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Estef. Nothing can bind, I see,

Lúys. You are witness.
A false heart.

Now to Alberto.
Car. This must give you freedom, madam, Car. Manage the business temperately.
If you release his hasty vow.

Luys. Let me alone to be temperate; if I do Estef. Faith cannot

not cozen somebody, let me never drink sack Be compellid, sir.


[Exit. Ped. These are all impostures:

Car. What think you of Jacinta now, my I take myself into myself.

lord ? Alb. What shall

Ped. As of the saint I pay my chief devotions Become of her, my noble Count?

to. Ped. I pity her, But cannot cure her wound; and if you be

Enter FERNANDO with his sword drawn. Her friend, advise her to contain her passions, Fer. I come to seek one that I late calla And wisely love one that can entertain it.

brother, Alb. You hear this, madam ?

But he hath' forfeited that name, and Justice, Estef. And can smile upon

Weary of such a prodigy in nature, His violated faith.

Hath arm'd me thus in her revenge.-Don Carlos, Car. Now for Luigi,

Obscure him not, no darkness can protect him; To strike in with the widow Sery. He's asleep.

My sword shall forage every room like lightning,

No cave but it shall visit, and through ribs Car. I'll wake and quicken him. [Exit. Of steel compel my passage to his heart, Estef. Hadst thou been worth my love, 1 Although I meet him in his mistress' arms, should have held

The lover's sanctuary, I dare force Francisco, Thee worth my anger, shadow of a lord!

And with my sword cut the embrace that chains Thy greatness I despise, and think thee now

him, Too poor for my revenge, and freely give Rather than he shall glory in my ruins, Thee back thy barren promises; and when

And revel out those honours with her he I read in story one that has been perjur'd,

Took from my blood. I'll write Don Pedro in the place of him That broke his faith, and thank my fate to have Re-enter FRANCISCO with a parchment in his hand.

miss'd thee. Alb. If you please, madam, while he's i' the Fran. It shall not need, Fernando. humour

Ped. Hum! here is like to be a bloody Of being base, I'll make him gather up

business ; These paper relics, which he shall make himself I'll not disturb them.

[Erit. Up into rolls, and having swallow'd them

Car. As you are brothers, by your father's dust For pills, thank you his physic was so gentle. That should sleep quiet in his urn, by her Estef. It will be too much time and breath Dear name that gave you life, that now prays

lost on him. Alb. It will become me, madam, to attend you. Chide this unnatural fury.

[Exeunt ESTEFANIA and ALBERTO. Fran. What demands Ped. So, she is taken off, and my path free Fernando? To Carlos' daughter.

Fer. My inheritance, wrought from me

By thy sly creeping to supplant my birth,
Re-enter Don Carlos and LUYS.

And cheat our father's easy soul, unworthily

Betraying to his anger, for thy lust
Luys. Contracted to Don Pedro, say (you]? Of wealth, the love and promise of two hearts;
Car. She was.--Where is Estefania ?

Poor Felisardo and Fernando now
Ped. Gone with Alberto, proud to wait upon Wither at soul, and, robb'd by thee of that
The lady I neglected.

Should cherish virtue, like to rifled pilgrims Car. Follow them, Luys.

Met on the way, and having told their story, I do not like he should insinuate,

And dropp'd their even tears for both their loss, Now she is free, and his hopes desperate in Wander from one another. Jacinta's love.

Fran. 'Tis not, sure, Luys. How long have I slept, sir?

Fernando, but his passion, that obeys not Car. Thou dost dream still. Pursue the

The counsel of his reason, would accuse me; widow now,

And if my father now (since spirits lose not Or never look at such a fortune (more).

Intelligence, but more active when they have Luys. Is she gone with Alberto ? What if I

Shook off their chains of flesh) would leave his say

dwelling, I have lain with her, and that she's with child And visit this coarse orb again, my innocence by me?

Should dare the appeal, and make Fernando see Car. That would stain both your fames. Away, His empty accusations. and welcome

Fer. He that thrives When thou return'st, and she confirm'd.

