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Рает BRITAIN compared with France,

- 395 LEVANT TRADE, on what its prosperity depends, - 388

Louis XIV., the reason of his many expensive proCESAR'S character,

- 399

2009 EUROPEAN scales, weighed in Boccalini's balance, 389 NAVAL FORCE, its dependence on commerce, 28 FRANCE, reasons for the enmity of that nation to


287 Britain,

- 387 France, the danger from her union with Spain,

388 France, the means to effect her separation from Spain, 39 SPAIN, the importance of disuniting her from France, a calculation of her inbabitants,


France, France, do. do. do.

395 France, the state of that kingdom compared with Great

TOULON, why the attack in the late war miscarBritain,


ried, GENERALS of the confederate forces in the late war, WAR, the management of the late war censured, 12 their character,

391 Wollen manufacture, its importance to Great Britain,

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- 432


PAGE Ad D. D. Hannes, Insignissimum Medicum et Poetam, 462 Prologue to the Tender Husband, Ad Insignissimum Virum D. Tho. Burnettum, Sacræ Prologue to Phædra and Hippolytus,

*- 433 Theoriæ Telluris Auctoren, 463 | Phaeton's sisters transformed into trees,

. 439 An account of the greatest English poets, 425 Pax Gulielmi Auspiciis Europæ Reddita, 1697,

457 A song for St. Cecilia's Day at Oxford,

424 Pugmajo Geranomaxia sive Prælium inter Pygmæos ct A translation of all Virgil's Fourth Georgic, except the

Grues Commissum,

459 story of Aristæus,

421 y A letter from Italy to the Right Hon. Charles Lord Hali- RESURRECTIO Delineata ad Altare, Col. Magd. fax, in the year MDCCI.,


460 Rosamond, an Opera,

- 461 BIRTH of Bacchus,

447 Barometti Descriptio, 459 SPHÆRISTERIUM,

461 Story of Narcissus,

- 448 CATO, a tragedy, 481 Story of Pentheus,

449 Story of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus,

452 DRUMMER, - 503 Story of Calisto,

- 440 Story of Aglauros transformed into a statue,

- 443 EPILOGUE to Phædra and Hippolytus, 433 Story of Cadmus,

445 Epilogue (By Dr. Garth) to the Tragedy of Cato, - 499 Story of Coronis and birth of Æsculapius,

- 441 Epilogue to the Drummer,

- 523 Story of Phaeton, Europa's Rape,

- 444 Epilogue to the British Enchanters, . 433 TRANSFORMATION of Cycnus into a swan,

- 439 Transformation of Acteon into a stag,

446 HONORATISSIMO Viro Carolo Montagu, Armigero,

Transformation of Battus to a touchstone,

. 442 Scaccharii Cancellario, Ærarii Præfecto, Regi u Transformation of Tirescas,

• 448 Secretioribus consiliis, &c., - 457 Transformation of Echo,

448 Horace, Ode III., Book III., - 433 Transformation of mariners into Dolphins,

450 Translations from Ovids Metamorphoses,

- 436 MACHINÆ Gesticulantes, Anglice, a puppet show, 462 The death of Pentheus,

451 Milton's Style imitated in a translation of a story out of The Campaign, a poem, to his grace the Duke of Marlthe third Æneid,


420 NOTES on some of the stories in Ovid's Metamor- VERSES to the author of Rosamond,

- 436

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466phoses, - 443 Verses to her royal highness the Princes of Wales,

476 Verses to the author of the Tragedy of Cato,

477 Ocyroe transformed to a mare, 442 Verses to Mr. Dryden,

- 419

Verses to the Right Hon. Sir John Somers, Keeper of PROLOGUE to the Drummer

502 the Great Soal, Preface to the Drummer, - 502 | Verses to the king

- 419 Prologue (by Ms. Pope) to the Tragedy of Cato, 480 Verses to Sir Godfrey Kneller on his picture of the king, 434

- 419

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