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A TALE OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. Oh! it is better that the mind should take

To be LET, for Six Months certain, to a respectable
A creed of lowliness and faith from thee,
Family, that large and well-furnished HOUSE, "No. 18,

(From Sketches of Society, in the Athenæum.) than those bright hopes which, disappointed, break Daulby-street, Liverpool, with an extensive Garden attached.

-For Cards of admission, to view the same, apply to Messrs. The heart that lived but in their brilliancy ;

At the epoch when terror covered France with scaffolds F. FERNANDEZ and Co. 15, Goree Piazzas.

and tears, a young lady, equally illustrious by birth, and weet monitor, be thy last moral this

celebrated for beauty, the Princess Fanny Lubomerska, Look to the skies, if thou art seeking bliss."


was in Paris. In the midst of the convulsion, sbe relied, BY HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. ford, May 7, 1827.

for her security, on the protection of the laws of nations, BULLMANS' IMPROVED CABINET MAN.

GLE, occupying only a space of 42 inches by 30, Mangles and devoted her whole attention to the education of her NO. XIII.- CONTINUED.)

the largest Quilt or piece of Furniture, Linen, &c. ever re only daughter Rosalia, who was then in her sixth year.

quired; works with half the usual labour, and requires only Nevertheless, she was denounced to the revolutionary comSPECIMENS OF THE ELDER POETS. one person to attend it. It is greatly superior to Mangles mittee as a conspirator against the republic, and was

tion only, there is no friction whatever on the Linen, but brought before that sanguinary tribunal. To be suspectedl, BY PERCIVAL MELBOURNE.

it is mangled perfectly smooth; while, by the old plan, it accused, and guillotined, was, in a few days, the lot of

is fudged backward and forward every time the Mangle this interesting victim. On being arrested, and separated GEORGE HERBERT.

changes its direction; and in this operation alone the texfrom all her servants, she was allowed to bring her daughter

ture of the Linen is materially injured. By experiment it with her to the Conciergerie; and, when the unfortunate STANZAS.

If the general mode of Mangling were more minutely at. mother was dragged to the scaffold, she recommended her

tended to, no family would be without the New Machine, child to the care of some of the prisoners who remained beben God at first made man,

and the trifling cost of substituting it for the old one, would hind. These, however, in their turn, soon experiencing

be very soon compensated. It is equally applicable in a Having a glass of blessings standing by,

small Family or the largest Establishment;" has been used the same fate, transferred to others the unfortunate infant, Let us,” said he, " pour on him all we can ;

in a common Mangling-house, for two years, with the most who was, in this way, bequeathed (in articulo mortis,

complete success; and is allowed, by the best Mechanics, to from victim to victim. At last little Rosalia found a proLet the world's riches, which dispersed lie,

be one of the most perfect pieces of Machinery yet produced, tectress in a good woman, named Bertot, who was the Contract into a span."

for effecting what has been so long wanted. Its construc- laundress of the prison ; who, feeling for the forlorn constrength first made away ;

Manufactured and sold only by the Patentees, Messrs. dition, and charmed by the interesting countenance of this

Bullmax and Son, Upholsterers, Leeds, who will, on appli- orphan of the dungeons, added her, as a sixth, to the five Then beauty flow'd; then wisdom, honour, pleasure: cation, forward by post) an Engraving of the Mangle to children of whom she was already the mother. In this sie hen almost all was out, God made a stay;

persons residing at a distance, wishing to see its principle. tuation, so different from that for which fate seemed to

E. SMITH and Co. Agents, Liverpool. lerceiving that alone, of all his treasure,

have destined her, Rosalia showed that the qualities of her Rest in the bottom lay.

heart were as valuable as the graces with which nature had Miscellanies.

endowed her person were attractive. Her sweet disposi. for if I should," said he,

tion, her eagerness to please her benefactress, in all of Bestow this jewel also on my creature,

whose labours she shared, made the good laundress feel ERUPTION OF MOUNT VESUVIUS.

for her all the affection of a mother, and bestow on her the would adore my gifts instead of me,

same tender care as on her own children. nd rest in nature, not the God of nature,

[From the Gasetta di Napoli.]