By wicked art, has confidence to dress Luys. I'll confirm her, or confound somebody: His action with simplicity, and shapes No more; I am awake. This is Don Pedro, To cheat our credulous natures ; 'tis my wonder I'll talk with him first.–Will you justify: Thou durst do so much injury, Francisco, The widow is a widow still, and sweet,

As must provoke my justice to revenge, For all your contract? that you have not been

Yet wear no sword.
My rival, as they say, after the flesh,

Fran. I need no guard; I know
And that you did not know I had a mind, Thou darest not kill me.
Or not a mind, to do the deed of matrimony? Fer. Dare I not?
Ped. Not I, upon my honour,

Fran. And name
Thy cause; 'tis thy suspicion, not Francisco,

Hath wrought thee high and passionate. To 1 justify-prove.

assure it,

for you,

If you dare violate, I dare possess you

Descends upon her by your sister's legacy, With all my title to your land.

Francisco shall deserve, with a proportion
Car. How is that?

Will you resign the interest to such
A fair estate, and wrong my daughter, sir ?

Out of my state; live and be happy both,
Fran. Let him receive it at his peril.

You shall not want a father in my care. [Gives the parchment to FERNANDO, who

Our children thus increased, Don Carlos, 'tis reads it.

Our shame if we neglect them.-Theodoro, Fer. Ha!

You now may call me brother. Fran. It was my father's act, not mine; he

Theo. I am honour'd. trembled

Car. Well, take my blessing too. Love her, To hear his curse alive, what horror will

His conscience feel when he shall spurn his dust My bounty is to come, and if my son
And call the reverend shade from his bless'd seat, But finish with his mistress-he's return'd ;-
To this bad world again, to walk and fright him?

Re-enter LUYS.
Car. I am abused..
Fer. Can this be more than dream ?

Where is the widow ?

[.Aside to Luys. Fran. Sir, you may cancel it, but think withal

Luys. Sure enough,

Car. And Don Alberto ?
How you can answer him that's dead, when he
Shall charge your timorous soul for this con-

Luys. I have made him sure too; I have tempt

pepper'd him. To nature and religion, to break

Car. How? His last bequest and breath, that seal'd your

Luys. In your ear, I have cut his throat. Do blessings ! ·

none pursue me? Car. These are fine fancies.

Car. I hope thou hast not killed him? ha? Fer. Here, and may it prosper,

Luys. You hope too late; I could not help it; [Gives back the parchment to FRANCISCO.

You said he was my rival,

Car. Not too loud.
Where my good father meant it ; I'm o'ercome.
Forgive me, and enjoy it; I may find

Luys. Where, where shall I obscure me? Some earth that is not thine, where I may die,

The alcaides And take up a dark chamber: love Jacinta,

Will be here presently, and search for me. And, while seek out where to be forgotten,

I left him giving up the gbost, at a cranny Live bappy, and divide the spring between you.

I made into his side, through which a man [Going.

Might see into his midriff.

Car. Art thou desperate?

Luys. Beside one window, that did look into Enter RAMYRES, FELISARDA, and THEODORO

his lungs, from whence his wind came strong behind.

enough in six hours' sail to despatch a cartack to

the straits. Fran. So, so; all's well again.

Car. I'm mad. Ram. [coming forward with the rest.]—Fer

Luys. I should neglect my life, but 'twould nando, stay!

not sound well Fer. Ha! my father and Felisarda ? Car. Don Ramyres and my niece ?

With your honour that Don Carlos' son vis Fer. Are they both dead? (FERNANDO kneels. Or put into the galleys. Are they not come yet?

hang'd, I dare kneel too ; they do converse. -Don Carlos,

Car. I am undone; there is no safety here; Do not you know that shape ? 'tis wondrous like

Make fast those doors, and by the postern gate Your niece.

Thou mayst escape.

Take the best horse : Car. And that your father; ha?

Fer. How long hath Felisarda been a sad Companion to the shades? I did not think

Luys. I shall want money, sir. To find thee in this pale society

Car. Come, follow me. Of ghosts so soon.

This accident, I fear, will quite distract me. Fel. I am alive, Fernando,

Luys. You must despatch me quickly, sir;

there is And Don Ramyres still thy living father.

Ņo staying to tell the money, give't me in lump: Fran. You may believe it, sir. I was o’the i'll count it afterwards. Good sir, make haste. counsel.


[Exeunt Luys and Carlos. Fer. It is a joy will tempt me wish to live Here, without more ambition to change

Ram. Something hath happen'd that doth fresh For blessings of the other world; and is

perplex him.

Fran. Where is Don Pedro ?
My father willing that we both should live ?

