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ture of his employment explained to first object that I perceived upon the him. He seemed pleased with the table was a key! the duplicate of that pursuit, and eager for active, profite which I possessed—the conductor to able life. Notwithstanding, however, the wine-cellar. Wine of different the favourable aspect which matters kinds crowded the board, some in had assumed ; notwithstanding the bottles, unopened ; some in the like bright gleam that passed through our half emptied, and next to them veshome, lighting it up with unaccus sels drained of their last drop. My tomed lustre, I did not lose my timid father was transformed already into ity, nor wholly rely upon the sudden the wretched object that wine had and violent reaction. I lingered near ever rendered him. He had become father and son, and, as though filled wild, mad, and ignorant of his actswith the presentiment of what was too his words his thoughts. Frederick soon to happen, could not for any in- himself had partaken of the fearful terval lose sight of them without anxic beverage until excitement glared in ety, and an oppressive dread of dan- every feature of his disordered counger.

tenance, and his veins swelled with The dinner hour arrived. We had the hot and bounding blood that passno visiters. My father, Frederick, ed along them. It was an awful seaand myself sat down to the meal, and

One inconsiderate word from the previous conversation gave place either-oneexclamation-one dangerto heaviness and ungraceful silence. ous half whisper might be destruction The solitary decanter of wine was on to them both. Careless children were the table. My father drank from it they at the mountain's edge, unconsparingly, but Frederick emptied it scious of danger, and ready to take with greediness. It was melancholy to the step that dashes them to pieces. behold the family sin taking posses Who should have courage to venture sion of his soul so early in life; and near, and drag them backward from I would gladly have persuaded myself the yawning breach? Who would risk that a desire to drown present grief, life now for the chance of sparing it ? and no habitual vice, displayed itself Oh, such a one was needed here to in the eagerness with which he quaff- speak the word that might appease and ed, glass after glass, the fatal liquor. save the helpless men who had venBefore the close of dinner, the bottle tured to the very brink of ruin! In my needed replenishing. My father father's face, I could not trace mislooked at me enquiringly, but I did chief. Was it possible that fear had not heed him, for at the same time my still controlling power, and still proeye was on my brother, and a glance tected him when every other feeling enabled me to ascertain the heated and had given way beneath the maddenperilous condition towards which he ing drink? Would for his own sake was rapidly advancing. I took no notice that it might be so! Yes, drunken of the hint. The repast was finished, anility and not ferocity seemed to be and without a syllable I left the table. the prevailing humour. How long it Against my own conviction, I forsook would endure depended on his commy guardianship, and only to avoid panion and antagonist. Frederick a greater evil.

For two hours I re had grown loquacious, his voice was mained in my own room. I would thick, and it grew hoarse with exercise. not have quitted it again that evening, There was spleen in every word he had not the never absent and torment. uttered, and anger, contempt, and bit. ing anxiousness that accompanie terness. Ferocity, too, sparkled in his every hour of my brother's sojourn expressive eye, and corrupted every withus driven me back again to other feature. How he sat there, observe the progress of the new made playing and trifling with his trembling reconciliation. I tripped confidently prey, conscious of his power, and to the dining-room, opened the door, sharpening his appetite for mischief and was staggered, bewildered, and with the contemplation of his sacriconfounded by the view that I encoun fice! So might the young and boundtered there. Could I trust what my ing tiger, and so a human being with eyes presented to my waking mind? unbound passions, burning for reOr did I dream ? Had I lost my re venge, and ripened even for murder, collection, my reason, in the conflict by the hateful and inciting juice. that my brain had undergone ? The Neither of the men was disturbed at

my approach. Each was too busy brought upon her cheek. Look--she with his own peculiar thoughts. The is paler than the lily, and that we chair of Frederick was drawn close know is joy's own colour. You'll go to that of his father_his hand was to heaven for that too. Why, you upon his father's arm-his bloodshot are a noble fellow to preach and pray, eye was strained towards his father's and tell us what we ought to do! Look sottish face. I remained at the door, me in the face!” fixed to the position in which my en My father shook with rising passion, trance had first placed me, and fear and he bit his lips, and drew his ful of accelerating harm and evil by breath with difficulty. the progress of an inch.