The reign of terror having passed away, the list of the So both should losers be.

victims of that period, which was published in every let him keep the rest

country in Europe, informed the friends of that princess, March 21.-On the 14th instant, a new orifice, about that, in a land called free, an illustrious Polish lady had ut keep them, with repining restlessness fifteen feet in circumference, was opened in the crater of paid with the forfeit of her life the confidence she placed him be rich and weary ; that, at least,

Mount Vesuvius, on the eastern side, from which issued in a people whom she considered generous. On receiving goodness lead him not, yet weariness

an immense quantity of smoke, in the form of a globe ; this distressing news, Count Rezewonski, brother to the

this burst with a tremendous explosion, and scattered princess, hastened to Paris. He took lodgings in the May toss him to my breast.

around a quantity of boiling liquid. After some days, Hotel Grange Batelliere, in the street of the same name, EMPLOYMENT.

these explosions ceased, but the new aperture continued and anxiously endeavoured to discover some traces of the to discharge a great deal of smoke, and occasionally some daughter of his unfortunate sister ; but several weeks were

fames. On the 17th and 18th, these phenomena were unsuccessfully spent in pursuit of this object. Every 1, as a flower doth spread and die,

renewed with increased force, the detonations became more means of publicity was resorted to in vain. The poor Thou would'st extend to me some good

frequent, and a slight flow of lava was perceptible. It laundress never read the journals, in which the advertiseJefore I were, by Frost's extremity,

was observed, that, on the 20th, the new opening was in- ments, descriptions, and proffered rewards were inserted. Nipt in the bud:

creased to sixty feet; that the matter ejected piled round The gaoler of the Conciergerie, who could have given

it in a pyramidal form to the height of fifty feet; that some information respecting the orphan, was dead, and the sweetness and the praise were thine ;

stones were occasionally thrown up into the air ; and that had already had two successors. Nothing, now remained By the extension and the room,

the explosions were continued at intervals of ten minutes. to promise a favourable result to the inquiry. However, Thich in thy garland I should fill, were mine,

In the opinion of the inhabitants near Vesuvius, an erup. Providence, which had thought fit to close the period of
At thy great doom.

tion is at hand.
March 22.-Since yesterday two other openings have been the laundress of the Conciergerie, should be employed

the young orphan's trials, ordained, that she, who had Or, as thou dost impart thy grace,

been made in the crater, and they are of larger dimensions in the same capacity for the Hotel Grange Batelliere. The greater shall our glory be :

than the first; from them issue quantities of smoke and One morning, Rosalía accompanied her second motiier, he measure of our joys is in this place,

flame. After a variety of explosions, a tremendous shock when she had to bring her burden of linen to the hotel.

forced the three apertures into one, and a column of smoke The Count, who happened to be crossing the court at the The stuff with thee.

and ashes rose from it, and presented to the city of Naples time, was struck with the beauty of the child, whose fea#me not languish, then, and spend

the appearance of a pine-tree of gigantic dimensions. The tures brought his sister to his recollection. -"What is A life, as barren to thy praise

rays of the sun reflecting against it presented one of the your name, my little dear ?" said he. “. Rosalia, Sir."

most extraordinary spectacles ever seen. Stones were lis the dust, to which that life doth tend,

*. Rosalia, do you say? Good woman, is this your child?" thrown up in great numbers, and one among the rest of addressing the laundress. "Yes, Sir, I think I have a But with delays.

immense dimensions, which was thrown over the side of good right to call her mine, since I have adopted her and I things are busy : only I the crater, and rolled down the mountain.

maintained her for these three years; but, though I say Neither bring honey with the bees,

The violence of the eruption began to diminish at three she is mine, I cannot say I am her mother. Her poor for flowers to make that, nor the husbandry

o'clock, and the wind having changed, caused the volcanic mother was a pris uner, and she has now neither father

column to incline towards Ottajano, and it began gradually bor mother." * Her mother a prisoner, did you say?" To water these. to diminish in size. At five o'clock the summit of Vesu- Ay, and a grand lady she

was, şir; but she was quil. im no link of thy great chain,

vius displayed only a small cloud of smoke. The road to lotined along with others in Robespierre's time”.

Portici is crowded with carriages and pedestrians. But all my company is as a weed.

The Count was persuaded that he had found his niece: Eight o'clock.--As the column of smoke diminishes, the but to be further convinced, he made the experiment of srd! place me in thy concert : give one strain noises and explosions in the interior of the mountain in- speaking to her in Polish. On hearing the accents of her To my poor reed.

crease, and symptoms of earthquake threaten another vio- native tongue, Rosalia burst into tears, and, throwing her.

lent eruption. Shocks have been feit in Calabria, in the self into the Count's arms, exclaimed, " Ah! I under. RELIGION.

districts of Reggio and Palmi. No damage of importance stand you: that is the way my mother used to speak to me." has been done.

