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Total 1047

in parliament, to represent the peerage of Blue Squadron of bis Majefty's fleet, Knights Scotland, in consequence of the above decere of the most Hon. Order of the Bath, was mination.

performed in his Majesty's closet, several MAY I.

great officers of the court being present. By the last accounts received from the

Tbursday 8. heet from Botany Bay, they arrived at the Was held the Anniversary Meeting of the Cape of Good Hope on the 13th of October Sons of the Clergy, at which were present laft, and expected to sail again about the the Abp. of Canterbury, Prehdent; Sir John middle of November, and to proceed dire&tly Skynner, Knt. Vice President; 'ibe Abp. for their place of delication. They were of York, the Lord Mayor, the Bishops of very healthy, and the convicts very orderly London, Salisbury, Peterborough, Ely, RoThe number of deaths from England to the chester, Worcester, Bangor, Lichfield and Cape amounted to 21.

Coventry, Gloucester, Oxford, Bristol, LinSaturday 3.

coln, Carlille, Chefter, and St. David's; A meeting of the nobility, clergy, and Aldermeo Crolby, Clarke, Wright, Gill, others, was held at the Duke of Montague's Boydell, Watson, Sheriff Bloxam, Sir Wm. house, Whitehall, to confider further of pro- Dolben, Sir Herbert Mackworth, Mr. Justice moting a reform among the lower order of Wilson, the Attorney General, with a nuthe people, and a due observance of the merous and respectable body of the Clergy, Lord's Day.

&c. A cause was determined this day at Guild The fermon was preached by the Rev, ball, in which Mr. Linser, a clergyman, was Phipps Welton, B. D. Prebendary of Linplaintiff, and an opulent rector defendant. coln, Canon Rehdenuary of Wells, and RecThe action was brought for 41, 125, 60, for tor of Witney, Oxfordthie, from the fixch performing divine service twice a day during chapter of St. Matthew, verse 33. the defendant's illness, namely, from Sept. 16, Collection at St. Paul's, on

d. till the 27th, beldes eight marriages, several Tuesday, the 6th in it.

167 8 6 christenings, and a number of burials; when Dirto, at dicto, on Thursday, a verdict was given for the plaintiff for the 8th inft.

156 10 31. 125 6d. It came out in evidence, that Ditro, ai MerchantTaylor's-Hall, the usual fee for reading prayers was 28. 64. ditto

1723 4 and on Sunday mornings 35. 60.; and all the other offices 29. 6d, each. The Living is said to be worth 800l. a year.

Friday 9.
Monday 5.

Ld. Petre, Sir Henry Englefield, and Mr. Was held the Anniversary Festival of Farmer, deputed by and on behalf of the Modern Masonsę at their Hall in Queen- body of Roman Catholics, had an interview ftreet, at which' were present their R. H's. with Mr. Pitt, concerning fome furcher rethe Prince of Wales and Duke of York; laxation in the Penal Laws, in consequence the Dukes of Cumberland and Gloucester, of the late ed et on the part of France in who diftinguished themselves by condescend favour of Prorettants in that kingdom. This ing to partake with the Brotherhood in all the has had the effect that might have been exceremonies and the joyous humour of the pected on the brain of the unfortunate Ld. day,

George Gordon, and has set his pen to work Tuesday 6.

in Newgate, to punish himself and plague Was rchearsed ac the Cathedral Church at his friends. St. Paul's, before the Stewards of the Feait

Sarurday 1o. of the Sons of the Clergy, and a very nume One of his Majesty's messengers arrived at rous and respectable audience, the music pre the office of the Marquis of Carmarthen, vious to the Anniversary Meeting, when a with the Ratificarion, on the part of the States collection was made to the amount of 1671. Gereral, of the Treaty of Defensive Alliance, 8s. 6d.

figned at the Hague on the 15th inftaut. Wednesday 7.