« Look me in the face," continued o Tell me what you preach," ex the infuriated Frederick, for he had claimed Frederick, laughing aloud and lashed himself to rage

66 and let me unmeaningly; " which side of the see a pious monster-a religious fiend question do you espouse? They tell -a holy devil! Now, hear me. I me you are a-what is it? a Calvin- have spent many an hour of my most ist. Who is he? Did he love wine miserable life — made miserable by did he drink as jollily as we do? Oh, you, in longing for this moment. I you are a rare old sinner! ha, ha, ha!" have looked forward to this interview and he laughed on, and swallowed a till I have almost gone mad in waiting glassful in the midst of it.

for it. I have walked for half a night “ Do not talk so wildly," said his listening to the wind screaming father, endeavouring to escape from amongst trees, howling about tombhis side.

stones, and over green graves, trying « And why not ?" answered Fre. to keep down the horrible temptation derick, rudely stopping him. “Who

6 Who that I have felt for years, to be your are you to order, and to say how a murderer. Hear, and understand me, man is to speak or behave ?”

I repeat it calmlyto be your mur“ I do not wish to molest."

derer. I have seen the blooming and « No, I'll take devilish good care the young, without a crime, without you shan't," said my brother, inter the feathery burthen of an unconscious rupting him. “ I say, parson, haven't fault, cut down in beauty, and removyou broken your heart in fretting af ed from the earth which they were ter your son ? Hasn't natural affec- just beginning to adorn and dignifytion almost killed you? Why, what and I knew you,—the tormentor of did you think had become of me? Do your kind, the vilest of your race, in you believe in that black heart of whose atmosphere to live was yours, that you are really on the road breathe pollution, and to suffer death to heaven ? Come, no flinching! Ana -I knew you to be alive, glorying in swer me like a man. Here, take your your defilement, pouring sorrow, disglass, I'll drink to our better acquaint- tress, and misery on all who came

We shall know one another within your reach, and rendering life better for the future."

a curse to all who had connexion with My father writhed under his inflic- you. Do you think, I ask you, that I tion. He had a character to sustain could deem it wrong to remove for which he had never studied-for which ever from the world the source of endhe was but ill prepared. He burned less woe? One blow could do it. One to burst the chains by which he felt blow, and in an instant, there was himself enthralled. The dread of peace for the most deserving. I could consequences kept him as submissive have struck you down, I could have as a beaten slave. Mine was the dealt the blow without remorse-withcruel lot to observe in silence and in out one aching thought. Why then horror, A bumper was quaffed in ho came I not to give it? I will not tell nour of the taunting toast, and Fre you,-but there was good reason for derick was again pursuing his doomed my absence. You were preserved not victim.

through my forbearance. The cause “ Look there," said he, pointing to that interfered between me and my me; “ that's your daughter. I am told strong desire exists no longer. Now, that you have behaved most lovingly I am free to act. Now I am here, and, to her. Look at her, man,” he con monster, what prevents the accomtinued, seizing liim by the wrist, and plishment of what I have wished so see what a colour your kindness has long ?”




2 T


“ You dare not do it!" cried my fa. I cursed her for her cruelty-vilest of ther, starting from his chair, and wretches, as she was," eluding by the suddenness the grip « Be warned !" cried Frederick, ing hand of Frederick.

swelling with anger, and struggling “ You lie!” impiously replied the for composure, which he could not drunken boy, and following him as he find. “Be warned, I say! Speak to proceeded from his seat.

him, Emma-save us both!" It was my time to act. No longer “ Warned! warned!" said the roused capable of self-control, I placed my- lunatic, presuming on the assurance self between the angry men, and en he had received. " Who threatens treated the aggressor to desist. My me? Do you remind me of the past? influence and power over the unfortu I have not forgotten it. The curse nate were gone.

will wither the band that was uplifted “Stay you there," said he, placing against your father, as it has visited me at a distance from them, “or be and destroyed her who bore the misgone, and do not intermeddle. I am creant, and taught him lessons that tranquil, and am master of myself. will avail him when he pines in hell. We have a long account to settle; and She was born to be my plague ; and I it must be called over item after item." glory in my deliverance. Were she

“ I do not fear you," muttered my here again, again would I be quit of father, gnashing his teeth, and look- her. I hated and despised her. I ing fiercely at his son. " I do not have lived to trample on her grave!" fear you, most unnatural villain!" He said more than this more than

- Well said, unnatural father!" I desire to remember or record. He cried Frederick, in a laughing tone; persisted in the same strain, associat“ then sit you down, and we'll con ing the most disgusting epithets with

You need not fear me, You my mother's name, and outrunning say I dare not punish you for all your sense in his eagerness to vilify her. guilt; and I say, You lie. I dare; Drunken, unmeaning gibberish sup. BUT I WILL NOT. The time is past. plied him with terms that would have You have not me to thank for it. excited ridicule and compassion within Live, die, and be detested, when and the breast of any one but him who liswhere you please."