The Count had no longer any doubt: he pressed the child All may of thee partake ;

to his heart, exclaiming, “ Rosalia ! Rosalia ! you are Nothing can be so mean,

Judicial Anecdote.-At a trial in the Supreme Court, my niece, the daughter of my beloved sister! Then, turnWhich, with this tincture, for thy sake,

when a perplexing case had been obstinately argued and ing to the laundress, whom surprise had rendered motion

unnecessarily protracted, the chief justice said to the asso- less and silent, “ Worthy woman,” said he, “ be still the Will not grow bright and clean.

ciate on his left hand, “ Brother An, I wish you mnother of your Rosalia ; you shall not be separated from This is the famous stone

would charge the jury in this case, for I feel prejudiced her. Since you made her one of your family when she That turneth all to gold,

against one of the parties.” “ And I,” replied Judge was a destitute orphan, your family shall belong to her's

P-M, " am in the same situation." For that which God doth touch and own,

“ Then, if you in her prosperity. And now let us begin to share with

please, I am just the man," said the late Judge Thacher, you." "with these words, he put a purse of gold into her Cannot for less be told. ** for I am prejudiced against both.”

hands, and that very day provided lodgings for her and her children at the Hotel Grange Batelliere. Soon after lovely Madonnas, or in raising them toward heaven with head on a Welsh halfpenny. I then stepped back to he left Paris for Poland, whither Rosalia's second mother the swimming tenderness of an expiring Cleopatra. These former place, and returned again with five more mobil and the whole family also went. The children of the two movements are introduced into every character, and to make my offering to the heir apparent, who stood laundress were educated under the eyes of the Count with at every step of the representation, succeeding each other his father's left hand, the right being occupied the greatest care. The boys, who were sent to the Uni. at times with unceasing rapidity. If ever Mademoiselle Resident. Next, my two companions were intre versity of Wilna, afterwards joined the Polish army, Sontag visits London, the frequenters of the King's Thea- with nearly the same forms, except that their ofle and became aids-de-camp to Prince Poniatowski. The tre will not be long in remarking this singular limitation were less, and that the emperor did not speak to the daughters received handsome portions, and were married of power in a lady, who, I doubt not, will, nevertheless, Bishop Heber's Journal to Polish gentlemen. As to the Countess Rosalia, she be received with enthusiasm. Such loveliness as hers is married her cousin, Count Rezewonski; and opulence and sure of reigning supreme in that house, the emporium of felicity spread their golden wings over her destiny. The gallantry and fashion.


SKETCH OF THE PRESENT STATE OF THE ISLA good Madame Bertot still lived with the Countess, who “On the following evening, the same enthusiasm and

OF SARDINIA, called her always her mother.

ardour prevailed at the representation of the Barbiere'
of Rossini. The part of Rosina seems to have been written


expressly for Mademoiselle Sontag. She is unequalled in
that character, and leaves even Foder behind her. The
Germans are perfectly enraptured with their charming

The history of Sardinia is involved in much obsen (From the Alhenæum.)

countrywoman-the more so as her private character is Contiguous to the bostile powers of Rome and Carla

spotless, and her 'conduct perfectly lady-like. Exposed, it frequently, like all feeble states, changed masters This person has been so much talked of, that the fol. by being placed on the stage, not so much to temptations in later times, the Venetians and the Saracens, the lowing extracts from a paper on her person and accom- (which real virtue can withstand in any station of life,) and the French, have contended for its sovereignty plishments, in the Atheneum, will probably be well re- but to calumny and illiberal reflections, Mademoiselle appears that the Sards are yet, in many respects, in ceived by our readers. It is in the course of a tour on the Sontag, being without any female relatives of consequence, mitive state; their agricultural instruments have Continent that the writer sees the object of the sketch :- has selected, it is said, from amongst her acquaintances, a gone no improvement since the days of their subject

“The company assembled at the opera, on the occasion lady of the strictest morality, the widow of a superior Rome ; population has also been at a stand ; the of the appearance of Mademoiselle, formed a striking coup officer, to whom she allows a very liberal pecuniary con- only partially cultivated; their intercourse with other d'æil for Berlin. The boxes boasted of all that is choisi in sideration, to be constantly with her on all occasions, and tions hardly merits the name of commerce; and society. in every place."