(See p. 353.). Cane on a trial ai Guildhall, in which This ony Mr. Burke, in pursuance of an the crading people are deeply interelted. The order of the H. of C. prelented two papers sole question was this, Whether the plain moved for by Mr. Burgels, respecting the tiffs, who are wholesale grocers and tea expence already incurred, by carrying on dealers, to whom the defendant was a cura the prosecusion agamit Warren Hattings, tomer, were entitled to intereft, on the Elq as follows: amount of goods sold, computed from the Expences of erecting the Court, 3044 11 7 end of three months, being the usual credit Furnithing the same

714 7 9 in the plaintiff's trade? which was decided Muney to Solicitors

4300 in favour of the plaintiffs. This day the ceremony of the knighthood

Total 8058 11 11 and inveftiture of the Rt. Hon. Sir George A more precise account has since bech Yonge, Bart. his Majesty's Secretary at War, moved for and ordered. and of Sir Alex, Hood, Vice Admiral of the GENT. Mag. May, 1788.


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Sunday 11.

more of which might be adduced, but he Late this evening the Purser of the Gen. was prevented bringing them into legal proof Elliot, Indiamal), Capt. Drummond, came by the defectivenels of the regifter-books of to the India-House, with the news of the

the Chapter of Canterbury, in which these arrival of that thip oft Weymouth, on the grants are always registered; there being gih inltant.

numberless charms in the registers ibroughA dreadfulfire broke out in Bull-Inn Court, out the last century, and one of forty years Maiden-lane, which burnt with uncommon together. Mr. Erskine was counsel for the vjolence, and in a short space of time laid defendant, and, in reply, produced Mr. 14 houses in athes.

Topham, who had examined all the regis. Monday 12.

ters, some as old as the year 600, but he This day the Sestions at the Old Bailey, found no mention of this office till 1502, which began on Wednesday the 7th, ended, when John Barret was appo.nted to it, by when it convicts received sentence of death;

a gran in pofillion. As to the reverfiupary 37 were ordered to be transported, some of grant by Cranmer, Mr. Exskine fuggefted whom to Africa; four to be imprisoned and that, the vacancy happening in his own kept to hard labour in the House of Cor- time, the grant could not be called in ques. rection; one in Newgase; three to be whip- tion. In respect of Archbishop Grindall's ped; and 21 to be discharged by Proclama- grant, he contended, with extreme inge

puity, that the delicacy of his fucceflor's At the above Sessions Joseph Slack, of ficuation hindered him from disputing his Covent Garden, was indicted for feloniously patron's grant, made in favour of his nearest publishing, as true, a certain order for pay relations-Whitgifs having been raised by ment of 501. purporting to be drawn by Grindall from the lowest obscurity, and Foster Bower on Metfrs Gollings, Bankers, placed by him in such ftuations ihat ac payable to John Lane, E19. or bearer, the length he became his luccellor. He bewed principal íum being only 15l. which had

that throughout the last century, whenever been altered to 50l. And after a trial of concurring appointments were made, it was nine hours, and the Jury withdrawing about always by a lurrender of the person in poffef. an hour in consultation, he was acquitted. lion. That throughout the time of TillosTuejday 13.

foo and Tenison there were only two lives Came on Wettminster-Hall, before in the office, and some of the time only one; Judge Buller and a Special Jury, a cauie in yet those prelates never pretendea to put in which the Rev. Dr. Vyle was plaintitt, and any reversions. And as to the last care of Sir Juhu Eden, Bart. defendant, 10 try the Archbishop Herring, Mr. Bennet dying in right of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Archbishop's lite-time, the reverfionary make reverfionary grants of the office of grant never came into operation, the Archa Regitter of the Prerogative Couri. It was buthup immediately making a new grant in admitted that the Archbithops may put pobellion to his former nominees, with an three lives into the office when vacant; but additional life. The jury, without going the late Archbishop Cornwallis had made a out of court, found a verdict for ibe dereverlovary grant to Dr. Vyfe and another fendant, person, in the life-time of Dr. Jubb, who