tened to the speaker, enraged and irThe words were grateful in my ritated until reason was immersed, father's ear, hideous as they fell on and could no longer serve him. One mine. He lost dastard timidity with horrible expression, too infamous to their utterance, and acquired insolence be repeated, was fatal to them both. and bluster. Secure of life, he had no It was but half-uttered before Frede. motive to withhold his abuse, and it rick leaped from his seat, and seized spirted out, as usual, upon the head his fellow-drunkard and his father by of the powerless and innocent. He the throat. The latter fell and his aimed bis shafts at the coffin of my assailant with him. One sbrieked scarcely-buried mother. Alas! he with terror, and struggled furiously; knew not the holiness with which that the other foamed, and held the promother's memory was enshrined, even strate man down with a hand of iron. in the heart of the eligious and I saw no more, but ran from the much-offending Frederick.

apartment, screaming aloud for help, “ You have bad a good instruc- and about to fall with fright and agitress!" was the ready sarcasm. “Your tation. mother"

The servants had asked permis" Name her not,” shrieked Frede- sion to leave home at the close of rick; the blood rushing from bis cheek dinner, in order to visit the grave of at the same moment, leaving it pale, their mistress, before it should be ghastly, and fearful to behold. "Name finally and for ever shut. It was a her not. I dare not name her. I request that had its origin in affection, dare not trust myself to listen to the and I complied with it at once. They sound."

had been faithful and true friends; for “ She was punished for the usage I years had shared the affliction of my received from her, and so will you be, mother, and on her account had borne and so will she," continued he, point- anger and submitted to reproach. ing spitefully at me. " You will be We were about to lose them now. smitten both, as she was smitten, when Ingots of gold would not have pur

He was

chased their services for my widowed gallows !

Good bye-poor girl-I father. They had already set out on did not mean it, Emma. It was the their errand of love, and the house drink--the drink!” was deserted. No one there could We did not permit him to proceed. help me, and I flew into the village. Horrified by his words, I started from Within a hundred yards of the par him.

Adam had already preceded sonage I encountered old Adam. He me, and we entered the dining room was the family confidant, and in a few at one and the same moment. He words I made the miserable business was a corpse.

There, on the floor known to him. The poor fellow where I had left him, he lay a moquickened, as well as he might, his tionless clod. aged feet, and, full of useless regrets Stukely, receive the command of a and ineffective guesses, accompanied dying woman, and hold it sacred. Do me to our abode.

not shun and utterly discard the “Oh, miss,” said he, “why did the drunkard of your acquaintance. Have young gentleman return? What a pity on him, and shock his ear with pity he didn't keep at school! I the unparalleled but faithful history should say no mischief has taken of his fellow mortal. The sight stuplace. What is your opinion ? Oh, pified me; I hurried from it, and to be sure, it was the maddest trick went to join the assassin! that could be played—just running gone.

He had fled—whither? Ah, into danger. Dear me, dear me, how whither could he flee, friendless in the thoughtless we all are! You don't world and alone? I returned to the mean to say, miss, that you left them house. Adam met me on the threson the ground, and fighting too! hold. His eyes were full of tears. Your brother could never be so sacri. He took me by the hand-closed the legious as to strike a man in orders! door, and locked it. He was very If he was wicked enough to insult his much alarmed, but he tried to keep father, he must respect the cloth. calm. Dear me, dear me! pardon me, Miss “ Miss Harrington," said he, “may Harrington, your's is a remarkably God forgive me for what I am about uupleasant family."

to do! The servants, you say, are We reached the house in time to out?" meet Frederick rushing from it vehe. “ They are.” mently. He had a wild and vacant “ How long will they be absent ?" look, and he was paler than ever. I cannot tell you, Adam. They Old Adam retreated a step or two as may be returning now." the wretched youth approached him. * We have no time to lose, then. Frederick took no notice of him, but You must not speak of this. seized my hand, which was steadier are doing wrong, Miss Harrington, than his own, and spoke to me, pant- but I am a weak old man, and hardly ing for breath.

