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For AUG U S T, 1753

To be Continued. (Price Six. L'ence each Monen.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantiry, eban any Monthly Book of tbe fame Price.) 1. The remarkable Trial of John Barhot, XIII. Other Questions proposed.

at St. Christopher's in the West Indies, XIV. Obrervations on Bounties upon the

for the Murder of Matthew Mills, Efq; Exportation of Corn. II. A genuine Account of the Manner of XV. Proceedings and Observations on the making best Russia Pot- Ames.

Affair of the Turkey Trade. III. Mr. Horne's State of tbe Cafe, &c. XVI. Clauses proposed to be added to the defended.

late Clandestine Marriage Act. IV. Of the luminous Spaces about the South XVII. French Perriwig-Maker's Advertise.

Pole. V. A Description of the County of York. XVIII. Queries to the Circuiteerers of Great. VI. A SUMMARY of the most important Britain.

Affairs in the last Session of Parliament. XIX. POETRY: An Address to the Mule; VII. Account of Henry Jenkins, who lived to a Friend ; to Lord Boyle on his Marto the Age of 169 Years.

riage with Mirs Hoare, of Sturton ; the VIII. The Journal of a Learned and Poli. Charms of Sally ; the Head-Ach; Epi

tical Club, &c. continued : Contain- taphs ; Young Dorilas, a new Song let ing the SPEECH of Servilius Prifcus on to Murick. the Jews Bill; and the SPLECHES of XX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : Arrianus Maturius, and C. Numilius, on Tragical Murders į Fires ; Malefactors the Bill for better preventing Clandeftine executed ; Country Alizes, &c. &c. &. Marriages.

XXI. Promotions, Marriages and Birchs ; IX. Extract from Dr. Addington, of the Deaths ; Bankrupts. Sea-Scurvy.

XXII. Prices of Stocks for each Day. X. Of Air, Light, Ele&ricity, &c.

XXIII. Monthly bill of Mortality. XI. Odious Character of a Lyar.

XXIV, FOREIGN AFFAIX $. XII. folutions of a Surveying Quetion. XXV. Catalogue of Books. With a beautiful and correct GENERAL MAP of YORKSHIRE, and the Head of

Old HENRY JENKINS, curiously engraved.

MULTUM I N PARV 0. LONDON : Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Role in Pater-Noiter-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any single Month to compleat Sets.

C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.




*RIAL of John Barbot, at St. Chii- A bill occafioned by them, and observa.

tions.on bounties upon the exportation the murder of Matthew Mills, Esq; of corn

376 347 Petitions relating to the Turkey trade, His defence

350 and the bill occafioned by them with A genuine account of the manner of observations

376, 377 making best Russia pot-ashes 351 Of the luminous fpaces about the south Extract from Dr. Addington, of the sea pole fcurvy

ibid. Queries proposed to the circuitecrers of A description of the county of York 352 Great Britain

379 The JOURNAL of a Learned and Political The surprizing French porriwig-makers CLUB, &c. continued

comical advertisement

380 SPEECH of Servilius Priscus on the bill to Clauses proposed to be added to the late

permit persons professing the Jewish act against clandestine marriages 387 religion to be naturalized by parlia- Poetry. Young Dorilas, a new song, ment


fet to mufick DEBATI on the bill for the better pre- A new country dance venting of clandestine marriages 356 — To the Rt. Hon. the lord Boyle, on his

367 late marriage to Mifs Hoare SPEICH of Arrianus Maturius in favour An address to the muse

384 of the bill

To a friend

ibid. A recital of former laws relating to mar- The charms of Sally

ibid. riages 357 The head-ach, to Aurelia

385 An account of the several clauses of the Epitaph on brigadier general Hill ibid. bill

360 Epitaph on a young nobleman, killed in SPEECH of C. Numifius against the bill an engagement at sea

ibid. 361 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR 388 Solution of a question in surveying 367 Success of the whale fishery

ibid, A question concerning tate trials 368

Coiners apprehended
An arithmetical question proposed ibid. Fires
An account of old Henry Jenkins, who Mr. Harvey's tragical story
lived 169 years

ibid. Malefactors executed Inscription on a monument erected to his General court of the Free British Fishery memory 369

387 The odious character of a lyar, from the Parliament further prorogu'd

ibid. Adventuier ibid. Trithmen committed for a rape

ibid. Of lyes of vanity

370 Country aflizes Mr. Horne's State of the Cafe, &c. defend- Shocking story of a person's dying by the ed

bite of a mad cat

ibid. Of air, light, electricity, &c.