Friday 16. then held the office as survivor of three lives His R. H. the Duke of Orleans, arrived puc in by Archbishop Herring. Upon the at Portland place from Paus, having obdeath of Dr. Jubb, in 1987, the preient tained leave of his sovereign to retire to Archbishop disputed Dr. Vyle's grant, and England till affairs are fettled at court, pur Sir John Eden's and two other lives im His first visit was to Mons. de Caloupe, mediately into the office. The validity, with whom he held conference for fome therelore, of the revclionary grant to Dr. confiderable time, which sufficiently indicates Vyfe was the present question. Mr. Bear. the subject of his mission. His next vifit was croit, as countel for the plainiff, produced to the Prince of Wales. evidence of Archbishop Cranmer's having

Sunday 18. given a revertionary grant of this office to

This day Sir James Harris arrived in one Neveloa, wbo afterwards enjoyed it. town from the Hague. His arrival has ocArchbishop Grindall allo, in 1576, granied cafioned various conjectures, the unice in seversion to three persons, who In the afternoon a refrelhing thower of were at erwards admitred into it by his luce rain fell in the neighbourhood of London ; ceilor, Archbishop Whitgift : and Arch- being accompanied with lightning, the efe bishop Herring, in the year 1749, made a fects were fatal. A mau-fervant to Mr. graut in revertion to one of his nephews and Jewer, a gardener, in crofling Battersea fields, Di. Juob, the office being at that time in the was ftruck dead by it. It is laid, the lighienhands of Mr. Bennet, the survivor of three ing nearly split his body alunder. A cow and lives formerly put in by Archbishop Wake. leveral incep were truck dead the same in. Tuele intances, Mr. Bearcrori contended, ttant.

The range of chambers, No 3, were lufticient to establish the ulage, many King's Bench Walk in the Temple, recerca

• considerable

considerable damage. The lightning was

Sir John Lindsay. seen to ftrike the chambers in a body ; it Sir George Warren-Lord Howard barft with two dreadful explosions in the Lord Amherst-Sir George Pocock. chambers of Mr. Philipps; but providentially Sir Joseph Yorke Earl Beaulieu. no person was hust, though the rooms were Gentleman Ulher-Register-Secretary. much damaged.

Bath King of Arms Garter-Genealogift. The papers say, that a cat was killed in a The Bishop of Rochester, as Dean of the lady's lap, who received no hurt by the light

Order. ning.

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, first
Monday 19.

and principal Knight Companion, as Great
Was held at Enfield church, by the Lord

Master. Bp. of London, a confirmation for ibat and In this order they entered the Abbey at the adjoining parishes of Edmonton, Hadley the fouth-east door, passed down the southand S. Mimms, when upwards of 300 persons side aisle, and so proceeded up the north-fide of both sexes were confirmed. This com ale to the great transept of the Abbey, and mences the general confirmation throughout from thence to King Henry the Seventh's London.

Chapel. Came on to be tried, before Ld. Lough The chapel was superbly decorated for borough and a special jury, the cause insti. the occasion. The banners of the several tuted by the Counters of Strathmore against knights were displayed over their respective Mr. Bowes, to recover back certain eftates ftalls; the throre, the altar, the cushions, (value 12,cool, a-year) which the bad se were all splendidly covered with crimson vel. cared to herself by a private deed, made vet, and all the avenues were lined with previous to her marriage with the defendant. people of fashion. This was on issue directed by the Ld. Chan The ceremonial in the chapel was pera cellor; and the question for the jury to try formed in all its parts with great folemnity. was,“ Whether a deed the ift of May 1777,

For former installations, see our vols, executed by the court, revoking the former XXXI. p. 236. XLVI. p. 93. deed, was obtained by the influence of terror, This being the Queen's real birth-day, arising from cruelty and violence." A series who then entered into her 45th year, her of the most diabolical cruelty was exhibited. Majesty received the compliments of the And the jury, without going out of court, royal family on the occasion, at her palace brought in a verdict for the plaintiff. . The in Buckingham-house. whole court exprefled the highest satisfac

Wednesday 21. tion.

