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compositors observed the types, they choice of an overseer who did not un.
told me that about a third of them ne derstand the Rudiments. At this
ver had been adjusted; then James time we had about a dozen composi-
himself was set to adjust them. After tors, and finished two Prayer-books,
this, I made a whole sheet of a Bible, without taking an impression of one
and impressions were taken from both sheet; being obliged to make two
type and plate; when Thomas James plates for each page (and very often
brought a quire of fine

and was

a greater number, till he was fatisfied present at the impression taken from that he had got two sufficient for the the type, and placed his, seal on the work); this learned overseer was middle of each sheet. Seeing his ea- made juege, 'to break down what he gerness to catch advantages, I went thoughe convenient to be cast over afor a quire of the same kind of paper, gain; but his judgment shewed itself and desired him to be witness to the in breaking the best, which I frequentimpreffion from my plates; and having ly discovered, and thewed him the ftamped my seal likewise on each sheet plates after broke, to give him reason of mine, both impressions were shewn to be convir:ced of his error; though to Samuel Palmer and his brother, all the excuse he made for himself who were satisfied with the perform- was, that there were faults in the

This was somewhat grating composing, which should have been to Thomas James. The next malis his business to have known before they cious stratagem he fell upon (being were brought to me. witness to the taking of these impref. Having observed this practice so fions) was, to acquaint, his brother frequently, I made my complaint to with the defect of the impressions in Mr. Fenner, that impressions mighie the corner of one of the sheets, which be taken of the whole work, to fee he had picked out on purpose, which how far we had been imposed on: defect was owing to the platten's be- Fenner not seeming to agree to it, ing patched with paper ; but as his surprised me much, my demand being was firft cast off, there were more of fo just. A little after I came to discothem injured in that particular place ver there was an understanding bethan of mine ; which shewing his bro- tween Fenner and this overseer, who ther, and convincing him of his malice was likewise cierk to the disburse. to the undertaking, he consented that ments, of which John James bore the he should have no farther concern, or far greater share, without ever taking be allowed to come to our meetings, receipts or clearing accompts with which occasioned the delay of our Fenner, who had his game to play contract, and confequently of the with this clerk in making up the actransference, not knowing whether he compts; as he told me afterwards was to be any more a partner. Then that he had a promise of fifty pounds we got coinpositors, and set to work from Fenner, to make up the acabout a Bible and two Prayer-books compts as he should direct, and to on that letter brought from Holland ; continue him in his favour; and he two Prayer-books upon a Brevier let- added, that it was then in his power ter, which we had from Thomas James, to discover to me, how far Fenner which were laid aside after four sheets designed to trick and play the rogue were made in plates ; and likewise an both against John James and me. But octavo Prayer-book, whereof nine having in due acquainted Mr James Theets were made, and likewise thrown with my observations and suspicions aside, which afterwards, when I left of this overseer, we determined to them, they compleied in the common employ a more proper man, to whom way. "I made likewise plates for a we would allow double the wages Grainmar, when my partners made that the other had. Accordingly


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another was got, who seeing the for: sheet, which he fent up to London, mer's performance, and especially that and which met with approbation ; on the grammar, he let us see, there having done bis utmost to fave his, was like twenty errors in every page, own reputation, and conceal the ignoand all the rest of his work thewed he range of those he had brought from had no judgment in the maiter. Our Holland. After this, my partpers. new oversetr immediaiely proposed used their preffing instances to perfaade to get Dutch prefimer., and we imme me to go down to Cambridge, which diately sent him to Holland to fetch I refused till the contracts should be them over ; and in the mean time our signed, and the transference made. old overseer was continued till the. But telling me, that would take a other's return; and, knowing he was time, and that the people would be to be no longer employed, he commit- cut of work, they gave me an holo. ted rather greater blunders than, for- graph writ of John James, signed by merly: but before our new overseer him and Fenner, wherein they conwent away, being acquainted with the firmed to me 100l. to be paid yearly, king's printers, informed thein of the or quarterly, for the use of my family, advantageous offers we had made him, thiry Billings a week for my own sub, and his errand to Halland ; whereupon Gistence; and likewise obliged themthey debauched him likewise, and told selves to confirm to me one fourth him, that if he gave us his tools (as of the profits that should arise from the he had promiled to do on our paying work, and to extend their obligation for them,), he would throw himsef in form with all expedition, which, by out of bread ; and that the universi. their verbal promise, was to have been ry's lease would not be worth an half.. done within six weeks thereafter : penny to us, because they were to having complained of their former lead an injunction against it. It evi- payments, they assured me I should dently appeared he was in concert be paid punctually for the future. But with the king's printers, by the peo- after seven weeks stay at Cambridge ple he brought over with him ; one of (Fenner haring sent down his brother whom was a fuperannuated failor, who to be cashier,) I had no greater pay. ingeniousy coníefled his ignorance: 'ments made me than at the rate of ten and, after eight days stay with us, fillings per week; having made preffwent home again, although he was ing demands in terms of our agreement, under contract for a year at weekly this Fenner told me, that if I were not wages. Another of them, to excule fatisfied wiih what he gave, I might go his ignorance; told us he was bred a about my business, for they could do baker, aod had been but two years the work without me. By this time at the press. The other two were fa- having got a sheet of a Bible made by ther and son ; the father was a little the direction of this new overseer, old man between fixty, and seventy which appeared more beautiful than years of age, and both fo weakly, any hitherto done, Fenner, hearing that they took four pålls at the press me so much commend it, pretended to inttead of two that the Englith made, have a curiosity to look at it, but lifewho mocking them for their practice ing it up from the place where it lay in their bafiness, the fon, being alham.. to a better light, drope it; observing ed, ran away from us in two months. this, I ran to take up what might be Our new overseer, being along with unhurt, but he knocked even what rethem at Cambridge, and baving no marred whole to picces, which shewed other plates to work upon, but the 'was not an accident, but real design. forıncr un correct ones (whi: h he him. I foon after discovered their plot : clt had condemned) cau cu cait of a for, having placed all my tools and