372 Marriages and births Another solution of the surveying question Deaths


Ecclefiaftical preferments
A summary of the most important affairs Promotions civil and military

ibid. in last session of parliament 373_-377 Persons declared bankrupts

ibid. Of the quarentine bill

373, 374

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Of the thipwreck'd goods bill 374, 375

A catalogue of books. Of the mutiny bill

375 Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, Petitions from the exporters of corn about ther the non-payment of the bounty money Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. N. B. As the speeches of some of the members of the Political Club, besides those already given bave been lately jent in to us, we shall insert thoje upon the Jews bill in our next; and all fuck as may bereafter be sent in, upon iba: or 'axy orber subject, we frull take care to give in the next following, or some future montb. A beautiful view of York, with a description of obat city, shall be in our next.

RECEIPTS for collecting the Land Tax and Window LIGHTS, by R. BALDWIN, Bookfeller, ac ebe Rose in Pater-Nofter-Row,

ibid. 386, 387

386 387, 388



ibid. 389

398 390, 395

wea392 ibid.

are given Gratis

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St. Christopher's, and fell very soon into
TRIAL of JOHN BARBOT, at St. confiderable practice there ; so that before

Christopher's, in obe West Indies, for ibe this unlucky affair happened, he had got
Murder of MAT T. MILLS, Esa; about 8ool. before-hand ; and as he had

S the trial, condemna. always been employed by Dr. Webbe
tion, and execution of and his family, he was prevailed on by
John Barbot, attorney the doctor to set up as the purchaser of
at law, for the murder A his estate at the sale, which he was en-
of Matthew Mills, Esq; bled to do, by a gentleman's undertaking
in the inand of St. Chrif. to endorse his bills for the third part of
topher's, has of late been the price, as that part of the price was

a subject of conversa. to be immediately deposited in good bills tion, and contains some very extraordi- of exchange, by the conditions of sale ; nary circumstances, we shall give our and as Mr. Mills and he had oppolite readers a short account of it, beginning interests to pursue at the sale, this brought with as exact an history of the persons op the quarrel between them. chiefly concerned as we can collect.


What sort of person of a man, or what Matthew Mills, Esq; was a rich planter age, Mr. Mills was, we have not heard; of the island of St. Christopher's, a gen- but Mr. Barbot is said to have been a tleman of a general good character, and man of a small fize, but sprightly, and highly esteemed in that inand ; and he about, or not much above 25 years of age, was, it seems, a considerable creditor up- when this affair happened. on the estate of Dr. James Webbe, who He was tried at St. Christopher's, Jan. 5, had always been a great friend to Mr. 1753, and charged with having feloniouny Barbot, and whose estate in the inand of C and of malice forethought murdered Mat. Nevis, was by order of court to be sold thew Mills, Esq; at Frigate.bay in that at a publick sale, for the satisfaction of inand, on Sunday, November 19, about his creditors ; at which sale both Mr. s o'clock in the morning, by giving him Mills and Mr. Barbot were present and with a pistol loaded with powder and nearly concerned, the former to push on leaden bullets, one mortal wound, upon the rale, in order to recover what was due the right side, between the two laft false to him, and the latter to prevent its taking ribs, and near the back; and the witnesses effe&, or to become the purchaser in trust were as follows: for his friend Dr. Webbe, who had very


Peter Carew swore, that at the sale of ill will to have his estate sold to a stranger, Bridgwater's (Dr. Webbe's)eftate, Nov.7, because he had a rich uncle upon the he heard the prisoner say to the deceased, ifland, on whom he hoped to prevail be expected to be treated like a gentleman, or, to pay his debts and preserve the estate, be did not treat bim like a gentleman. which he has since done.

Thomas Mills.--That at the said sale, John Barbot was born in London, and opon the prisoner's objecting to the conwas the son of an eminent and fubftantial ditions of sale, the deceased said, Mr.

E filversmith, who, it seems, is still alive. Barbot, rbe conditions of sele are very fair ; At 14 he was bound apprentice to an at. why will you cavil about them? Upon which torney at London for five years, and after the prisoner said, Sir, I expret to be treared having served his time, he went to Antigua like a gentleman. And the deceased replied, in 1746, as clerk to a gentleman of the law Sir, I shall always trcat you and all mankind there. About three or four years ago, as such. And he gives good reasons for he got himself admitted as an attorney at believing, that after the fale the deceased Auguft, 1753.