An express arrived at the E. I. House, with Being appointed for the Installation of the the agreeable news of the safe arrival of the Knights Elect of the Most Honourable Order Lascelles, Capt. Farrington, of the Isle of of the Bath, they allembled with their Wight. She sailed from Ching on the 8th Squires in the Prince's ten of January; and on the 23d fell in with o'clock; and soon after ihe Knights Com Capt. Wood (commander of the Company's panions met in the same place, where the packet Charlotte,) who was cast away on a Tacter, cloathed in the full habit of the Order, reef of rocks on the east side of the island and the Koights Elect in their surcosts, Crocotoa. They had got a few provisions manties, and spurs, accompanied by the on shore, and were itarting every thing proper officers, were regularly marshalled by overboard to lighten the vellel to get her off, the heralds, and ac a quarter before ten when a large prow, with upwards of 30 Mao'clock the proceflion began. Of the 38 Jays, forced them to quit the vetfel, which Knights, of which the Order confifts, the they plundered, and then sei it on fire. Cart. following only were present, and the order Farringdon left Capt. Wood his cutter with of their proceffion was alto as follows: the some provisions, to enable him to remain on Knights Élect closed in immediately after that station till all the China fhips had the Provincial Kings in their tabards. pailed, he having dispaches for those thips Knigbrs Elea.

from Bombay. Sir Alexander Hood-Sir George Yonge.

Thursday 22.
Viscount Galway - Sir W. Fawceti. Adm. Leveson Gower was appointed to the
Sir James Campbell, Bart.


command of a feer of observation for channel
As proxy for SirF.Haldimand. service.
Sir Archibald Campbell.

Sis Robert Bryd - Sir Charles Grey, This day Henry Hubbard, who had been
Lord Heathfield-Sir John Jervis.

convicted of

misdemeanor, in endeavouring Lord Rodney.

to defraud his R. H. che Duke of York of Knigbes Companions.

Tum of money,

was brought up to the
Sir Èdward Hughes.

Court of K. B. to receive sentence, when it
Sir William Howe,

was fignified to the Court, by the Auror. Sir John Blaquiere-Sir George Howard. Gen, that it was his R. H. wish that the



Friday 23.

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mildest sentence of the law might be in. Borough of Southwark. Also from Bridge flicted upon him, as he had already suffered water, Bridgnorth, Nottingham, Bradford, a long imprisonment. The court under Leedes, Sheffield, Grantham, Chester, Co. these circumftances fined him one thilling, ventry, Redruth, Newcafle upon Tyne, and ordered him to be discharged.

Bridport, Devises, and Cambridge Univere Ld. Rawden's Insolvent Bill was rejected fity, York, Bedford, Hull, Maidltone, the in the House of Lords.

body of Quakers, the Universiiy of CamIt is thought that a bill will be introduced bridge, Salilbury, and Carlisle, and some other in its stead, agreeable to the idea of the places. Earl of Abingdon, by which the enor The inhabitants of Edmonton having remous expences of the lower class of attorneys ceived a subscription to add z bells to their will receive a severe check.

former set, they were put up in the course Mr. Crespigny, fon of the member of that of last month, and the joy ful event cele. name, in passing through the city, met a brated by crowning the feeple with garlands body of the guards with fixed bayonets, and boughs, and ringing the bells for the and, not readily giving way, was, on some greater part of the day. words arising, stabbed through the cheek In the course of this month, the frame of bone; Gince which he has been under the trough in which the New River run near care of a physician and two surgeons. Buth-hill Edmonton, as described in our Vol. Monday 26.