tentedly indolent are they, that no bounty, no stimal “ The orchestra, consisting of about double the number

can arouse them to greater exertion. of performers that compose the orchestra of the King's

The Sards are of a middle stature and well shaped, Theatre in London, struck up the magnificent overture to


dark eyes and coarse black hair; except in the mount Winter's new opera, entitled The Interrupted Sacrifice,' At eight I went, accompanied by Mr. Elliot, with where fresh complexions and blue eyes are also met which was divinely, executed. When the uproar which nearly the same formalities as at Lucknow, except that in the

Campinado they are more swarthy than in the the much-applauded overture excited had ceased, all eyes we were on elephants, instead of palanqueens, and that di Sopra, whilst a large mouth and thick lips give di and eye-glasses were at once directed towards the stage, the procession was, perhaps, less splendid, and the beg. more Celtic appearance. They have strong intelle watching with impatience for the appearance of the idol gars both less numerous and far less vociferous and faculties, though uncultivated, and an enthusiastic a of the night. At last, Mirrha entered, and every hand importunate. We were received with presented arms ment to their country; indeed, nowhere can the was instantly in motion. The star—the comet—the at- by the troops of the palace, drawn up within the the " natale solum" be stronger; hence they are not traction--the Henriette Sontag, Koniglich Kammersan- barbican, and proceeded, still on our elephants, through to that dispersion of families, and

consequent relaxati gesin, of whom poets, sonnet writers, newspaper compilers, the noblest gateway and vestibule I ever saw.

It domestic affections, so general, either from choice prose composers, and travellers, have made so much of, consists not merely of a splendid Gothic arch in the centre cessity, in more populous dominions. They are kind stood before us. Her beauty dazzled me-her singing of the great gate-tower, but, after that, of a long vaulted hospitable, with a pleasing frankness of addres pleased and disappointed me. She is slender, rather petite aisle, like that of a Gothic cathedral,

with a smail, open, though active when excited, are extremely and mignonne. Her countenance, like that of Canova's octagonal court in its centre, all of granite, and all finely general. Their good qualities are counter nymph, is full of sweetness and heavenly radiancy, which carved with inscriptions from the Koran, and with flowers. cunning, dissimulation,

and an insatiable this belongs more to the bean ideal than to mortal reality. I This ended in a ruinous and exceedingly dirty stable yard, venge, -vices that tend to foster implacable anime would say that her foot is the prettiest thing imaginable, where we were received by Captain Grant, as the Mogul's families, and occasion those numerous murders slid if her hands were not prettier still. She is faultless as to officer on guard, and by a number of elderly men, with grace the island. Their mode of gratifying reng teeth, which the sweetest smile imaginable, for ever ho- large gold-headed canes, the usual ensign of office here, not by open challenge, or what we should deen vering round her mouth, sets off at every warble in all and one of which Mr. Elliot also carried. We were now defiance, but by lying in wait, often for entire din their glory. Her chevelure, between auburn and blonde, told to dismount, and proceed on foot, a task which the some secluded spoç, until the object of their haired is magnificent; and, to conclude with the most essential late rains made inconvenient to my gown and cassock, and by, affords them the opportunity of a shot, which part, the quality of her voice is, beyond measure, pleas. thin shoes, and during which we were pestered by a fresh rally fatal. As they are accustomed to the gun ing, and she possesses great and remarkable facility; yet swarm of miserable beggars, the wives and children of the very early age, they are capital marksmen; and get with all these attributes, she is not a first-rate opera singer; stable servants. After this we passed another richly principal amusements

of the country is the dire lacks judgment, is indiscriminate in the introduction of carved, but ruinous and dirty, gateway, where our guides, mira," or firing at a small piece of money called ornaments, knows no method, and belongs to no school. withdrawing a canvas screen, called out, in a sort of harsh rese,” which, after some practice, they are seldomi Of all these negative qualifications, the first only it will chant, "Lo, the ornament of the world! Lo, the asy-to miss. This exercise is encouraged and promote not be in her power to alter. Nature has refused to her lum of the nations! King of Kings! The Emperor the

elders, with the avowed object of qualifying the the two principal requisites towards forming a first-rate Akbar Shah ! Just, fortunate, victorious !” We saw, in and babits of their youth for the vindictive principle opera performer expression both of countenance and

