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pr. 18.

The Monthly Catalogue for August, 1753. 391

in Easter Week. By $. Cowper, D. D. 72. The Seeds of Mankind, pr. 18. pr. 6d. Sandhy. Needham.

35. A Sermon before the Society for 73. Dr. Free's Speech to the Mayor, Propagating the Gospet in foreign Paris, Aldermen and Citizens of Oxford, July Feb. 16, 1753. By Edward Lord Bithop 30, 1753, pr. 6d. Hodges.

of Landaff', pr. 1$. Roberts. 14. The compleat English Dictionary, 36. A Sermon on the Death of Mr. j. pr. 18. Trye.

Thurrowgood. By B. Wallin, pr. 68. 75. The Trial of John Barbot, Attor- Keich. pey at Law, for the Murder of Matthew 37. David's Sin in numbering of the Mills, Erq; in the 10and of St. Chrifto. People, pr. 60. Cooper. pher's, pr. 38

Whifton. (See p. 347.) 38. A Sermon before the King, Dec. 8. 16. The History of the first Discovery 175!. By E. Cobden, D. D. ps. 6d. and Settlement of Virginia,' By W. Baldwin. Seith, M, A. pr. 55.

39. Discourses on several Sabjects. By 17. Britannia's Precaution to her Sons,

W. Wishart, D. D. pr. 28 d. Millar. Owen.

40. The Reasons and Neceffity of pube 18. A true Account of the late Hurri. lick Worship, an Affize Sermon at Ox. gane at Whirt halt, pr. 64. Carpenter, ford, March 8, 1753. By G. Fothergill,

19. A Review of the whole Evidence D.D. pr. 6d. Rivingtun. for and againt Canning and Squires, pr. 41. The Cross of Chrift. A Viffation 38. Corbett.

Sermon at Northampton. : By J, Hervey, 20. Seeeding Prefbyterianism displayedt, Av M. 'pr. 60.. Riving on. in the Case of Mr. John Potts, pr. 6do 42. A Sermon before the Antigallicàns.. Kingman.

By J. Free, D. D. pr. 60. -Robinson, 25. The Pocket Companion for Ox 43. Fuur Sermons of the lare Rev. Mr.' ford : Containing an accurate Defcription John Seuart, pr. 28. Hodges. of the publick Edifices, Colleges, Statues, 44. A Sermon at the Triennial VificaBufts, Pictures, &c. A new Edition en- tion of the Bishop of Lincoln at Hemelo larged, with Copper-Plates, pr. is. Bald. Hempstead. By F. Ayscough, D.D. pro win.

6d. Owen. 22. A candid Examination of Lord Bo. 45. A Sermon before the Lord Mayor lingbroke's Letters on History, pr. Is. at St. Bride's, on Wednesday: in- Eatter Sigley,

Weck. By T. Morell, D. D. pr. 6. Drd. 23. An Alarm to Britannia's Proteftant 46. A Sermon on the Death of Dr. Sons, pr. 6d. Johnson.

Scawen Kenrick, D. D. By J. Butler, 24. A Journey from Joppa to Jerufa- LL. D. pro 6d. Tenson. lem in May, 1751. By D. Falconar, pr." 47. A Sermon before the House of js. Comyns.

Commons, on May 29. By L. Howard, *25. A Letter from a Gentleman to his Son D. D. pr. 60.' Dodsey. Abroad, occafioned by his having married 48. A Sermon before the Cons of the a Roman Catholick, pr. 28. 6d. Robinson. Clergy at St. Paul's, May 10, 1953. By

26. An Appeal to the Throne againft T. Athton, M. A. pr. 68. Whifton the Naturalization of the Jews, pr. 6d. 49. A Sermon on the 29th of May, Bouquet

pr. 6d. The Author. 27. The Reje&lion and Restoration of

go. Twelve Sermons on feveral Subthe Jews. By Archaicus, pr. 64. Baldwin. jects. By C. Hussey, D. D. pr. zs. 6de

28. Tlie Care of the Jews confidered, Ward. pr. 6d. Reeve.

51. A Sermon at the Ordination of the 29. Seasonable Remarks on the late Rev. Mr. Barron. "By J Burroughs, pc. Ad in. Favour of the Jews, pr. 6d.

60. Noon. Dodley.

52. A Sermon at the Affizes at Theta 30. A Review of the Naturalization

ford, March 23, 1753. By Glocefier of the Jews. By a Merchant, pr. is. Ridley, LL. B. pr 6d.' Clarke. *****, POETRY.

53. A Sermon before the House of 31. A Choice Collection of Songs for Lords, May 29, 1753. By James (John feveral Voices. By J. Arnold, pr. is, 6d. fon] Lord Bishop of Gloucester, pr. 6d. Hitch.