LIV, pp. 643, 773, was completely removed, This morning the Blues took poffeffion of the water having continued near 12 months the Horse-guards, and mounted in form, in its new bed of carth and clay. The old the Life-guards and Horle grenadier compa- lead, amounting to near 50 tons, was sold at nies having on Saturday night bid adieu to 18 s. per ton to five plumbers; the boarding at the life of Toldiers, not one of them having bottom was found in many places fo comentered in what they call the inferior corpfe. pletely decayed, that nothing but lead They receive with their discharge the mo sustained the weight of water, and conse. ney they gave on eolining, viz. 100 guineas, quently many leaks were occafioned in the with some small deduction. (See p. 268.) trough. The grandeur of the decorations and illu

It is commonly reported that in a course minations of the Pantheon this evening, for of 33 miles this river has but 33-inches the new-elected knights Ball, furpassed ai fall; whereas at Buth-hill its fall is 2 feetg; description; and such was the demand for

and at Highbury barn 3 feet. tickets, that 18 zuineas were offered and re The general consterna:ion which seized the fused. It is said 30 guineas were given, mercantile part of the city of London at the probably by those only who repaid themselves beginning of the present month has gra. with interest for their money; the Marchio. dually affected the whole kingdom in the ness of Blandford lost her purse, the Duke progress of it. Not those only, who are enof Orleans his watch, and Col'Arabin was gaged in the cotton and linen manufactories, obliged to turn a lady ost, who used her have been sufferers; but the whole commohands so manlike as left no doubt of her sex. nity dependant upon trade, rich and poor ;

not a few moneyed men, who, froni a lauda The account in the London Gazette of the able motive of forwarding and supporting a progreis of the war differs in nothing material growing manufactory, had advanced large from that in the ordinary papers.

lums at common iacereít, are reduced from Certain advice has been received, that attluence to a scanty maintenance, to the Mr. Eder, the new British ambasados, arrived ruin of their families and their own disquiet ; at Madrid he 3d instant.

while many hundreds, deprived of work, are By a letter from Madrid, dated May 5. deftitute of bread. Yet it is pretended, that the Rullian Minister, at the Court of this is no nacional loss. Things are not Spain, having announced the entrance of annihilated, though they are deranged ; and a Acet of his pation into the Mediter a thort time will reflore ro order wbat DOW ranean, and asked permission for it to en appears to be all confufion ; but he muft ter the ports of Spain in case of neces have a callous heart who does not feel for fity, the same was granted, on the usual present misery. What if the million approconditions, that only a certain stated num. priated to the payment of the National Debt, ber should enter at a time. This flatly con of which this generation will never have the tradicts former reports.

benefit, were for one year remitted, and Petitions against the slave trade have properly applied to relieve this temporary been presented from Rippon, Colchester, distress! Cambridge, Falmouth, Lancashire, Staf. It is said that 108 dockets have been ftruck ord, Northampton, Scarborough, Stamford, in the Bankrupt Office fince the first exploRotheram, Kelítone, Shrewsbury, Worcel- fion; 29 commissions were sealed Tuesday 20; ter, Warwick, Hertford, Chesterfield, and that the amount of paper, now in ci cu Warrington, Lincoln, Bristol, Chamber lation, from one house that has ftoped, is of Commerce at Edinburgh, New Windo 6.362,000. tor, Chipping Wicomb, Hallifax, and th

Friday 20.

