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7 il 7 the foregoing Tables. the line wherein you have 5 to 2, 5 to 2, and 5 to 4, all in your favour, and in the third column you have 104 to 1.-The operation stands thus : XX Sadi :' 441–40=401 to 40, and contracted, by dividing 401 by 40, you will have 1046 to 1, as in the table.

Suppose 4 to 1 against you on the first, 3 to 1 for you on the second, and 3 to 2 for you on the third, what are the odds against winning them all? Look for the line where it stands 4 to 1, 3 to 1, and 3 to 2, all in your favour, and in the fifth column (marked, against your losing the first, and winning the second and third) you will see it to be 104 to 1, work'd X*X=idão as per tables.


HUNTER. · 'A. B. of London, Gent. maketh oath, and

saith, that a bay mare, called which this deponent (by his servant) now offers to enter and run for the Hunters plate, at Reading, never started for either match or plate, but has been actually used as a hunter at the last season, and not only to get the name, but really as a hunter; nor has she been in sweats with an intention to run, but only from Lady-day last. : A. B. Sworn before me this day of 18 voluntarily.


RULES relating to the Method of Matching and

FIGHTING of COCKS in London, in practice ever since the reign of King Charles 2.

To begin the same by fighting the lightest pair of cocks (which fall in match) first proceeding upwards to the end; that every lighter pair may fight earlier than those that are heavier.

In matching (with relation to the battles,) it is a rule always in London :- That after the cocks of the main are weighed, the match-bills are compared.

That every pair of equal or dead weight, are separated, and fight against others; provided that it appears that the main can be enlargel, by adding thereto, either one battle or more thereby.


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