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Hwing examined the plan of a work entitled “The Young Gentleman and Lady's Explanatory Monitor,” I am of the a pinion that it is better calculated for the improvement of Eng. lish schools than any thing of the kind that I have seen pub. lished.


President of the College at Athens, Ohiw. March 10, 1814.

Having lastily examined «The Young Gentleman and Lady's Explanatory Monitor,' I think it well adapted for the use of schools. The selections it contains are calculated to ingire the young mind with generous sentiments, as well as to prove in the art of reading.

ANDREW WYLIE, President of the College at Washington, Pa. Washington Pa. September 10, 1817.

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PREFACE. Although selections of excellent matter made for the improvement and instruction of young persons are numerous, and many of them executed in such a manner as to reflect the highest honor upon the authors; yet it occurred to me that a school book on the plan of the following pages might be of service in the great business of educating youth. Having in a long course of teaching school, observed in many instances the inattention of my scholars to the subjects they were perusing, on account of the definition ofterms, and that many of them who were called good readers retained not any, or at most but very few of the ideas that


suggested in the composition they had been perusing, I became persuaded that a work containing the definitions of the most important words, would in some degree remedy that defect. The pieces chosen for this col. lection are such as paint virtue and magnanimity in the most conspicuous manner, and by frequent perusal, are calculated to instil those principles into the minds of youth ; at the same time they display an abhorrence and detestation of vice.

No expression or sentiment, that might gratify a corrupt mind, or offend a chaste car has been permiited to find a place in the following work

To lead the young mind in tha path of virtue, and to aid in:


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