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IMPORTANT Advices froin IR ELAND. rous principles upon which you have spirit and sense as the present, wo support hitherto acted make that unnecessary. It che liberty of Ireland. May those only is, therefore, our part to assure you, that fe-l ecclefiaftical tyranny, who would a faithful discharge of your duty will be submit to it. May the commons of Irethe surest recommendation to a grateful land ever defend themselves from all unpeople, who will, upon all occasions, en- due, anticonftitutional infuence. The deavour to thower honours upon those, and glorious majority on the e3d of Nov. and upon those alone, who adhere stedfastly to the 17th of Dec. Religion without priettthe true united interest of our moft excel- craft. The church to the bible. Keep to lent king, and yet happy country.

your tackle, old Harry. The linen maSuch are the marks of respect and gra-, nufacture. All the manufacturos of Iretitude, which are at the same time the land. Lord Tyrone. Lord Kingíborough just reward, as well as the inseparable at. The patriot representatives of Ulfter. tendant on virtue and publick fpirit; and The patriot representatives of Leinster. it is very observable, that several of the

The patriot representatives of Connaught. gentlemen who concurred in the above ad- May the true lovers of liberty, in Greatdress, were such as espouled a contrary. Britain and Ireland, be for ever united in interest on the late ele&ion.

affection, as they are in interest, &c. &c. Many of the inhabitants, who from the &c. Many zealous citizens forced into lateness of the hour had not an oppor- the room, to view the earl of Kildare tunity of rejoycing on the determination and the Speaker, their beloved patrons : of the preceding night, testified their apo And after gratifying their curiosity, and probation of that important decision by expressing their fatisfaction by a loud bonfires, illuminations, and other ex- buzza, very orderly retired. The chearpreffions of the fincerest joy.

fulness and unanimity, that ro powera Wednesday, 19. Near 100 noblemen and fully prevailed in this assembly, promiso gentlemen, of the first distinction in the the best effects to the province, and to the province of Munster, with the lord mayor whole kingdom, as far as the endeavours and sheriffs, dined at the Tholsell of this of one province may contribute thereto : city; the right hon. Henry Boyle, speaker And its first endeavour affords, a fair exof the House of Commons, in the chair : ample for the other provinces, in the folWhere all possible magnificence and ele- lowing resolution of thanks to their worgance were displayed for their table enter- thy representatives in parliament for the tainment, while their ears were delighted province of Munster. with an excellent band of mufick, the At an assembly of the gentlemen of the ringing of all the bells in town, aild by province of Munster, held at the Tholselt the pleasing acclamations of the populace of the city of Dublin, on Wednesday the round a large bonfire, where they poured 19th of December, 1753. out their unaffected, cordial praises of Refolved, That the thanks of this their benefactors. In this scene of mirth assembly be given to the Speaker, and to and good humour, which were never more their faithful representattves in parliaeminently distinguishable in any allembly, ment; for having, in this critical fea. all toasts, expreiling loyalty and patriot-, fon, zealousy and successfully defended ifm, were remembered, amongst which the cause of liberty againk all anticonthe following were most remarkable : ftitutional invafons ; for having exhibicThe king. The prince of Wales. The ed for posterity the most illustrious exprincess dowager of Wales, and the rest amples of loyalty and patriotism; and of the royal family. The duke, and the for having, with the auttance, of the army. The duke, and battle of Culloden. generous representatives of other parts of The glorious and immortal memory of this kingdom, hitherto preserved their the great king William. May the suc. country from the mischievous effects cefsion to the crown be perpetuated in the of corruption and other male-practices, illustrious house of Hanover. The lord by which they have entitled themselves to Heutenant. Prosperity to Ireland. Pro- the molt grateful acknowledgments and fpertiy to Muniter. Prosperity to the services of all who have a due sense of city of Dublin. All those worthy citizens, the interest of this kingdom, and rightly who joined in thanks to their faithful re- conceive how greatly fociety is concerned prefcorative, Sir Samuel Cooke, for his in giving virtue ample rewards. good conduct in parliament. May the Commons ever told the purse of the na. The discovery of William Price, a native tion. May the present speaker, and all and joiner of Crickhewel in Breconshire, succeeding speakers, maintain their diz- who was the barbarous murderer og aity in the Atate. May power ever remain Jew, (see p. 578.) was occa Goned c' in the friends of Ireland. May there never his audasicvby carrying in his be wanaing an earl of mida, of as much

