat you to give the same

• Credit to him, as if I myself • Fortune, such as it is, but our

• should speak to you. • Telves also for your Welfare

• One Thing I must not conand Honour. • What the State of War, as

ceal, and that is, that I am

• the Person who owe my Estate s well as that of Italy, is, your

• and Life to your most Christian most Rev. Lordship will learn s from Augustin Scarpinello, our

Majesty, to whom I humbly - Minister there. I cannot, out

recommend myself and mine.

• Given át Milan, on the 12th of my Duty to his Majesty,

« of March, 1525. « be silent on the fine Oppor

• FRANCIS, D. of Milan.' tunity, which now offers, of carrying the British and Im- The Duke of Milan's Letter to

perial Standard into France ; the Cardinal of York. • for while the disheartened Ene- Most Reverend, moft Illustrious,

my is employed here, such an and most Honoured Lord and • Enterprize would be very eafi

Father, ly accomplished. We humbly We have communicated se• commend ourselves, and all • veral Things to Sir Gregory • that belong to us, to your most 'caffali, relating to our En* Rev. and Illuftrious Lordship, gagements to his Mof Christian


War against the Emperor, and consequently draw him into a very great Expence." But, for once, “ continues Rapin, the King would not be his Dupe: “ He knew, by Experience, what it was to join with " the Pope in the Italian Affairs." This surely shews that the Court of London attended only to the preserv


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Majesty, and our Regard for ship, made and concluded on

your Lordship, which tend to • the 10th Day of the Month of " the Exaltation of the one, and Augup last past, by the Depu• the Honour and Advantage of ties, Proxies, and Commissaries

the other ; neither have we • of the most High and most « been filent on the Hopes we • Powerful Prince, our most dear, • conceive, from both


Cle- • and most beloved Brother, and 'mencies, whom we join in · Coufin, the King of England, o this Union of Succour. 十 < and the Ambassadors, Proxies, • As the aforesaid Knight is to " and Commissaries of us, and of lay the whole before your

most our most dear and most beloved • Rev. Lordfhip, we entreat you · Lady and Mother. . to give the same Attention to And further we ratify, ap

him, as if we ourselves con- prove, and hold agreeable, all ferred with you; and we most • and every the Claules and Artihumbly recommend ourself, cles, in all their Effects and and ours to your most Rev. Tenours, which are more at Lordship, and pray for your length declared in the said reHappiness. Given at Milan, spective Treaties, made and on the 12th of March, 1525. ' concluded between the Depu' FRANCIS, D. of Milan.' • ties aforesaid ; and the before

( mentioned Ambassadors and + This Blank, we suppose, was • Commissaries of us, and of our left to be filled up with the Sum ' said Lady and Mother, in this fipulated for Sforza.

Behalf, bearing Date as above.

And we swear, as before, to King FRANCIS the It's Oath. • observe and inviolably keep

We Francis, by the Grace ' each and every Article of the • of God King of France, do • faid Treaties, without counter• promise on our Honour and veneing or infringing on any Royal Word, and do swear or either of them in any Shape

by the Canon of the Mass or Manner whatsoever. and holy Evangelists, by us • In Testimony whereof we now touched, that we shall • have signed these Presents with I maintain and cause to be main- our Hand, and caused our fe"tained, by our Kingdom, Coun- cret Seal to be fixed thereunto, • tries, Lordships, and Subjects, at Cognac, the 10th Day of ' firmly and inviolably, the Trea- May, 1526. • ty of Peace, Union, and Friend


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