in fact, a very handsome and striking court, about as big as which they are afterwards so strongly imbued, the tone of her voice, and a commanding person. Made- that at All Souls, with low, but richly-ornamented build- instances have occurred in which a generous sympie moiselle Sontag can never attempt the grandiose style; ings. Opposite to us was a beautiful open pavilion of been awakened in favour of a fallen enemy. The she cannot depict strong passions, and is as much the re white marble, richly carved, flanked by rose-bushes and ness to revenge, which is thus incited, is the came verse of Pasta or Pizaroni, as any singer can well be fountains, and some tapestry and striped curtains hanging hordes of banditti who infest the mountainous para She is, in fact, a pretty thing, a pretty singer, a pretty in festoons about it, within which was a crowd of people, island, and who were, until lately, so numerous, be bijou, and nothing more. Madame Catalani was quite and the poor old descendant of Tamerlane seated in the admitted as a matter of course, that there must k correct when she said, that " Elle est la premiere dans son midst of them. Mr. Elliot here bowed three times very viventi” wherever woods, hills, and grottos preni genre mais son genre n'est pas le premier.” It is im- low, in which we followed his example. This ceremony

The nobles and citizens generally adopt the poi possible not to agree with this description. My own dis. was performed twice as we advanced up the steps of the fashions of Italy in their dress, but the gente appointment at her performance, however, was not very pavilion, the heralds each time repeating the same ex- or country gentlemen, as well as the "mus considerable after all; for I could have listened to her pressions about their master's greatness. We then stood upper class of farmers, and all the peasantry, are warblings, and looked at her beautiful person, for ever. in a row on the right hand side of the throne, which is a larly marked in their various habiliments. In the But my expectations had been raised too high; I expected sort of marble

bedstead, richly ornamented with

gildings, pinado they wear skins; in the Gallura, coarse dah a cantatrice di primo cartello, and I found only an agree. I and raised on two or three steps. Mr. Elliot then stepped orbacci : and in the vicinity of Bosa, tanned laste able songstress.

Mademoiselle Sontag's voice is a soprano of a pleasing, way, announced, in a low voice, to the emperor, who i Cicero to clear his client:~" ti the splendour of the clear, and sonorous timbre. She can reach the high was. I then advanced, bowed three times again, and purple had been insufficient to tempt him, was i without screaming. The flexibility

of her organ has se- offered a nuzzur of fifty-one gold mohurs in an embroi-that the Sard goatskins should have more powerf" duced her into that peculiar style of singing, which made dered purse, laid on my handkerchief, in the way prac" est e peddes," or pelisse of undressed sheep or get years, but which disables the performer from ever being o laid on one side, and I remained standing for a few minutes, in the Campidano now, as in the time of the Roe scientific singer. It is this quality of the voice, united to while the usual court questions about my health, my tra. but the practice is not universal of inverting the the personal gifts so profusely lavished by nature on this vels, when I left Calcutta, &c. were asked. I had thus an cia,” or fleece, inside in winter; being mostly wort favourite daughter of hers, that brought Mademoiselle opportunity of seeing the old gentleman more plainly. the wool outside; if we except some white skins, do Sontag forward as a miracle on the German stage, and he has a pale, thin, Hut handsome face, with an aquiline with peculiar care, cut in the form of a long jacket made her at once, without any perliminary step, a preco-nose, and a long white beard. His complexion is little, the seams covered with blue ribbons, which are cious prima donna, at the age of seventeen.

if at all, darker than that of an European. His hands gala dress. “ Her unalterable sweet face is the same under the in- are very fair and delicate, and he had some valuable-look- The dress of the females is more picturesque; thes Hience of pleasing as afflicting passfons; and the extent ing rings on them. His hands and face were all I saw of greatly attached to etiquette.

the expression of her large beautiful eyes consists in him, for the morning being cold, he was so wrapped up The females following the example of the write ring them with the bashfulness of one of Carlo Dolce's in shawls, that he reminded me extremely of the bruid's lof the highest rank usually adopt the Italian fashion

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ilst those of the country adhere to the costume of their bably arise from such a scheme was all he had in view.
jective conditions, designated as follows:
The people, under the austerity of a rigid and unsocial

Che Liver.
The Dama, or lady of the first rank;

government, deprived of their usual diversions, were eager Signora--lady of the second rank;

for the novelty of a public spectacle, and the place being Nostrada-wife of a lawyer or physician; at no great distance from Rome, a vast conflux of men and Contradina principale-wife of a farmer;

women, old and young, crowded together. The conseArteggiana-wife of a tradesman;

quence was, that the building, overloaded with spectators, Contadina rustica-wife of a peasant.

gave way at once. All who were under the roof, besides Torns, the Genoese wbite veil forms part of the cos a prodigious multitude that stood round the place, were d most women, as only those of the upper order crushed in the ruins.