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614 Other Additions to DECEMBER, 1753.
leveral watches, and wearing at his knees Flint town, Sir John Glynne, bart,
and in his moes genteel riiver buckles, -Kyffin Williams, Erq; deceased.
ornaments unsuitable to him ; and, in Higham Ferrers, John Yorke, Efq;
some measure, to his great generosity -John Hiil, Esq; deceased.
towards his female acquaintance in Bre- Bedfordihire, earl of Upper Ofory-
con, in bestowing on them gold rings, Sir Danvers Osborne made governor of
stone girdle-buckles, snuff- boxes, &c. New York, fince dead.
in too liberal a manner; and fince his Litchfield, Sir Thomas Gresley, bart.
commitment to Monmouth goal, he has since dead-Hon. Richard Leveson Gower,
made the following voluntary confession. deceased.

“ Nov. 20, I was going from my mo- Selkirk, Gilbert Elliot, Esq; — John
ther's house to Brecon, I met Jonas Levi Murray, Esq; deceased.
a Jew within two fields of Crickhowel, Worcesterihire, Edmund Pyets, Esq;
there I turned back and followed him to his father, deceased.
the place where I took a fake and laid In the city of Norwich, from Dec. 25,
it down; I was then before him, and then 1752, to Dec. 25, 1753, there were
turn'd back, and met him, and with that born 604 males and 541 females, in all
fake I knock'd him down and haul'd 1145, and 1075 buried; being 6 christen-
him to the wood where he was found ; I ings and 47 burials fewer than in the
threw the first stake away, and was in such preceding year.
confufion that I could not find it again, but At Ipswich the christenings amounted
took another stake and struck him again, to 240, of which 117 were males, and
and no other blows, neither was there any 123 females; and the burials to 198,
body else with me; nobody knows any being 97 males, and 101 females.
thing of it but myself till this moment, The number of burials at Amsterdam
and there I robbed the box of all that this year amounted to $382 ; which is
was therein of any value; after I killed 1613 more than in 1752, and 2048 more
him, I robbed him of a guinea in gold

than in 1751.
and two shillings and fix pence in tilver ; At the Hague the burials amounted
as witness my hand, William Price," to 1600, which is 306 more than in the
THURSDAY, Dec. 27.

the preceding year.
The Rt. Hon. the lord Op now, Sir An yearly bill of mortality for the city
Charles Poulet, Sir Richard Lyttleton, and suburbs of Dublin ; ending Dec. 233
Sir Edwarrd Hussey Montagu, Sir Ed- 1753.
ward Walpole, and Sir William Rowley, Males buried


Males chr. 870
were installed in a private manner knights Females buried 866 Females chr. 967
of the Rath in Henry VIIth's chapel in



Decreased in burials 19, Chrifierings
The drawing of the fate lottery endet

increased 104.
at Guildhall.

A General BILL of all ebe Clifnings ard

Burials in London, from Dec. 12, 1752,10

Dec. 11,1753:
mafter general of Ireland.


Males 7860 Males

Temple, ; to


of Stowald in Bucks.



Decreased in the Burials this Year 1209.
Bermondsey, shipwright.-George

Died unoer 2 Years of Age 7892
Hutton, of Cornhill, linendraper.--Isaac

Between a and S

Mendez and Jacob Mendez, of London,

5 and 10
merchants. - William Farey, of Bow

to and
Brickhill in Bucks, glover. - Michael

20 and 3.0

Greenhow of Laurence. Pountney-Lane,

go and 42

London, merchant. William Wool

46 and 50

combe, of St. Mary Rotherhithe, and

so and 60

William Tobin, of St. Mary Bermondsey,

60 and 70

fhipwrights and partners.

