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Ecclefiaßical Preferments.--Dispensations.Bankrupts. 373 Rev. Mr. Romney, Southery Norf. Rev. Cha. Francis, M.A. rector of MildenJ. Salmon, Pembroke-hall, admitted B.A. hall, Wilts, to hold Collingbourn Ducis R. in

Rev. James Hitch, M.A. Shepreth V. co. the same county. Cambr. pice Ellis, dec.

Rev. Sam. Gauntlett, M.A. vicar of Hurs. Rev. Thomas Cradock, LL.B. appointed ley, co. Southampton, to hold Portsea V. in archdeacon of Glandelaghi, in Irelanıl, vice

the laine county. Galt, «lec.

Rev. Cha Gordon, LL.B. vicar of EdwinRev. Mr. James Verschoyle, LL B. pro- Now, co. Northampton, to hold Wellingore moted to the prebend and parish of St. Audeon. V. co. Lincoln.

Rev Hen. Stephens, Burford V. Wilts. Rev. Talbot Kcene, M.A. vicar of Brig

Rev. Jonath. Thompíon, Fran. Creilwe'l, stock with Stanton, có. Northampton, to and John Bourdieu, eiq. of Clare Hall, Cam- hold Tadmarton R. co. Oxford. bridge, admitted M.A.

Rer. jas. Weiler, rector of Holy Trinity Tho. Wilkins and John Richards, of Trin. and St. Mary, Guildford, co. Surrey, to hold Coll. Camb, admitted B.A.

Eait Clandon R. in the same county. Rev. Dyson Gabell, St. Laurence R. in Rev. Cha. Coates, vicar of Preston, Dorf. Winchester, co. Southampton.

to hold! Osmington V. with the chapelry of Mr. C. Pegge, of Christ Church, Oxford, Ringitead, in the same county. (granulion to our truly respectable correspon Rev. Henry Henley, vicar of Aldesworth, dent, and son to the historiographer of the Berks, to hold Wilton R. St. Mary Chapel of royal houshold) and Mr. Landen, jun. of Netherhampton, Bulidge V. and DitchampWorceiter College, elected fellows of Oriel ton R. annexe, co. Wiks. College, Oxford.

Rev. John Dixon, rector of Boughton, co. Rev. Mr. Haggit, appointed to the chap- Southampton, to hold Toddington, otherlaincy of Chelsea Coll. vice Jennings, dec. Taddington R. co. Bedford.

Rev. Mr. St. John, Lindridge Worc. vice Jennings, dec.

BANKRUPTS. Rev. Tho. Hughes, M.A. appointed pre

OSIAH Harrop, George yd. warehousem, bendary of Worcester, vice Jennings, clec. Richard Soar, Featherstone-str. dealer and Rev. Mr. Chauvel, Stanmore R. co. Mid

chapman, dlesex, vice Dalton, dec. (see p. 368).

Thomas Thompson, Balsey, Worc, dealer Rev. Tho. Waters, B.A. appointed lecturer and chapman of St. Stephen, Wallbrook, and St. Bennet Rich. Godman. Lidney, Glouc, fone mason Sherehog, London.

John Nunes, Liverpool, Lanc, and Richard Rer. Mr.Smith, of Queen's Coll. Oxf B.D.

Harracks, Charlest. South Car. merchants. Rev. Mr. Whitley, of Wadham Coll. Oxf.

Dennis Curren, Princes-Itr. soap-boiler. and Rev.Mr. Moulding, of Trinity, admitted William Hadkinson, Liverpool, Lancast, merc. proctors for the ensuing year. And Rev. Joha Wingate, Huntingford-mills, Gloucet. Mr. Yeomans, of Wadham, Rev. Mr. Grif

dealer and chapman. fiths, of Hertford, Rev. Mr. Kett, of Trinity, H<nry Bailie, Vine-ftr. money-scrivener. and Rev. Mr. Landen, o: Worcester College, Thomas Thorley, Lombard-st. wax.chander. admitted pro-proctors for the enfuing year. John Rour, Andover, Southampton, baker.

Rev. Rob. Burt, chaplain to the Prince of John H»rwood, Cullum-ft. dealer and chapm. Wales, Twickenham V. co. Middlesex, vice Henry Davis, Goulston-sq. dealer and chapm. Hon. and Rev. Mr. Grimston, religned. Richard Bradbury, Chippenham, grocer.