H. Cox. 32. The Jews naturalized : A Ballad, 54. Ten Sermons of the late Rer. M. pr. 6d. Webb.

Stevart. Owen. 33. Poems on feveral Occasions. By 59. A Sermon at the primary Vifitation Glen Shing, B. A. pr. 25. Bourn. of the Bishop of Norwich, at Bury St, SERMONS.

Edmund's. By R. Kedington, D. D. pro 34. A Sermon proached before the Lord Od. Beecroft. Mayor, &c. at St. Bride's, on Tuesday

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BANK INDIA (South Sea, South Sea South Sea3 and P.3 p. Cent.js. S. An.13 p. Cent.Ind. Bonds B.Cir. p.:/ Wind at Weather BILL of Mortality from
Stocks Tocx. S T.SK. Anroid Ann, new C. B. An. B. Annu.

1751. Inch Ann. prem.

d. Deal.. London July 28 to Augun 18. 106 106 1 103 & 103 104

71. 43 13 7

fair S. W.


Males 716? 106 % 206 1 4 103

164 3 7 6 S. S. W. rain fair

Femal. 696} ?412 106

104 76W. S. W. fair rain


S Males 9173 106 2 / 204 103 i 1 104 % zl. 53


S. W. rain

Femal. 772

S. W. hard very win. Died under 2 Years old 65%
106 1

71. 45 3 7
S, W. rain fair Between 2 and

78 106

107 137

106 104 103

zl. 45 104

3 7 6s. W. bys.

5 and 10- 31
137 1921

106 4 104

71. 104

10 and 20-
13 7 6. W. by s. rain lair




3 7 9)

rain fair
S. W.

20 and 30 10


13 7 6 W. S. W. fair 10


40 - 135
106 105 á
106 104 103 104

21. 45 7 6 N. E.


40 arid -- 135
12 Sunday

N. by W.




104 193

71. 45 37 104

rain S.S. E.

6o and go

14) 137


S, W. heavyrain

76 119 1


106 Is) 137


rain 13 7 6W, S.W.

33 106 106 204 1 104 10+ 13 7 6 w: by S.


go and 100 -106 i 106 106 105

104 104

с N. W. fair

3489 106 28 137

106 105 104

ON, N. W. 13 10

fair Within the Walls


W. N. w. fair rain
19 Sunday

Without the Walls 360
so 137

106 2 105 104


3 1 6
N. W. fair

In Mid. and Surrey 65?
21] 137


105 193

104 71. 65

W. 3 10


City & Sub, Wel. 343 167 6

106 137

106 193


71. 68

3 10 c W. S. W. tair
106, a 106
204 $ %) 104

71, 6s
1 137

3 10

S. W. 104


fair 193

106 107 1067

104 44 137


71, 6s 193

o E. by S. fair clou Weekly July 31 - 295

3 10
106 ) 106 104 ios 104

I l. 6s
310 N. E. fair

Aug. 7
S. S. E. fair hot


107 27 137



N. E. rain fair
106 104 105 104 104

3 10 C E. S. E. fair hot

301 106 voo, 107, 104 105 104

1. 6s
291 137

S.E. Imild rain!
106 ;

21. os

E. by S. fair
30 137

Wheaten Pecle Loar 28. sa.
311 137

107 Jog

71. 6 13 10

S. S. E. Jrair clou. Peale 215. t0263.0.1. p. Qu27
Mark-lane Excluange. Baringoke, /. Reading.
Farnham. Henley. Guildford. | Birminghiam.


Wheat 325 to 385 ar 101. oss load i11.-sos dond 101. 108 load 12.00$ icad ol.cos load 4s od io 8.1

. 175.6d. to 101, 10s. p. I. dl. rowl. pur lode
Barley 163 to 195 od. 175 to 00 qr 208 to 21 qr 155 to 18 qr 18 to 21 gr 168 to 19 2s 8d to gs of 195, 10 205. ood.

173. to 193. Oats 115 to 146 64 145 to 17 60 138 to 17

pas to 17 1as to 1360 ishod 10 23 or 144, god. 80 155.c6d. p. q' 145. ogd. to 268. cad. Beans 205 to 248 od 253 to zż od ličs to 24 1238 to 258 218 to 24 1228 to 24 35 20 10 38 67119s. to 245. ood.

2 18. cod. to 225.cod. per qr LOTTERY TICXITS, 31. 128, 31. 145. 31. 335, 6d. glo 198. 31. 148, 6d. 31. 348. 31. 738, 6d. 31. 145, 6d. 36. 135. 6d. 36. 135. 31. 136. 6d, 31. 345. 31. 145. 6d. v.xi.