The condition of those who perished bonnets. On births, marriages, and religious festi: instantly was the happiest. They escaped the pangs of the female peasantry appear in "gran tenuta,” with death, while the maimed and lacerated lingered in tormloured clothes, decorated with all their

trinkets, and ment, beholding, as long as day-light lasted, their wives ling, when collected in numbers, a very picturesque pierced to the heart by their shrieks and groans. A ca. and children in equal agony, and, during the night,

ENCROACHMENTS OF THE SEA. i superstitions bear a close analogy to those of Ire-lamity so fatal was soon known round the country. Crowds and Scotland; indeed, many of them are precisely lamented his brother, another his near relation, children from all quarters went to view the melancholy scene. One

(Cotinued from our former papers.) ne: some of their customs are curious. delings occasion great rejoicings, and are more re wept for their parents, and almost all for their friends. Our readers will peruse, with pleasure, the following

le for ceremony than solemnity. When a farmer Such as by their avocations had been led a different way, extract from a paper read before the Wernerian Society, fampidano wishes to marry, he presents himself in were given up for lost. The real sufferers were still un- on the 8th ult. entitled, “ Remarks on the Wasting Effects ling, accompanied by a few confidential friends, at known, and, in that dreadful state of suspense, every bosom of the Sea on the shore of Cheshire, between the rivers of the "Stazio," or house where his sweetheart panted with doubt and fear. A gentle tap is the signal of their arrival, when

The ruins were no sooner removed, than the crowd Mersey and Dee, by Robert Steevenson, Esq., Civil En. ter politely demands their business at that hour. rushed in to examine the place. They gathered the gineer." It will probably occur to our readers, as it did figurative answer is, that they are in search of a dead bodies ; they clasped them in their arms;

they im- to us, that we have here no mention of the ancient burya the same style, and affecting not to be aware of faces, parity of age, and similitude of form and features, who have lately been surveying the neighbourhood of

** cilchemu una pecora palduta." The father printed kisses, and often mistook the person. Disfigured ing-ground said to have been discovered by the gentlemen the presentation of each, " Is this it?"-taking contest followed, and errors were acknowledged. The Wallasey.

Extract from Mr. Stevenson's paper. the one, who is the object of the lover's search, number of killed or maimed was not less than 50,000.

“On a former occasion I had the ho our to make a the last. If the suitor is favourably received, the The Senate provided by a decree, that, for the future, no

is immediately entered into, and segnali," or man, whose fortune was under 400,000 sesterces, should few observations, which appeared in the 24 volume of the are reciprocally exchanged. A week before the presume to exhibit a spectacle of gladiators, and that till Society's Memoirs, regarding the encroachment of the sea take place, as all the goods and chattels in the the foundation was examined, no amphitheatre should be upon the land generally. The present notice refers only

the young couple must be quite new, the removal erected. Atillius, the builder, was condemned to banish- 10 that portion of the coast which lies between the rivers property, and provisions to their abode forms a pro this occasion; they threw open their doors, they ordered this quarter my attention, with that of Mr. Nimmo, civil

ment. The grandees of Rome displayed their humanity on Mersey and Dee, extending to about seven miles. To in their finest attire, accompanied by the best medicines to be distributed, and the physicians attended engineer, had been professionally directed in the course of

the " launedda." The marriage is celebrated with assiduity in every quarter. The city of Rome re- last month. In our perambulatory survey we were accomride's parish, after the bans have been published when after a batile, bravely foughi, the sick and wounded Liverpool, along the Cheshire shore, and its connecting

residence, the bride and bridegroom partake of were received with open arms, and relieved by the gene- sand-banks, between Wallasey Pool, in the Mersey, and ent, out of the same plate, at her father's house. rosity of their country. From Tacitus.