Rev. Dr. Warton, head-master of Win- j ho Marshall, Gosport, South. wine-merc, cheiter School, appointed a prebendary of Edward Vizard, North Nibly, rug-maker. Winchester Cathedral, vice Bp. Butler. Wm. Osborne, Elmdon, dealer and chapa.

Angel Levy, Swan-ft. dealer and chapman. DISPENSATIONS.

Ed. Gardiner, Red Lion-st. dealer and chapm. IGHT Rev. Dr. Smallwell, bishop of Tho. Cuwell, Preston, dealer and chapman. nonry of Christ Church, Oxford, together Thomas Farmer, Soffolk-it, dealer and chapm. with Batsford R. co. Gloucester.

In. Jas. Maillard, Bristol, dealer and chapm. Rev. Thonias Barstow, rector of Aldham, Thomas Hedges, Piccadilly, dealer and chapm. Ellex, to hold St. Laurence Newland R. in Ellis Williams, May-fair, dealer and chapm. the same county.

Peter Symons, jun. Biliter-lane, Leadenhall. Rev. Tho. Green, rector of Bramber cum Street, dealer and chapman. Botolph, tohoid Twyneham R. both co. Suffex. Henry Dowling, Princes-it

. dealer and chapm. Rev. Matth Field, vicar of Ukeley, other Thomas Darkin, St. Mary, Rotherhithe, wise Ugley, co. Essex, to hold St. Anne, dealer and chapman. otherwise Agnes, Aldersgate, R. and St. John And. Turnbull, Crouked. la. dealer and chapm. Zachary, both co. Middle

Samual homas, Naniwich, dealer and chapm. Rev. Cha Redlynch Strangeways, rector Jn. Newton, Kingston upon Hull, grocer. of Maiden Newton, to hold Bympton, Som. James Green, Birmingham, dealer and chapm.

Rev. Barnard Fowler, to hold Southmin- Simon Grayson, Leeds, dealer and chapman. Iter V. co. Eflex, with Wormley R. Herts. Richard Farrer, King-ft. dealer and chapman.



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Wm. Anderws, Southampt. money-scrivener. Edward Leigh, Lothbury, dealer and chapm. John Moore, Stratford, dealer and chapman. Thomas Sprent, Oxford ft. dealer and chapm. Samuel Sherwin, Deptford, mariner.

Thomas Priestly, Bradford, dealer and chap. Joho Hogg and John Fox, Cockspur-Atreet, Jo. Harrison, Sowerby Row, dealer and chap. dealers and chapmco.

Francis Page, Watling-tt, dealer and chapm. Samuel Cross, jun. and John Kiddell, jun. Elizabeth and Thomas Page, Watling-ftreet, Exeter, merchan's.

dealers in horses, &c. John Graham, jun. Burlem, Stafford, potter. William Gracy, Cow.cross, dealer and chap. George Braithwaite, Princes-st. merchant Abra. B-resford, Moneyal, dealer and hapo and insurance-broker.

Jacob Bell, Low Lighis, dealer and chapmaz. Nathaniel Mali hew, Exeter,dealer and chapm. John Elgie, Cargo nect, deaiur and chapa is. Thomas Hall, Black-Friars Road, dealer and John Small, Crediton, dealer and chapman. chapman.

Samuel Drinkwarer, Lea, dealer and chproan. Peter Grige, Bath, dealer and chapman. William Farrer, St. Mary, Roiherhiibe, jealer Nathaniel Jones, Bath, dealer and chapman. and chapman. Aaron Fianco Drago, Blackman-it. dealer John Armitage, Newark upon Treor, coachand chapman,

maker. Steph. Thornhill, Kingston upon Hull, dealer David Lawson, Rothbury, dealer and chapm. and cbapman.

Robert Preston, sen. Stockton upon Tees Wm. Sheath, Newport, dealer and chapman. dealer and chapman. Jobo Weeks Toompson, Strand, apathecary. Benjamin Holden, Saddleworth, cotton-maJn. Eyles, Devizes, Wilts, dealer and chapm. nufacturer. Francis Sone, Little Rider-ftreet, carpenter. Thomas Poulion, Ineworth, carpenter, &c. Thomas Lutwyche, Birmingham, grocer. Richard Kitcon, Spital-[q. dealer and chapm. Joho Robinson, Stockton upon Tees, grocer. John Fowler, Ipswich, dealer and chapman. Joseph Maidment, Lyndhurst, dealer and Wm. Rivers, Alleannings, dealer and chapo. chapman.