3b. 158.

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Price of corny w w NNNNN

109 107

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.


To be Continued. .trrice Six-Pence each month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of the same Pria.) 1. M. Voltaire's Letter to his Niece in the XIl. Of Mr. Cuff's double Microscope.

original French, with an English Trans- XIII. Latin discarded, a Satire. lation.

XIV. Mathematical Questions solved, and II. Mr. Norsord's-Letter to Mr. Freke con- another proposed.

cerning cancerous Tumours, with a re- XV. The Little Horn in Daniel explained. markable Care.

XVI. Electrical Experiments for drawing II. An historical Account of the famous the Lightning from Clouds. Bull Unigenitus.

XVII. Inscription on Lord Bolingbroke's IV. Types and Calculation of the Eclipse of Monument,

the Sun that will happen in October, with XVIII. Aris made ule of by Sharpers, ShopNotes upon it.

lifters, Honfe-breakers, &c. with Cauti. V. The Life of CHAUCER, the Father of ons against them. English Poetry.

XIX. Parliament of Tinners. VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli- XX. POETRY : Monimia to Philocles; Re

tical Club, &c. continued : Containing ceipt for modern Dress ; Verses written in the remarkable SPILCH Of T. Sempronius Milton's Paradise, Lolt ; Specimen of Gracchus against the Jews Bill, and the Chaucer's Poetry'; a Spring Evening i SPEECH of Afranius Burrhus on the Mara the Recort, a Song new set to Mufick. riage Bill,

XXI. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : VU. A Cure for the Gout or Rheumatism.. Sessions at the Old Bailey ; Robberies, VUI. A Censure on the falhionable Employ Murders, Executions, &c. &c. &c. ment of rural Life.

XXII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; IX. Extract from Dr. Addington, of the Deaths ; Bankrupts. Sea-Scurvy and its Cure.

XXIlI. Prices of Stocks for each Day. X. A Description of the City of YORK.: XXIV. Monthly Bill of Mortality. XL A SUMMARY of the most important

XXV. FOREIGN AFFAIR $. Affairs in the last Session of Parliament.. XXVI. Catalogue of Books. With a fine Head of CHAUCER, a neat View of the City of YORK, and a curious PLATE of a new.constructed DOUBLE MICROSCOPE ; all beautifully engraved.

MULTUM IN PARVO. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Pater-Noster-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any fingle Month to compleat Sets.


A bull Unigenirus




N'historical account of the famous The road bill

421, 422 395 The Jews bill, and petitions for and A cure for the gout or rheumatism 396 againft it

422, 413 A receipt for modern dress ibid. The marriage bill

423, 424 'Types of the solar eclipse that will be on An account of Mr. Cuff's new-confructe October 26, in the morning 397

ed double microscope

424 Particular remarks on the faid eclipse in Extract from Mr. Norford's letter to Mr. the several parts of the world

Feke concerning cancerous camours The life of Geoffry Chaucer, the father

425 of English poetry ibid. &c. A remarkable cafe related by him

4252 His character 399

426 An account of his works


M. Voltaire's letter to his niece, in the A specimen of his poetry ibid. original French

427 The JOURNAL of i learned and political - The same translated into English

CLUB, &c. continued 401-410 “A caution against sharpers, top-lifters, Szurch of T. Sempronius Gracchus house-breakers, &c. with the arts made against the Jews bill 401–406 use of by them

429 The three arguments for immediately The deceiving art, called masoning ibid.

passing the bill, and not postponing ić, Ringing tuggs and feats, or changing great answered 401, 402 coats and saddles

430 The question, whether the bill ought to Milling of kens, or breaking of houses pass at all, considered ibid.

ibid. A A regard to religion, and reverence to The little horn in Daniel explained 430, parliament, urged as motives against

431 the bill

ibid. POETRY. The retort, a song set to muThe inutility of the bill considered 403 fick

432 The prejudice and danger apprehended A country dance

433 from the bill, with regard to our com- Monimia to Philocles, written by the late merce and present landed interest 404 lord H--y

ibid. With respect to our present happy erta- Written on the first leaf of Milton's Pablishment, and the next general electi- radise Lost, that was sent to a lady 435 405 A spring evening

ibid. That the bill is a Nep towards a general The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 436 naturalization

406 Electrical experiments for drawing the SPLECH of Afranius Burrhus, in favour lightning from clouds

ibid. of the marriage bill


A list of the important differences deDr. Addington, of the sea-scurvy 410 pending between the courts of Europe of the cure of the sea-scurvy