70 and 80

39 and 90

Alterations in the Lift of Parliament.

so and 100

A Hundred'. A Hundred and One 2.
the room of lord visc. Cokt, der A Hundred and Two r.




bart. poft-
MR. Pridemo, presented by the Hon.

W Mary





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to the Essays, POLITICKS, Domestick and Foreign

BBOTSBURY men, the bill against



19;, 387, 438
Aliurance. See Mudely.
Alurance man of war iust 241. Court mar.
cial on that affair



BACON, Sir Francis, hic life and chain


28, 493

marriage bill

276, 277

wards 291. They are acquitted 437
Accidents, remarkable oncs 4, 43, 92,

145, 532
A&ts passed 92, 146, 194, 241, 242, 291,

Alts of Henry III. and Eluard si in relatia

on to the Jews 515, 516. Remarks on
thole acts

Adaitis, Sir Richard, made a judge 45. And

a serjeant at law 91. He religros his re:

corder Mip
Adding con, Dr, extract from him, of he

351, 410, 411
Address of the merchants, traders and citi-
zens of Dublin

Addrefres of the lords
Addrefres of the commons

79, 493
Adzcaturer, extracts from 732, 188, 321,

331, 369, 474, 519
Afranius Burchus, his speech in favour of
the marriage bill

Agrippa, M. his speech in favour of sublidy

Air, light, electricity, &c.

Alcock, Mr. extracts from his remarks on

(wo bills for the better maintenance of the

Alderney, ise of, described

Alchoules, purpose of the act for licensing

337, 420, 421
Alexander, William, Elq; elected a derman

Aliens, the incapacities they are subject to

Almet the dervise, ftory of, with his moral

Alfin, Dr. his experiments with lime-wa-

Alterations in the list of parliament 45,

149, 195, 245,614
Amelia and Caroline, princeises, their birtha
* day celebrated

Ames, Mr. his method or receipt for taking

off the inscriptions from brass plates in

Amsterdam, number of burials there in 1753

Aristocracy, how the marriage a& may tend
* to introduce it

Arithmetical question proposed 368. An.
* Twered 416. The answer objected to

Arrianus Maturius, his speech in favour of
* the marriage bill

Are of not hearing people, of not knowing

491, 492
Appendix, 1753


Bampfylde Moore Carew, a famous impof-
tor, history of

Bank, general courts of 147, 438. Dec.
tors choren

Birtot. John, his tral at St. Christoçher's,
for the murder of Matthew Mills, Eli

Barthclomew's, St. hospital, inscription on
a marble Atone put up here

Bel', John, appreheaded for counterfeitiaz

fo:eign coin 385. Tried
Bilenus, L. his speech in favour of the

Ben Johnson, his life, character and wii-

303, 304
Bertholde, adventures of, with a description

of his perfon 272. His ready anlivers to
Questions 273. How he etcaped being

hanged 276. His laft wil
Bill of mortality. Sce Bujais.
Bills of mortalicy, a computation of the

number of inhaoitance wiihin em, from
1701 to 1752, and the increase and de-

crease in he intervals confidered 207
Bich, Mr. confi'm'd D. in divinity
Birmingham, a deliription of
Bire of a mad cat, fucking fory of a per-
son dying by it

Bite of a mad dog, receipt for 147. How

to know, when a perfun is bit, whether

the dog was mid
Boadicia, state of 5 itain in her time, give

ing light to the rew tragedy 49+
Bæculinius, A. his speech against the Saxon
sublidy treaty 57:

Againit the clande-
fine marriage bill

Bolingbroke, lord, abftract of his letter to

Sir William Windham, in 1717 209-
218. Tranflation of lord S air's letter to
Mr. Craggs concerning him 227. Inscripe
tion on his monument

Bolonian ftone, properties of it, and a photo

phorus made out of it 222, &c. Expe-
riments with ic

Bounties upon the exportation of corn, oba

fervations on them
Bristol, the riot there 242. Reward for

apprehendiog the rioters
Bristol, of the new Exchange there 520.