Dawpool, in the river Dee. Within these estuaries the ng at their future home, which, as in the days

shores may be described as abrupt, consisting of red clay Ful, is decorated with garlands of flowers, the


and marl, containing many land or boulder stones, of prinkle salt and wheat over them, and the day

(From an American paper.)

che cubic contents of several tops, and very many of a sith a banquet. the inland and more visible hand of Providence, I have been prevented from the foreland, or northern shore, between these rivers,

My dear E.-By the relentless intervention of the in- much smaller size, diminishing to coarse gravel.' But there repairs to the house of his mistress with precipitating myself at your feet, for the entire absolution which I am now to notice, is chiefly low ground, and, to

par intimate friends and relations, who preserve of the collectaneous calumny, which has been so slan- a great extent, is under the level of the highest tides. mt name, given on such occasions, almost entire, derously conglomerated upon the unblotted and unsophisti. The beach, or ebb, extends from three hundred to four Filed " paralymphos." The father gives them cated face of my stainless reputation, and with which I have hundred yards seaward, and, towards low.water mark, dmittance, and begs them to be seated; a pro- been so maliciously circumvallated, that I apprehend the exposes a section of red clay, but, towards high-water, lence ensues, until an elder

of known probity, in perfectly disincarcerating myself from the criminous overlaid by sand. This beach, at about half-tide level, od people at his friend's house, which is followed machinations in which I have been so unmercifully im- presents a curious and highly interesting spectacle of the planation on the part of the youth. Conditions mured, that I was fearfully apprehensive that I was most remains of a submarine forest. The numerous roots of agreed upon, and the

whole is confirmed by the inextricably involved. But, ah! most superhuman fair trees which have not been washed away by the sea, or an taking the hand of the fair one, and sealing one I have been so unutterably bedazzled by the lumi- carried off by the neighbouring inhabitants, for firewood, met with an affectionate kiss: he then seats him-nous emanations and sunlike effulgence of your charms, are in a very decayed state. The trees seem to have been side, and each of his friends salutes the bride have been superinduced upon my character, I am again practice of felling timber, and the roots are seen ramifying

that notwithstanding the acrimonious criminations which cut off, about two feet from the ground, after the usual baiting, at the same time, a small piece of money induced to obtrude myself into your presence. Do not, from their respective stumps in all diretions, and dipping in the presence of the rector and another priest , profundity of my love; for the flammiferous monocular size, from 18 to 30 inches in diameter; and, when cut

with aditional validity on it; the engagement, howbinding in the eye of the law, but can, at any cess of the forest;

the translucent queen of night shall

cease have also been left upon the ground ; and, being partly alone. The nuptials frequently do not take to perambulate the diapbinous and stelliferous concavity immersed in the sand and clay, are now in such a decomthree or four years after, when the damsel is of the cerulean heavens; the borisonous boation of hea posed state, that, when dug into with a common spade, the plight of those ladies who love their lords, peals; the forky corruscation of heaven shall discontinue measuring about three-fourths of an inch in length, and

ven's horrific artillery, shall cease to bellow forth its terrific great numbers of the shell-fish, called pholas candida, hough it does not altogether quadrate with our to blaze forth its sulphureous igneous fulgor from the ig. two inches in breadth, were found, apparently in a bealthy

are other prevailing customs more honoured in Could the manifestation of the keenest remorse, or the shore, now upwards of twenty feet under full tide, baving A than in the observance. 00 meeting, is an indispensible custom amongst elevate me one millionth of an inch in your favour, I would region of these large forest trecs, were rendered still

more ranks, first by saluting each cheek, and then immediately commence

evident, by the occurrence of large masses of green stone, nouth: this ceremony, which is transmitted from did not escape the lash of Martial. “ Pouring forth tears at such a lavish rate,

which, at a former period, had been imbedded in the firm That were the world on fire, they might drown

ground here, and especially on the shore within the river The wrath of heaven, and quench the mighty ruin." Dee. It may further deserve notice, that the inhabitants FALL OF A ROMAN THEATRE.

of this district have traditional rhyme, expressive of the next consulship, wbich was that of Marcus Li- Geographical l'un. A traveller being at a coffee house former wooded state of this coast, where not a tree is row

Lucius Calpurnius, and unforeseen disaster (no with some gentlemen, was drawing largely on the cre- to be seen, namely, " From Helbre Isle to Birkenhead a can than ended) luid a scene of ruin equal to the dulity of the company: • Where did you say all these squirrel may hop from tree to tree;" that is, from the Ehe most destructive war. A man of the name wonders happened, Sir ?" asked a gentleman present. Dee to the Mersey, now presenting a submarine forest. the son of a freed man, undertook, at Fidena, " I can't exactly say," replied the traveller, " but some- As these evidences of great changes upon the state and o amphitheatre for the exhibition of gladiators. where in Europe, Russia, I think.” " I should rather former appearances of the land were highly interesting to dation was slight, and the superstructure not think It-a-ly,' returned his opponent.--American paper. the party, and intimately connected with the professional y braced, the work of a man who had neither the This has been, to our recollection, a standing bore inquiries of myself and colleague, it seemed desireble to wealth, nor the ambition to make himself of con. to the minor punsters for the last score years.--Edits. get them, if possible, corroborated by oral testimony. Sir in a municipal town. The profit ihat might pro- | Merc.