P. 277. A capital Collection of Mr. Lud- tions." Susannah Lady Viscountess Fanes: lam's Models; Machines, Inftruments, Astro whose alliances are accurately described from nomical, Optical, Philosophical, and Mathe- line 34 to 45, is ftill living.--The Lady Vane matical, were sold by auction, by Mr. Her was the daughter of Francis Hawes, ero. of ripg, at the Globe Tavern in Fleet-street, on Purley Hall, near Reading, one of the South the 6th of May, 1788; a collection, said to Sea directors in 1720; and married, about be comprehensive in its compass, and of su the beginning of 1732, at a very early age, perier excellence in many of its particulars. to Lord William Hamilton (brother to the Whatever parts of it were purchased in the Duke of that title); who dying July 11, Thops were selected with all that care and 1734, the marriedl, May 19, 1735, the Lord judgement for which Mr. Ludlam was dis Viscount Vane of the kingdom of Ireland, tinguithed; and many articles were iuch as ftill living; though, in the Irish Peer:ge, could no where else be found : they were publihed in 1784, the title is faid to be the fruits of his own irrvention, and made by extinct, a circumitance which contributed his own hands; for it will be well recollect to mislead us in confounding the names. ed that, to the deepest penetration, and the The misunderstandings, elopements, and clearest views in abstract science, he joined various disgraceful situations to which the the highest powers of fancy and invention, exposed herself during part of her life, ure and the manual dexterity of the ableft work too well known to be concealed (severad man. It is not wonderful tiren that truth, of them being recorded in the Legal Re. usefulness, and elegance should be found in ports), but may now, with no impropriety, all his productions: and it was liis constant be buried in oblivion. She certainly commaxim never to make what could be pur municated the materials for her Life to Dr. charel. As the parts of this collection were Smollet; but we were mistaken in supposing often closely related, although not necessa- there was any reference to her in the infarily connected with each other, a great num mous publication alluded to in our last. We ber of lenses, cells, &c. were put up in fepa were equally mistaken in supposing her to rate lots, though they did not properly belong be the person mentioned by Dr. Johnson in to any one optical instrument, but were ap “ The Vanity of Human Wishes.” That plicable to them all. This was done for the Lady was a different person, whose death is Take of variety and experiment. Mr. L's recorded vol. VI. p. 168.” large Collection of Carious Tools were fold A:10ther correspondent, who was well ac-* by private contract. For Mr. Luxlam's Re- quainted with her Ladyship, informs us, that, port to the Board of Longitude see our vol. at the age of 17, the married Lord William XXXV. .p. 412.

Hamilton, whom she accidentally met at P. 319, col. 2, 1. 19, r.“ever probable.” Couri, where their eyes and looks met 100,

P. 333. The quotation as from a work of and they were foon after married, and called the last Lord Lyttelton, we are desired to by Queen Caroline, "The Handsome Bege fay, is from a production well known not to gars;" for they were rich only in personal be written by that Nobleman, but a forgery charms. Lori Williar), within the year, by the well-known Author of “ The Diabo was obliged to go in Scotland; and, in rehad,” who has attempted the same imposi- turning haftily to the arms of his beautiful tion (and sometimes with equat success) in wife, over-heated himself, which threw him other cases. We allude particularly to some into a feser, and killed him. This beautiful Letters just published under the name of Mr. widow at 18 ivas addreiled by Lord Viscount Sterne, which, we are assured, are by the Vane, and in some measure compelled hy her same author as the pretended “ Letters of the father to give her band only to the noble late Lord Lyttelton."

Lord, who settled i çooi. a ye.!r joinicure P. 363. The account of Ladly Vane (hy upon her, and 400l. pin-money; with whom mistake called Lady Viscounteis Fane) being the lived, and parted; and parted, and lived; erroneous, two perfons being confounderl, wonderful to relate ! She was the tiget fumewhat similar indeed in title *, but ex. minnet-dancer in England, and, in point of ceedingly opposite in qualities; we are obliged all other perional accomplishments, inferior to a correspondent for the following correc to no woman who has appeared in the eigh

teenth century. She was said to be hari* The names have been before not unfre- forne pite of her teeth; not that her teeth quently confounded. Even in a monumental were not found and white, but growing 100 inscription placed by the farnily of lane at clure, were irregula::---Her Meinousin Pea Shipborne in Kent, in memory of an amiable regrine Pickle” were given to Dr. Smollet Lady, we find the fame error:

from her own pen ; but they were written “ Here lies the body of the Lady Frances by anceber celebrand Do yo. But what is Vane, of l'airlane, wife to the Right Honour- most extraordinary in her life, and that is able Sir Fienry Vane the elder, vio lived saying a great deal, is, she told the writer with much molesty, prudence, and vertue of this article, that, upon one of lier returns all her dayes, and died with great Christian to her Lord's houle, she gave him those piety the 21 of Aiguit, 1663, in the 720 Memoirs to read!! My Lord read them, year of her age." EDIT. and ihut up the book without opening hoi!


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