Other particulars relating to the ci'y 520
British mufæum, trustees for it appoisted be
ad of parliament







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INDEX to the ESSAYS, &c. 1753.
Broad wheek, their utili'y considered 153. Cirencefter address to their repre'entatives
Purport of the act fur encouraging the about the Jews ad

473 G, 474
use of them


Clandestine marriages, account of the a& to
Brothers, account of the new tragedy of the prevent them 337, 360. Debate on it
99. Remarks on it

255 356-367, 407-410, 449–456, 497
Bruto d, Sulaana, burnt for poisoning her --508, 545-555. Clauses proposed to be
5 band

437 added to it 381. Proceedings on the bill
Bruie creation, fome thoughts on 279
Bufun, M. his account of the human fætus

423, 424. Spinfters petition against ic

67 Clogher, bishop of, extra&t from his tranfls.
Burials, monthly account of 46, 94, 152, tion of a journal from Grand Cairo to

200, 243, 296, 344, 392, 440, 483, mount Sinai 155. He presents it to the
536, 584. Yearly account of 614 society of antiquaries

Burnet, bihop, abstract rf his life, written Commons address at the opening of the fixth
by his son 80–84. His diligence in dif. selfon 29. At the opening of the Seventh
charging the duties of his episcopal office

33. His dea'h

84 Complexion, features and shape of men of
Burnet, Sir Thomas, his declaration in his different climates
laft will

91 Conduct of a married life, &c. extract from
By ftander, remarks on him, in relation to that piece
the Jew's bill

Cor.ftantia, her aflecting story

29, 3.0

Copenhagen, advice from, relating to the

Jews in that city
E SO Fabius, his speech against the Corn, peritions from the cxporters of, about

the non-payment of the bounty money
Cambrick and French lawa bill 455 375. A bill occafioned by them
Cameron, Dr, committed to the Tower 1942 Cornwallis, Hon. Edward, Esq; cholen
Condemned for high treason 242,

His member of parliament for Westminster,

290 in the root of Sir Peder Warrca, decea-
Cancerous tu.r.oirs, a remarkable case rela- sed
ing to them
425, 426 Costica, affairs of

Canning, Elizabeth, the first fory of 92. Court martial

Trial of the byply and Mrs. Wells for Courts of Europe, a list of the important
that affair 126--130. Her evidence 1276 differences depending between them 436
A further account of her aftair 142. Ac. Cows, malicious action of cutting of their
Con from the Inspectors on that subject teats and tails

ibid. Abitract of Mr. Fielding's fate of Cranstoun, capt. particulars relating to his
the case 104, 143. Abstract of D-, Hill's death

89, 90
pamphle: in antwer to it, intitled, “The Crouch, Mr. robbed and murdered 437. The
Scory of Elizabeth Canning considered 15. murderer condemned and executed
Bail for her appearance 346. The bill Cuel execution of a youth, who turned Jew
against her for perjury not found 241. Af- in Poland
terwards found 291, Waisant for appre- Cruel executions in Russia and Persia
hending her

338 C:#, Mr, account of his new constructed
Carmarthen, affair of

double microscope

Character, an excellent one

540 Cumberland, duke of, his birth-day celebra.
Chracters, iwo oppofite ones


Charities, great collections for several 193,

194, 195

EAF, remarkable case of a man fo born
Chatelet, court of, their disputes with the

king's court about registering the letters DEBATES in the Political Club, viz, on a
fatents for establishing the royal chamber new subsidy treaty with the king of Pos

582 land, elector of Saxony 9-19, 57-65,
Chaucer, Geoffiy, his life, character and 105-110. On subsidy treaties in general

Chefier, a description of

in uime of peace 110–113. On the bill

327, 328 to permit persons profefling the Jewish seo
Christ's. hofpital, general court of the gover- ligion to be naturalized by parliament 257


-266, 395-321, 353-356, 401–
Christina, queen of Sweden, her life and


On ihe clandestine marriage bill,

19, 20 356–367, 407-410, 449-456, 497
Christmas, cb'ervations on the time for

-;03, 545-555. On the bll for per-
keeping it


mitting the exportation of wool and weol.
Chillnings. See Buriale,
Chereerers of Great B; itain, queries propo-

len or bay yarn from any port in Ireland to
fcd to them

any port in Great Britain 585-598











521 B

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34 D.