411 Latin discarded, a satire

412 Inscription on lord Bolingbroke's monuTo whom it may fill be of use 413 ment

437 Censure on the present fathionable em- A woman burnt for poisoning her husband ployment of rural life, from The WORLD

ibid. 414 Sellions at the Old Bailey

Solution of a surveying question 415 The three Abbotsbury men acquitted ibid.
Question in navigation proposed ibid. Mr. Crouch robbed and murdered ibid.
Solution of an arithmetical question 416 General court of the Bank
Description of the city of York ibid. Sheriffs sworn in, and new lord-mayor
Massacre of the Jews there


ibid. Publick buildings there

Parliament of tinners

ibid. The cathedral and chapter-house 419 Country adizes

ibid. A fummary of the most important affairs Marriages and births

ibid, in the last seffion of parlament 419– Deaths

438, 439 424 Ecclefiaftical preferments

439 of the bill for permitting the exportation Promotions civil and military ibid. of wool and woollen, yarn from Ireland Persons declared bankrupts

ibid. to Great Britain

419, 420 Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weaThe Edinburgh bill 420 ther

440 The alelouse bill 420, 421 Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. The Letter from Cambridge against the Jews bill, in answer to the remarks lately published, by one wbo calls bimself a bysander, fall be in our next ; as also the bymn to Correntment, and over pieces we bave ruccivid.

REcripts for collecting the Land Tax and Window LIGHT8, are given Gratis by R. BALDWIN, Bookfeller, at the Rose ir Pater-Nofter-Row.




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An Account of the BULL UNIGENITUS.

fpirit, piety, and mysteries of the holy

scriptures.' PHE glorious stand which Prop. 80. " The reading of the holy

is made by the parlia fcriptures is for all."

ment of Paris in favour Prop. 81. “ The facred obfcurity of T

of liberty of conscience, the word of God is no reason for the
cannot fail to be applaud- taity to dispense with the obligation of
ed by every true Briton. А reading it.
They oppose the vile at. Prop. 82. “ The Lord's day must be

tempts to manacle the fan&tified by christians with the reading consciences of the people, with a genius of pious books, and above all of the holy and spirit able to cope with the combined scriptures. It is mischievous to think of force of regal ambition, priestly cunning, withdrawing a christian from the reading and ministerial influence.

thereof." That our readers may judge of the im. Prop. 83. “ It is an illufion to persuade portance of chis affair, we present them one's fell, that the knowledge of the with the following brief historical account B mysteries of religion must not be imparted of that famous bull, or constitution of to women by reading the sacred books. the late pope, called Unigenitus *, which The abuses of scripture, and heresies, are is but little understood, altho' ic is the not sprung from the fimplicity of women, source of all the disputes which have but from the proud knowledge of men." lately arisen between the clergy and par. Prop. 84. * To snatch the New Tefta. liaments of France.

ment out of the hands of christians, or to The design of the pope's bull, pub- keep it fhut to them, by depriving them lished in the year 1713, was to condemn Cof the means of understanding it, is a great number of propositions contained to thut unto them the mouth of Chrift."

in a book, published by father Quesnen, Prop. 85. “ To forbid christians the 'intitled, “The New Testament, with reading the holy scriptures, especially of moral reflections upon every verse, &c. the gospel, is to forbid the use of light of, An abridgement of the morality of to the children of light, and to make the Gospel, the AAs of the apofles, the them fuffer a sort of excommunication." epiftles of St. Paul, the canonical epiftles, On these propofitions, among the rest, and the Revelations. Out of this book the pope passed his cenfure in the followof father Quesnell's, the Pope culled 101 ing words: propositions, and passed a moft fevere cen- « Wherefore having heard the judglure upon them. Most of them express ment of the cardinals, and other divines the common sentiment of those called Jan. aforesaid, which they delivered to us both fenifts, relating to the efficacy of divine in word and writing, and having implored grace, come to the invalidity of unjuft the albistance of divine light, by appointing excommunications, and one to the prac- private and also publick prayers for that tice of making oaths so common in the end, we do by this our unalterable conchurch. I thail only take notice of those E Ritution declare, condemn, and reject propofitions that relate to the reading the respectively, all and every one of the proholy scriptures, which the pope, in this positions aforesaid, as false, captious, bull, has thought fit to condemn.

sounding ill in, and offensive to pious Prop. 79. “It is profitable and necer. ears, scandalous, pernicious, rath, in. fary in all times, all places, and for all jurious to the church and her practice, forts of perfons, to Audy and know the contumelious not only to the church but September, 1753.

Ddd 2

to ** From the forf word of sbe bull, wbicb begins thus : Unigenitus filius Dei plantavit vincam,

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