Jn. Watts, St. James's-it. dealer and chapm. Thomas Brace, St. Heleo, dealer and chapm. Juliana Chatres, Wooley, baker and lhop-ke. Jobo Austin, jun. Armly, dealer and chapm. Francis Oxley, Rotherham, fellmonger. Vivian Davenpost, Coventry-ft. Jinen-draper. Wm. Tracy, Old Rope-walk, Robert Solloway, Gloucester, pin-maker. dealer and chapman. Samuel Cheesewright, Aldersgate-it, dealer Wm. Mathison, Hatton-gard. dealer and chap. and chapman.

Benj. Wildsmith, High Holborn, dealer and Jos, Bowles and Ric. Bowles, Great Ryburgh, chapman. millers, flour-merchants.

Wm. Speed, Lambeth, dealer and chapman. James Radcliffe, Worcester, dealer and chapm. Roger Moser, Babinghall.ft. dealer and chap. Jas. Welcombe, Williton, dealer and chapm. Jobo Mears,, dealer and chapman. Thomas Legg, Brifol, dealer and chapman. Colborn Barrell, New York, merchant. Thomas Bingham, Gainsborough, dealer and Walter Bradley, Stourbridge, dealer and chap. ebapman.

Edward Pardoe, Hanbury, dealer and chapm. Richard Perkins, Holborn, horse-dealer,

Joho Burrows and William Bowler, Gray'sRobert Barnard, St. Mary, Rotherhithe, dealer inn-road, dealers and chapmen. and cbapman.

Daniel Weale, Holborn, dealer and chapman. Jabez Carter Hornblower, Gloucefter, dealer James Hay, Charles-ft. dealer and chapmas. and chapman.

Sam. Green, Bath, dealer and chapman. Richard Earwaker, Prifat, dealer and chapm. Thomas Marshall, London, dealer and chapm. Wm. Jonet, St. Catherine's-Bridge, dealer Wm. Hunter, St. John-it. dealer and chapa. and chapman.

Charles Brown, Great Hermitage-ft. dealer Sir Lawrence Cox, knight, Margaret- ftreet, and chapman. dealer and chapmao.

Thomas Farrow, juo. Aldgate High-ft. dealer Mary Sheppard, Bond-ft. dealer and chapwo. and chapman. Robert Denbigh Hicks, Toddington, dealer Joseph Clarridge, Oxford-It. dealer and chap, and chapman.

Wm. Gray, Sheffield, dealer and chapman. Sarah Goldworthy, Taunton St. Mary Mag. George Gurney and John Burgils Gurney, dalen, mercer and linen-draper.

High-ft. Lambech, dealers and chapmen. Robert Dunlop, St. Mary-axe, merchant. Joha Pegg, Strand, dealer and chapmaa. Cha. Bruce, Northampton, dealer and chapm. Thomas Finlow and John Glover, Liverpool, Tho. Smith, North Nibly, dealer and chapm. merchants. William Stask, Blucoat-buildings, merchant. Thomas Lockley and Thomas Ridler, MonAbra. Schroner, Lichfield-it, dealer and chap. mouth, dealers and chapmen, Wilham Langley, jun. Newton Abbott, gro- Nicho. Leigh, Cloysters, dealer and chapm. cer and shopkeeper.

Steph. Barber, Exchange-Alley, dealer and Thomas Scarisbick, Kendal, dry-salter. chapman. Adam Hill, Heap, dealer and chapman. Hodgson Atkinson and William Walton, Thomas Dod, George-ft. dealer and chapm. Tokenhouse-yard, dealers and chapmen. Alexan. Thorn, Pancras-la. dealer and chapm. George Piggott, Eaton-bridge, dealer and Robert Hopper, Gravesend, dealer and chap. chapman. 5


12 9 Suffolk





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Prices of Grain.-Theatrical Regifler.-Bill of Mortality.

375 AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from April 14, to April 19, 1988.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST. s. d.js. d.js. d.fs. d.


5 810 012 512 112 11 London 5 913 312 712 1/2

5 53 O2 412 02 COUNTIES INLAND.