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for me.

intruments in order at Cambridge, agreed on by our minutes. Then Mr his brother at London and he thought Fenner applied to Mr Mount and Me they could do the business without Page, who had a considerable mortme, and so fought all opportunities gage on Mr Balker's privilege of printto fall out wiih me ; for it was plain ing; Mr Balker being to receive from his breaking of my plates (the ' 11,000li due to hiin by the Governgoodness of which was owing to our ment, with which he designed to pay new overseer's improving of the pages, off that mortgage: Fenner hearing of and preserving of such pages as were this, conje&turing this a proper time, fufficient for the work), that, if they made proposals to conjoia Mr Mount found they could succeed in their de. and Mr Page with him in the univerSig?, they would impofe upon John firy's 1:afs, which he had till in his James, by making him believe they own name. Thereafter he came to could perform the work better than Cambridge, where I acquainted him niyself, and so have no more occasion 'how haughlily I had been used by his

This new overseer staid 01- brother as is above related ; and told ly ten days at this time that I was at hiin, I would go to London to see Cambridge, when the messengers actu. John James, and provide proper perally came down with the injunction; sons to carry on the work, and have who having sent for him, he kept them our contracs figned, which ought to company all that night, and desired have been done three months before them to conceal themselves till he that time. He told me, I should get thould get all that was due to him, no more papers signed than what were (which was only three guineas), and already, for John James would adbe gone for London, which he accord- vance no more money, and would be ingly did next morning; and they ap. no longer concerned; but that he had peared that afternoon, and laid on their taken care of himself, and was to take injunction, which in few days after in Mr Mount and Mr Page for sharwas removed by a decree of the chan- ers. I then told him, I had his figncery

in ftyour of the university. ed obligation for a fourth share, and Our overseer having now left us, wjuld go to London to let Mr James this Fenner out clerk (being a few know his design, who had already laid weeks before an iron-monger) affiimed our fo much money on that affair.the direction'as overseer like wises and Finding me obstinate, he begged me made always choice of the worst plates to stay fourteen days, and make the for the press-men to work on, and Calendar of a Prayer. book, that he fent these bad inpressions to John might have one of them bound in orJames, which he sheived to ftationers der to thew it to Mr James, and that that he expected would be purchasers, he would endeavour to get him to who attributed the faults of the im- continue his concern, and to bring preflia to the badnefs of the paper. him to Cambridge in that time; which Fenner having got already as much they failing to do, I wint to London; from John James as he could expect but before I fet out, I thought it fit to he would be willing to launch out on remove part of my tools, at least fo this affair; he made a demand of many of them as should disappoint L.500 for this paper, which Mr James him, or any other, in the discovery of refused to pay his share of, telling any part of my invention. I likewise him that he was informed it was no- carried with me fpecimens of most of thing but the refuse and rubbish of his the sheets cast off

, to compare them Shop, and that he ought not to have with what-Mr James might have got. furnished paper without the advice and sent him from Fenner. Mr James confent of the concerned, as had been took out of his pocket those theets VOL. XIV. No. 84.


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paper, to

my advania

sept him by Fenner from Cambridge; tools, 'o be more attentive to my pero
amo:gft which was one done upon formance for the discovery of the my-
fine paper and sealed, as formerly foke liery, and then to shuffle me entirely
of, which he judged to be from the oui of the business.
tvpe. and said there was no compari In the twenty-six weeks time they
foo be:ween it and the other feci- expected I would finif the half of a
mens for, beauty; and his brother Bible, and the half of an O&tuvo Pray-
Thomas James being present, and fe- er-book. I told them I saw through
conding the same, the sheet was open- their aim, and parted, wich then.'
ed out, and my seal being found on Then Fenner went a fecond time to
the middle of it, they were bo.h con-. Cainbridge, and practised for two
vinced that that impresion was from months with as little fuccess befüre :
my plates, and that any defects they at his return, he called us 10 ano: her
complained of in the orders were ow meeting; and I carried along with
ing to the insufficiency of the paper. me a countryman of mine, a member
Nest day I went to call for Fesner, of parliament, to whom they offered a
but he would not appear.
But hear theet of clean