X X 2


348 Trial of Mr. Barbot før the Murder of Mr. Mills. Aug. never saw the prisoner, till the morning the prisoner's negro boy brought a red he was killed.

trunk to his house, in which the prisoner Andrew Armour.-That rome time be- used to carry his things. The doctor tween the 3d and 7th of November, the likewise said, that at his desire, the priprisoner said to him, that Mr. Mills had soner and he, upon Nov. 12. fired several treated him cruelly, and in such a manner. times at a mark, with a pair of. Mrs. as ought never to be forgiven. And that he Darent's pistols, which had brass barrels believed the prisoner nieant Mr. Matthew A and flver mounting, and he believed to Mills ; and never heard that before that be thc same with those thewn to him in time he had any quarrel with Mr. Thomas court. That on the 20th Mrs. Dalent or Mr. William Mills, nor did the pri. missed them, and he helping her to search foner then tell him in what manner Mr. for them, found them under the bed in a Mills had behaved to him, to occasion his room where food a red trunk, which he laying ro to him.

believed to be the trunk that the prisoner's Patience Dorset. - That on the king's boy had brought to his house the morning birth-day (Nov. 10,) as she was going of the 19th.

That he saw the trunk into Mr. M'Cabee's tavern (in St. Chris B opened : That there was a coat and waisttopher's) the heard the prisoner 'say to coat in it which were moist : That he did two men he was talking with, there not on the Saturday night, the 18th, rend is a certain gentleman in this inand, that his boy or any of his horses out on any erwithin a fortnight he would either kill rand : That the night between Saturday or be killed by. But did not know, nor and Sunday the 19th was a very boisterous had ever seen either of the men he was night; and that from the time he spoke talking to.

to the prisoner on Saturday night, and Dr. James Webbe, -That at the afore. C the time he saw him riding up to the house said rale, he heard the prisoner' say, we in the morning, he believed, he might will be bound by these conditions as far as the have been at Si, Cliristopher's and back Low ean bind us and 10 fartber; and that the again. marsha! bad no rigbe to make any ter 2025 of fale. The witneiles to the will were then That he heard the deceased say, we will called, who swore they witnessed a deed bare no fcbeslbzys play. That the prisoner written and executed by the prisoner, purchased the estate at his requett. That Nov. 13, at niglit, but could not be pofi. the prisoner and he were intimate." And tive it was a will. after this being asked thus : Did you never


Thomas Hohfon and his fister living hear the prisonet mention any thing of on Bridgwater estate (wore, that on Sa. fatisfaction or ill treatment. Without turday night, Nov. 13, about midnight, objecting to the question, he answered, Dr. Webhe's boy came to their house on never; and afrerwards being aiked thus : one of the doctor's horses, about midnight, Did the prisoner never say any thing to and said he had been round the island you on the subject of the dispute that had looking for his master. That after puthappened at the sale of Bridgwater's estate? ting up his horse who was wet, he fayed He, without objecting anfwered, no, he E there all night: That about 8 o'clock next never did. The do&tor confered, that the morning a little gentleman in a white prisoner did, on Nov. 13, in the evening, coat and silver-laced hat came there, asked write. execute, and deliver to him a deed: for Pope, the boy's name, and the moment or writing attested by three witneiles, but he saw him, bid him faddle the horre: faid he did not know whether it was his That as soon as he was faddled, after will cr no," nor did the prisoner then in. asking the boy the nearest way to Dr. form him of his being a 'I gatee in it; Webbe's house, he mounted and rode whereas the doctor han tild in his cxami that way : That he came from towards uation before the judoest of the island the bay, and that the prisoner was the of Nevis, which was read int court, that very man. the prifoner had that evening made his Jolin M-Kenley, swore, that, Nov. 19, ill, and informed him that he was a about o'clock in the morning a negro legacec. The doctor further raid, that boy ruined into his chamber, and cried the 13th at night, the prisoner went',oui, o Lord, master make taste and come to bed at his, the doctor's, house, and that dows, for my nafier is fighting with Sword on the 19th in the morning hc faw the pri- and pifiols

, with a gentleman tbal is come joner riching up to itis, the dolibr's, house, G from Nevis. That the boy got presently on one of his, the doctor's, horses, and his, again upon his master's horse, galloped tike doctor's, negro boy along with lim : down, and he followed on foot. That

That he then had ona ihitih coat, a he found the gentleman just expired, salvar-laced hat, and a dark.coloured therefore asked the boy who had killed vacoat and thai scout the same tine sis nakti, and that he told him it was