5 53 02

2/2 olo Middlesex

812 613
5 53 02

61 102
6 012 8 2 415 York

5 103 62 92 03 8 Hertford

012 912 23 5 | Durham 5 90 02 102 74 2 Bedford

51 112
Northumberld. 5 33 52

61 114
41 92 4 Cumberland 6 2 3 102 1112

24 Huntingdon 41 9 - 6 Weftmorland 6

50 03 2 2 40 Northampton 5 73

02 6 1 102 6 | Lancashire 6 30 0312 43 Rutland

3 31


3'3 103 42 50 Leicester

6/2 91 113 Monmouth 6 10 03 OI 100 Nottingham

2 102 33

Somerset 5 10'3 7,1 13

6 Derby

34 6 50 00


5 100

02 91 7° Stafford 012 414

6 5 104 53

9 Cornwall


03 3:17 Salop 02 1/4 7 Dorset

6 Ilo

7111 8 Hereford

21 M3 7 Hampthire 5 70 Worcester

03 12
11 Suflex

5 910 0242 14
5 54 02 101 13 4


5 90 012 912 212 Gloucester


6 Wilts

72 3

8 WALES, April 7, to April 12, 1788. Berks

02 72

II Oxford 60 02 9/2 313

North Wales 5 914 413 II 104 Bucks Ś glo o2 712

11 South Wales 5 613 612 10 i 6/3

5 73 3/2 5 52 112 5 50 012


5 93 5113


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62 03

5 115 113 5 40 03 5


81 913

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5 70 5 100 S

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Apr. COVENT GARDEN. 1. The Regent-Richard Coeur de Lion.

1. Castle of Andalutia The Commiffary. 2. School for Scandal -Comus.

2. Fontainbleau-The Midnight Hour. 3. Jealous Wife-Harlequin Junior.

3. Merchant of Venice-Love a-la-Mode. 4. Clandestine Marriage-Rich.Cæurde Lion

The Rivals-Love in a Camp. 5. Country Girl—The First Floor.

5. The Miser-The Farmer. 7. Artaxerxes-Who's the Dupe?

7. The Man of the World Omai. 3. Twelfth Night - The Romp.

8. Tb. Ton-Hob in the Well, 9. The Wonder-Richard Caur de Lion. 9. C:stle of Andalusia-Omai. io Love in the East - The Critic.

10. The TonThe Farmer. 11. She would and She would not-Romp. 11. Poor Soldier-Winter's Tale-T.Thumb 12. Artaxerxes-The First Floor.

12. The Ton--Puor Vulcan ! 14. The Heiress-'Tis an ill Wind ibat blows 14. Much Ado about Nothing-High Life Nobody Good.

below Stairs. 115. Artaxerxes--High Life below Stairs. 15. Robin Hood Omai. 16. A Trip to Scarborough--The Sultan.

16. The Duenda-Baraiaria. 17. Richard the Third-Harlequin Junior. 17. Midnight HourFarmerLove a-la-M. IS The Pilgrim--Richard Cour de Lion. 18. Othello-The Poor Soldier. 29. Artaxerxes --The Critic.

19. Lady of the Manor-Love and War. 21. Spanish Barber--The Invisible Mistress. 21. All in the Wrong-High Life below Sta. 22. Art:4Xerxes-The Miller of Mansfield. 22. Love in a Village-Midnight Hour. 23. School for Seandal - The Deserter. 23. The Jealous Wife-Love in a Camp. 24 The Heiress—The Critic.

2 4. The Farmer-Comus---Positive Man. 25. Twelfth Night--The Lyar.

25. Rosina--Barnaby Brittle - Irish Widow: 26. The Regent-The Miller of Mansfiekl. 26.---Fontainbleau-Romance of an Hour. 28. School for Wives Comus.

28. Man of the World --Love a-la-Mode. 29. The Gamester— The Critic.

29. Rosina--Animal Magn-tiso_Omai. 30. Much Ado about Nothing

30. Arlaxerxes--The Padlock.

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BILL of MORTALITY, from April 1, to April 22, 1788.
Christened. .