INDEX to the Essays, &c.
Debtors, of our laws relating to them 169 of the Romans 58. Why they are thy
Detraction, immorality of

188 of such an election before the emperor's
Differen e in opinions
$19 death

106, 107
Different views of human life, from Polidip- Enployment, being an extract miom the
pus and Metrodorus

519, 520 Whoie dute; of woman
Dillenting minifters, annual collection for

Example, the force of

540, $41
their widows and children

14.6 Excile, total amount of that revenue
Difemper among the cattle breaks out again Executivns at Tyburn, &c. 92, 193, 194.

533 195, 243, 337, 338, 483, 484, 578
Difrels at sea, a melancholy relation of 145
Dog biting a person, how to know whe:her

he was mad

CANTEE nation, treaty between them
Dorset, duke of, his speech co chc Irish

483 Feaft, a prodigious one, made by an arch-
Dorsetshire, a description of 4460-448 bishop of York

Dresden china, a curious account of ic 230 Fielding, Mr. abstract of his praporal for
Druids, a discourse on the etymology of the making an effectual provision for the poor

Sul, 512 74-78. Abstract of his Clear ftate of
Drulus Publicola, Jul, his speech in favour the cafe in relation to Canning 142
of the Jews bill

260 G, &C. Fire, remark on Mr. Ficke's treatise on its
Dublin, address of the merchants, traders nature and property

and citizens there 41. Important advices Fires 42, 241, 339, 342, 386, 387, 483,
from, relating to the proceedings in parlia-

meat there

612, 613 Flowers, how to obtain fresh blown, in win.
Dublin yearly bills of mortality

42, 614

Duels, an estay on, and a method proposed Fætus, human, history of its formation 67

for preventing them 471 G, 472, 473 Foote, Mr. account of his new comedy, in.
Duokirk, of the new works there 582

titled, The Englishman in Paris 213
Durch, their practice with regard to Foster, late Rev. Dr. an account of linn

453, 414
and his writings

563, 564

Foundling holpical, opening of the new cha.

pel there 194. The sacred oratorio fer-
ARL of Effex, account of the new forned here

IZI123 Framewo:k-knitters, their petitions 455.
E * Frieland, disputes about 246, 390

Ean..dia directors cholen

194 France, absurdity and fully of English lamilies
Eaft-Indies, journal of the late war there

Foing thisher

130-132 Free Brioih fichery, general courts of 91,387,
Earthquakes in Yorkshire, Lancashire and


Freke, Mr. a remark on his treatise on the
Earthquakei, Dr. Stukeley's conje&ure of nature and property of tire
the crute of them

79 French fath:ons, ridiculous one,
Eclipse of the moon on April 17, with a type French perriwig maker, his humorous and

171 facirical advertisenient
Ecliple of the fun on O&. 26, types of 397. French hospital, collection for

194. 195
Particular remarks on it in the several Fruit, how to prelerve it

463 D.
parts of the world

398 Fulvius, Cn. his speech againft the clusde
Edinburgh, delign of improving it 146. The fine marriage bill

act for that purpose


Edward I. act in his reign in relation to the AME laws, the countryman's com-

Electrical experiments for drawing the light. farmer upon them

sing from clouds 436. A person killed Gamefter, a new tragedy, an account of it se
by them

ibid. Gaming, modeft defence of, exirads from
Elizabeth, queen, her Latin fpeech, in an- that pamphlec

iwer to the Polih ambassador's, with an Gaining and routs, mischiefs of
Englith translation, and proper remarks Gardening, whimsical variations in 156 C.

3, 4. Gasenyne, Sir Crisp, lord mayor, gives a
Enpire, dispute between the electors and grand entertainment at the mantion house

princes who Thall judge of the necefliiy of 387. Thanks of the comir.on Council to
electing a king of the Romans 13, 14. him at the expisation of his office 532
Danger of its being without a head 16. Cenefis, remarks on a pamphlei, intitled,
How the electors and princes and affec. Some refcctions upon the gth, 8th, and
sed with regard to the election of a king gth verses of the ad chapier


E tragedy of


34 D.



G a


114, AC


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