1753 Trial of Mr. Barbot for the Murder of Mr. Mills.

349 Barbot, who was just gone off in a canoe. sure it was the prisoner, and that he was That upon going down to the sea-side, dreired in a brown coat, "he saw a canoe with four oars and a pad. Ed ward Bridgwater. - That, Nov. 19, dle, making very fast from the shore, between nine and ten in the morning, he about 59 yards off, with some person in saw the prisoner riding over Gruff's gut, 'white filting in the ftern of the canoe, the nearest way to Dr. Webbe's, on a horse but did not know who it was. Tliat the of the doctor's. deceased had on his great coat and his A John Cribbe. That, Nov. 17, the prigloves : That his pistols were in the hol- foner hired his canoc, to carry some let. sters on his horre, and his sword fome ters to Se. Kite's, and the canoe returned distance from him in the scabbard, with the next day in the afternoon. That the the belt wrapt round the hilt.

negroes belonging to her, then took her William Johnson being then called, his to go a, fiining, as he understood, and he being sworn was,objeded to, because he did not see them again till the sgch about had been convicted and whipped at Mont- eight o'clock in the morning, soon after serrat for petty larceny. Answered, by which he asked Peter, wbat luck? To the prosecutor's council, You must pro- B wbich he answered, poor luck; and looking duce the record of the conviction. Re- very thoughtful and melancholy, said he plied for the prisoner, that they did not was troubled ; for that he had been at know of his being to be produced as a St. Kitt's with Mr. Barbot, who, he was witness till the day before yesterday, so afraid, had done a great deal of mischief, that they had not time to procure the for, he believed, he had killed Mr. Mills: record, but would prove it by witnesses. That it was about ten o'clock in the But this not being admitted, Johnson was morning he had this discourse with Peter ; sworn and said, that in his passage from C and that he had not till then heard of Mr. Nevis to St. Christopher's, Nov. 19, about Mills being killed. six o'clock in the morning, a canoe with Thomas Quin,-That he was sent from four cars and a sail palied by him, in St. Kitt's in pursuit of the prisonev : That which was the prisoner, dressed in a white he did not arrive at Nevis till about eleven coat, a laced hat, and a dark coloured o'clock, and that he was sure he was waistcoat: That it seemed coming from the first tliat brought the news of Mr. Frigate-bay, and was standing for Nevis; Mille being killed to Nevis. Mrs. Frances and that as he could then see the whole Dasent and Joseph Herbert, Esq; conway between the two, he could say firmed what Dr. Webbe had said about there was then no other canoe in the finding the pistols; but said there was channel.

nothing in the trunk but a brown waistThomas Wilson, Esq; swore, that, coat and a black pair of breeches ; and Nov. 19, this Johnson came to him with Mr. Herbert added, that finding them wct, a letter from Mr. Mifset of Monferrat. he put his tongue to the waistcoat, and

That upon his telling Johnson of Mr. found it falt, from which he concluded, Mills being killed, and chat it was fup. it must have been wet with salt water. pored hy Mr. Barbot. Barbor ! said he, wby E Dr. Hamilton and Mr. Edwards (wore, I met bim going in a canoe to Nevis ibis that, Nov. 19, they were sent for to view morning

the body of the deceased, and found he Jasper Thomas.—That, Nov. 19, be. · had been wounded by a ball from some tiveen fix and seven in the morning, he fire arm: That the ball had entered the faw Mr. Cribbe's canoe, with Mr. Hal- right lide at a place which they could not burd's Peter, and Mr Deverade's Joe in describe better than by drawing a straight it, land just under Lowland church, and Jine directly from the pap four inches "Teemed to have come from the salt ponds. downwards, and then carrying it four That the instant it ftruck the shore, the F inches towards the back.

That upon prisoner, who had on a silver laced hat opening the body, they found the ball and whitish coat, jumped out, and after had entered between the two laft false him a little negro boy with a little red ribs, and spliotered one of them, and trunk on his head : And that both went had penetrated the body obliquely from towards the town.

the right to the left fide, which was the John Thomas, the fon, swore to much cause of his death. That they did not the same effect with his father.

think the deceased could have received William White swore, that, Nov. 19, G such a wound if he had been ftanding in he saw the prisoner in the morning, a posture of defence, because the ball walking up the road that keads to Bridge- took its course towards the forepart of water's estate, and believed he came from the left fide. the bay : That he was dressed in a brown Mr. Walter Pringle and Mr. Samuel coat and a laced hat ; and that he was Baker, fworc, chat, Nov. 19, when they


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