what are ing I was cámet. London, he went ticies he thought fit for tage, down the day after to Cambridge, if I would return to Cambridge. This where he and his brother impudently gentleman answered, that I had a broke

open ny work-house door, and friend in the place who understood. finding the material

of my

tools matters of that kind better than he, gone, applied to tradefmen in the place, and desired them to appoint an hour, zirvoking to make up what was want and place; but accidentally dropping og; but he could not describe, nor his name, was known to Mr Feoner, They conceive what he meant, though having heard him plead a cause in the He was there lix weeks about it. When Exchequer in Scotland: when the dehe came back to London, he perfuad- fendant vas seemingly to have lost his ed John Jancs, thar, cald he have cause, this gentleman recovered it to back my tools, he would make good Fenner's great furprize, which made the undertaking, and 10 chat end he him bilieve that gentleman would be proposed a niecting with me, to en. too many for him to meet with on my.. gage me to go back and replace my affuir. The appointment, Lowever, pools as they were before, and I was made, but neither he nor James should be paid punctually thereafter. kept it. Some days after, my friend Thise infosuctions fo far prevailed the member of parliament and I aret with Jolin James, that he went into with them in another place, where the conceit with Finner against me, were the two Janes's and Fenner. and gave him i ty guint as as part of Thomas James, being the inzi mate of his ihase of the L.5c0' for paper a Mr Mount and My Page, was inform-, bove mentioned: when we met, I de- ed by them, liow far Fenoer had bien fired to get from Mi Hamilton the bargaining with them for the privilege contract in his hands to be figned, of the university; which John James and that Mr Fenner could transfer hearing, told Fenner that he was a the privilege of the university., This knave and a rogue, and had all athey declined, and* Paid They would long picked his pocket, but that he make another paper equally valid, would strip him to the shirt for his which John James wrote himself, and money. After this, my friend and I which was a cun:ract for twenty-fix gave over hopes of getting matters acweeks in place of twenty-one years. commodated; but he went to my By this I perceived that their delign Lord Islay (by whose aslistance we was only to get me to carry back my had obtained the lease, which was



granted solely for the encouragementus;

us ; to which he answered, that he rof my plate-way), to solicit his Lord

was content, provided I would fixt ship to intercede the gentlenen bail for what demands he might have of the university for redress of my bad on me; to which my

friend replied, treatment. But this visit was unlucki- that I should find bail for L. 5000 yes, ly timed; for one Mr Page au altor. L. 10,000 if he would do the saine but ney (his Lord hip's doer at London, for L. 2000. But Fenner, hearing and-likewise for Fenner) being pre- this frank offer of my friend and me, sent, and hearing applicition made declined the submillion; upon which his tordihip in my behalf, faid, I had a substan.ial n-ighbour of his being been fufficiently rewarded for what I present, told him, that certainly his had done ; that I hid got L. 700 of cause must be bad, that he woull not their money, and that I was oli and truit to the arb.tration of two honelt -blind, and that my partners could per- men. Before I left Cambridge lait,

form undertaking to better purpose I was informed by one of my counthan I could do inyfelf

. After this, my trymeo who wrought in the house, friend and I made it our business to that they had printed off 20,000 co, meet with this attorney, when I had pics of a small Prayer-bank of one my accounts drawn up, to thew him line, 10,000 of another Prayer book how far he had been milinformed., of two columns, from my' plates made But he would by no means meet with from the fanne type and

10,000 us, saying, Did we imagine to seduce more of an octavo Prayer-bo: k of a him from his client's interest ? and larger letier, the one half whereof that he would affront my friend, if we from plates, and the other from types; gave him any further trouble. My befides 10,009 Bibles in manner of friend being obliged to go for Scot- this lait mentioned Prayer-bok, land, I never had an opportunity to which when working in the commun give my Lord Idiy any farther ac way, one third of these types wire

misfortunes. I went af- picked out, Thin as Jumes saving unterwards to Cambridge, to look after' dersized them when he underlook to my household furniture, and the re- aljit them, though I had all along mainder of that I left be- wrought my plates froin these ansiz d hind me; but Fenner pretended to types. After all, I took counself detain both furniture and tools for Comitary Graves at Cambrid, what of the latter I had carried off and M: Peters counsellor at Londo before, though at the time time my whom John James kad likewife advupartners were debtor unto me in L.240 et with; and both agreed that we by their engagements to me, besides tuli joia in profecutin, Feaner ; my hare of the plates and profits a- wich Mir James coifented to, buc rising from them. I could by no Milied me vit fó often that I could : means prevail with Fenner to let me not wait longer at London: and thus,

have my furniture, tools, or my cubi I was ooitged to leave my affair in net where my papers lay. When I the fame fituation, and come noille o came back to London, another friend Scotland, without ever having been of mine and I met with Fenner, to able ever fince, to get redre s or fazla whom we proposed to submit our dir- f etion or the injuries doje me by ference to the determina'ion of two my partners. gentlemen, to be chosen by each of

W. Gr.


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