know indeed the right from the wrong. “ You are a witness, Emma," he pity you. Don't betray your brother. exclaimed, “ I implored him to be Don't let your lips sentence him to quiet. You heard me. He would death. I have looked well about him. not. He has himself to thank for it. There's not a mark. Every one Oh, the accursed drink! It is the knew your father's ailment. A sudruin of us all. I vowed that I would den death will not surprise the world. use no violence--that I would not be It has been long expected. It is a angry, I promised you faithfully-for dreadful situation to be placed in, but your sake it was right. The wine be what are we to do? Do you undertrayed mo-set me in flames. Oh, stand me, Miss ? Hark—there's some Emma, Emma," he cried out, burst one walking up the avenue. Fly I fly! ing into tears, “what is to become of unlock the door, and oh! do not let you? What is to be done? All them hear you for the world !” gone-all gone!” I endeavoured to I ran with speed. The domestics pacify him. “ No, no," he cried, put- had come home. I joined them on the ting me gently from him; “ you lawn, and, reckless of all consequences, mustn't kiss me now. Enter there, I spoke the falsehood. In less than an there-in that room, don't curse your hour it was spread through the whole brother, Emma. I will spare you one village. The parsonage was thronged trial-you shall not see me on the with applicants and visiters. Adam

Oh, we

was with me for my support. Not The parishioners looked forward to one presumed to doubt the tale. It his arrival. The affairs of my father corresponded with the universal ex were wound up. It was no difficult pectation. Many wondered why it matter. He had left behind him little had not happened many years before. more than was enough to purchase his Some had remarked, during the day, interment. The whole of his handthe curious look that the parson car some fortune had been dissipated, ried with him, and had all but said he squandered, and lost, in the encou. wouldn't see the night out. An in ragement of his fatal passion, and in quest was held upon the body. I kept the blind recklessness which it had my room that day.

The coroner engendered and supported. He had would not distress the lady's feelings mortgaged, borrowed, and sold, until by requesting her to be present at the his income could scarcely meet the inquisition. The jury concurred in claims which were in existence against the propriety of this forbearance ; him. His very furniture had become “ for indeed," the foreman said, on the property of another; and for the behalf of all the rest, “the melancholy last three years of his life, the genecase was but too clear.” So deemed rosity and good feeling of a creditor, the coroner, and so the world. The alone permitted him to enjoy the use of verdict was returned, and registered, it. I was left in the world literally and declared most wise by every one penniless. A few jewels of my mo-Mr Harrington HAD DIED of apo

ther, of inconsiderable value, and my plexy.

own clothes, were every thing that I

possessed. With these I quitted the 66 I remember the inquest well," parsonage, and for the emergency, said Mr Clayton, laying down the retreated to the cottage of an humble manuscript for a moment: "I read but kind-hearted woman in the village. the report of it, and call to mind an She was now my truest friend. Inobservation that was made by a jury deed, I other in the world. man respecting the youth bimself. My sudden extreme poverty had made You will hardly believe that reading

manifest a hundred faults that were that account, as an uninterested per not visible before, and every virtuous son and a stranger, a suspicion crossed eye was glad to look another way, me unfavourable to the son.

and not be wounded with the sight of more than half afraid that he was them. I resolved to go to service, connected in some way with his fa the last resource of the abandoned ther's death. How strangely do things daughters of the improvident. My come about !"

education had not been of a high “ What misery was here, sir!" order, still I had not been wholly ne.

“ Yes, you will hardly smile at the glected. My mother had been for wine-bibber after the perusal of such years my teacher, and I had profited a history. How little do we think under her patience and instruction. that the small vices of mankind, like I would endeavour to find employthe scarce-noticeable mountain springs, ment as a governess, but, failing this, are the distant sources of unfathomable pride should not prevent me from depths. Let us conclude the tale." becoming a servant maid. I needed

peace, and freedom from my own The obituary (continued the par thoughts. These secured, it mattered rative of Miss Harrington) announ little how and whence they were obced my father's death. I could trace tained. I had arranged to go to Lonthe hand of Adam in the composi don, that great mart and centre of tion of the precious memorandum. assiduous life, and it wanted but a day Thus it ran :-“ Died, on Wednesday to the period fixed for my departure. last, SUDDENLY, OF APO My kind hostess gave me a volume of PLEXY, AND UNIVERSALLY advice, and prepared me for the great RESPECTED (!), the Reverend Ar struggle into which I was about to thur Hurrington, rector of

in cast myself; pointed out the dangers Kent." In a few days the circumstance of my condition, and laid down rules of the minister's death was forgotten of conduct which it was indispensable -he was no more thought of. The for me to follow if I hoped for comyoung proprietor was about to be

fort and success. It was on this day, ordained, and to return to his cure. and at the moment of her enforcing

I was

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