2 and 5 157 | 50 and 60 128 Males 810 Males

5 and 10 63 | 60 and 70 117 1593 Females 837

to and 20 88 70 and 80 124 Whereof have died under two years old 462

20 and 30 138 | 80 and 90 63

30 and 40 178 | go and 100 Peck Loaf 2s 36.

so 170


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امانی مهدی داد ندارم


Book 13 perCil 3 per Ct. Ditto 4 per Cts per C| Long | Short | Ditto | India India India S Sea Old New 3 perCi New 13 per Cif4perCt.Excheqf Lottery
Stock. reduc.confols.

1726 Consol.

Ann 1777 1778. Stock. Aon Bonds Stock Ann.


1752 Navy. Scrip. Scrip. Bills. Tickets 27] 1767

84 28

82 291

753 a
30 Sunday
31 1764

1 1761
2 1961

4 1701
96 113]

175 1741 80

71 1732 743 751

81 1721




74 75 g a

Il 1723

13 Sunday
14 1725 741


361 172

1714 7 75%



19 172 748

9 + 3 20 Sunday 75


22 1713
23 172

24 172 74#

943 1133

134 251 173

114 743 947 | 013


86 N.B, In the 3 per Cent. Consols, the highest and loweït Price of each Day is given ; in the other Stock the highest Price only.




151 1721



181 172


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The Gentleman's Magazine

ST. JOHN's Gate.

it.james's Chron
Whitehall Ever.
Condon Chron.
London Evening.
Lloyd's Evening
London Packer
Englith Chroa.
Daily Advertiser
Public Advertiser

Public Ledger
Morning Chron.
Morning Post
Morning Herald
Gener. Advertise:
The Times
The World


Leeds 2
Liverpool 3
Manchester 2
Newcaitle 3
Norwich 2
Sheihels 2
Sherborne 2


Bath 2

Birmingham 2
Bury S., Edmund's

Canterbury 2

For MAY, 1788.


Meteor. Diaries for May 1987, and June 1787 37? That Episcopal Church no longer Nonjuran
Lady Visc. Fane, an amiable living Character 379 Manner of seizing the Prin e's of Orange
Original Letter from the Protector Cromwell is. On the Cultivation of our National Hiftury 4
Original Anecdotes of Simon the Engraver ib. General index intended to the Greek Clatrics. 6
Letters and Anecdotes of Dr. John Wallis 383 Particular De!cription of Bexley Partonage 1b.
Dr. Free's Letter to the Abp. of Canterbury 35! Prudential Thoughts on the Slave-Trade 1071
Human Petrifactions, q. if clearly ascertained 333 Parian Chron.--Curious French Advertisem.. 16
The Sigus of the Times feriously conídered 307, Anecdotes of John Mole of Nacton, S: folk it.
The Parrot of Pliny, low mirrep:elented 385 Further Obfervations on the Salmon Finery !!
Obfervat, on Jenhus's Ferculum Literarium 326 Principles of Roman Catholics fully featud
Useful Hintstöthe modern Paimers and Poets 388 Foundation Stone of St. Mary Woolnoth Cho 13
Elucidation of the Peckleton Inscription it. sledical Topography - Two British Orator's.14
Church Lures, how improved by inck fures 38, Procexlings in present Seffion of
Original Striétures on Modern Education 11. Premiums proposed by the Society oi Aris
A Pallage in Shakspeare's Macbeth illuftrate.) 392 REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICA 13 VS 125 - 1
Strange Physical Care of Mr. George Mathew 16.Appeal avíwered-Catalogue of New Books it's
Letter from David Hume to Sir John Pringle inollerEX INDICATORULS--Qileries propied. 121
An Opinion of Lord Monbodelo confidered 394 SELECT POETRY, ancient and mol. 443–+;
Historical Extracts on the Came of Chels 305 For. Attairs, Di meiticoccurrences, &c. 448- 0)
Licentiousnefs reprehended - Stained Glass 396 Births, Marriages, Deaths, &c, 461 – 69
The Bradshaws-A remarkable Direction 397 List of Bankrupts
St. Ouen's Bay, its true Situation described 9. Prices of Grain-Theatrical Reziter, &c.
Strictutes on the Scotch Episcopalian Church 39: Daily Variations in the prices of Stocks
Embellished with Two Picturesque View's of the old PARSONAGE HOUSE at BEXLEY_n
Kint; and a singular Inscription gi? Pou:dation-1tone of a Church, found

in digging for the Foundation of the Mansion HOUSE.

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