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for a few days, being bidden by my worthy friend, (who hath taken off much of thy last parcels of SeaIslands,) Geo. Phillips, Esq. and M. P. to solace myself with a visit to his manufactory at Manchester, which, as my soul, after so long a sojourn in this town, yearneth after pure air and quiet,* I purpose, God willing, to do; and shall proceed with Mr. Phillips, the morning after the morrow, in the threeday coach.

* In some debates on cotton manufactories, Mr. Phillips stated that his manufactory was more healthy in proportion to the number of its inhabitants than any ordinary residences.-E.


April 11, 1815. We understand that the most distinguished Members of Opposition, weary of exertions so little successful as their parliamentary labours, and mutually dissatisfied with politics and each other, have, in imitation of Sir F. BURDETT, taken to rural sports, and have subscribed for a Sweepstakes, to be run for next month at Holkham.* The following is a list of the horses at present entered: Mr. WHITBREAD's Rant-away, by Arrogant out of

Quassia. Mr. TIERNEY's Silvertail, by Jack-o'both-sides out

of Slyboots. Mr. Ponsonby's Leader, by Flounderer out of


• The seat of Tho. Coke, Esq. in Norfolk, where there are generally annual meetings of the Members of the Opposition who are fond of sporting or agriculture. -E.

Sir S. ROMILLY's Scorpion, by Watchmaker out of

Hypocrite. Mr. MARTIN'S Goldfinder, by Attorney out of Le

gacy. Mr. GORDON'S Bumpkin, . by Bumfiddle out of

Breechiana. Mr. BENNET's Froth,* by Drummer-boy out of Bay

wig. Mr. Grant's Patch, by My Eyes ! out of Betty

Martin. Mr. LAMBTON's Conceit, by Memory out of Look

ing-glass. Sir J. NEWPORT's Wasp, by Saucy Jack out of

Kate Karney. Mr. HORNER's Reformer, by Presbyterian, out of

Jacobin. Sir F. Flood's Looney Mactwolter, by the Podereen

Maret out of Potatoes.

• See

p. 45. + There appears to be a mistake of the sexes of the horses, or at least an inversion of their names; but we copy the list as given in by the worthy owner.



We have been favoured with a specimen of an ingenious attempt to improve the arrangement of the Red Book on scientific principles, and to introduce the Linnean System into the Parliamentary register.

The following Botanical Classification of certain eminent political characters, who frequent Kew's Chop-room in the House of Commons, will be acceptable, we presume, both to politicians and botanists.


CLASSIS.—Polyandria Monogynia.
GENUS. -Alopecurus-Fox-tail.

SPECIES.—Communis the Commons.
1. Vulgaris

Whitbread. 2. Trivialis


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