Fer. He's here.
Car. Men thought you dead.
Ram. It lay within

Re-enter Doy Pedro.
The knowledge of Francisco, and some few,

Ped. The storm is over, sure; I hear no noise. By this device to advance my younger son To a marriage with Jacinta, sir, and try

Toledosi are asleep.--Jacinta! have

I found my love (here] ? Fernando's piety and his mistress' virtue;

Fran. Here 'twas lost indeed : Which I have found worth him, and my accept- I must allow no such familiarity

With my wife. With her I give thee what thy birth did chal

Ped. Ilow! married ? Receive thy Felisardı.


Jac. 'Tis most true, my lord. Fer. 'Tis a joy

Ped. You have not used me thus? So flowing, it drowns all my faculties;

Fran. It had been impious to divorce your My soul will not contain, I fear, but lose,

heart And leave me in this ecstasy.

Car. I am cheated. Ram. Not so; what dower you add above I Toledos-swords. From Toledo in Spain, where that fortune

swords of the finest temper were manufactured.




From Estefania ; my good lord, we know You shall be no loser when you come to reckon ;. Your lordship is religious in your promises. This shall not make a breach 'twixt you and I, Ped. I defy all Estefanias ; lady, you are civil. They are honest men I owe this money to.

[To FELISARDA. When I am clear, prescribe me any method, Fer. It will become my care so to preserve her, And rank me like your son, I will deserve My honourable Count.

You shall forget my wildness, and acknowledge Ped. Honourable ? It appears not by these contempts.

A convert without blemish to your family. Ram. Your lordship cannot want a female Ram. I must be intercessor. furniture.

Jac. And we all. Ped. I must have somebody; now I'm pre Car. I'll think upon't. par'd, my blood

Ped. Since I cannot have Jacinta, I desire Will take it ill; would I had Estefania !-- I may have her brother, Re-enter ALBERTO and ESTEFANIA.

Luys. Not in marriage !

Ped. I like his wit, his spirit, and his humour. She's here.—Madam, I hope you have a better Thou shalt never want. faith than to believe I was in earnest. Don We'll live together, Pedro is only at your service.

And, if thy father be not bountiful, Estef. 'Tis too late, sir; this gentleman is Thou shalt command my fortune. witness

Luys. You speak nobly. Of your surrender, and is now possess'd

Ped. Ladies, I ask your pardon; Of all that's mine.

Unless you hold me desperate, disdain not Alb. It was your noble bounty,

That I may this day wait upon your triumph, For which I cannot study a return

And to each bride offer some gift to expiato Jore apt than to resign to your good lordship My folly and offence. My interest in Jacinta: give you joy, Count; Ram. You are too bountiful. Such a rich widow serves my turn.

Car. You're all my guests to-day. Ped. So, so;

Ram. I beg your next If I consider well, this is but justice.

Remove may place the scene of joy with me; Re-enter Dox CARLOS.

My house shall be much honour'd. Lead the

way, Car. Ha!

With verse and wine let poets crown this day. Are not you Don Alberto ?-Fetch back Luys.

[Exeunt. Alb. T'he very same, sir, and this lady is my

Please you, salute her.

Re-enter Luys.
Luys. Sir, for the credit of your wisdom, talk

The man, you see, 's alive, and married too,

Spoken by Don PEDRO.
With my consent. Alas, I ow'd him money; So, so; your danger's over,' and the state
That widow has paid all; I must be honest,
I had no heart to leave you so unsatisfied,

Secure, as when our fleet in eighty-eight
These sums must go for other debts.-

Was fir'd and scatter'd. To confirm it true, My debts do clog my conscience, and are better

Here is Don Pedro, taken prisoner too; When they are timely paid, sir, than let run I'm at your mercy, gentlemen, and I With their long teeth to bite your stato here- | Confess, without a rack, conspiracy,

after; And if, when I am free, you dare but trust me,

So far as my poor part i' the play comes to; Car. Was ever father cheated thus? Come

But I am innocent from hurt to you, hither;

And I dare quit the rest from any plot How darst thou be so impudent?

Meant but to please; if you believe it not, Luys. I cannot help it, sir; unless you die

I dare make oath ; your hands can do no less
Or give me better means, I shall make bold
With these devices; you are my father, sir,

Than certify your friends what I confess.
And I am bound-
Car, To cozen me?

1 The danger of the Spanish plot.' See the Prologue. Luys. All must be mine, and if

The next line contains an allusion to the defeat and deI pay myself a little before the day,

struction of the Spanish Armada in 1598.-GIFFORD.



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