John Tobin, accordingly, very obligingly took measures

for examining the oldest people in the neighbourhood, as though a matter of little importance, has, it appears,

A BOY MISSING to their recollection of the former state of these shores. attracted the attention of the French, as well as that of In particular, Thomas Barclay, aged 93, “all but two ourselves, since it was first noticed. —Yours, &c.

The parents of a missing boy have just called up

in the greatest distress, under the following circumstal months,” by profession a mason and measurer of country work; Henry Youd, labourer, aged 86; and John Crook

April 10, 1828.


-On Monday se'nnight their son, aged thirteen,

home, and has not since been heard of. He was sean son, labourer, aged 80, were examined. Barclay stated that he had been employed at the erection of the Leasowe


day on one of the canal bridges. His complexion at landward lighthouse, in the year 1764 ; that there were SIR,—Never having given the study of natural philoso- are light, and he has a large mole near the right eje then two lighthouses near the shore, for a leading direc- phy much of my time, it is with much humility I venture striped check brat, a Scotch cap, and laced half.bcom tion to shipping through the proper channel to Liverpool ; at an explanation or elucidation of the causes of the pheand that the seaward light became uninhabitable, by its nomenon of the two cards.

His father, whose name is John Edwards, living

64, Addison-street, would be most thankful to any being surrounded by the sea. A new light was then built, upon Bidstone-hill; and the present Leasowe lighthouse,

In my opinion, the difficulty to raise the upper card who will give tidings of the fate of his son. formerly the land ward light, which he had assisted in rests in the pressure of atmospheric air on its upper surface building, became the sea-light. He could not determine from above, together with the resistance interposed by the The Beauties of Chess, upon the distance between the two original lights, but was lower card opposing a barrier to the action, or elasticity of certain that it must have been several hundred yards ; that the air from below.

"Ludimus effigiem belli."-VIDA. he knows that, in the course of thirty years, the shore of the Leasowe lost, by measurement, eleven Cheshire roods, We are told that atmospheric air presses on all things

SOLUTION TO STUDY CLXXVI. or eighty-eight yards; and verily believes that, since he at, I believe, (for I quote from an unretentive memory) a

WHITE knew this shore, it has lost upwards of half a mile of firm ratio of 151b. to the square inch; can it be expected, then, i Castle ......G-1

1 Castle ...... ground. To the correctness of these statements, the other that a puff through a pigmy tube can lift the upper card

2 Pawn ......G-7 two aged men gave ample testimony, Henry Youd hav. with its pressure of atmospheric air ?

The next move becomes a queen and will easily ing also worked at the lighthouse. We know that a heavy plate of metal can, with facility,

OR (a) "As to the present state of things, the party alluded to

1 King..... 2 Castle...... G-2

2 Castle .. were eye witnesses of the tides on the 16th, 17th, and 18th be raised when under water, even though at a great 3 Castle......C-2, and wins with facility. of February, 1828, having exhibited a very alarming ex- depth from the surface ; but, were two plates of metal ample of the encroachments of the sea upon the Leasowe fixed one on the other at some depth under water, the

SITUATION FOR STUDY CLXXVII. shore. At high-water it came over the bank, and ran in lower plate having an aperture in its centre, I think

White to move and win. lighthouse, and continued its course through the low much force would be required, if applied through the apergrounds towards Wallasey Pool, on the Mersey, thereby ture, to raise the upper from its posture, or reclination on

Black. forming a new channel, and threatening to lay several the lower plate: of course, it is owing to the pressure of thousands of acres of rich arable and pasture lands into water from above, and lack of aid from the elasticity of

у я з а

9 H the state of a permanent salt lake. The present Leasowe water below the upper plate, that creates the opposition to lighthouse, which, in 1764, was considered far above the reach of the sea, upon the 17th February last, was thus the upper plate being raised. Throwing out this hint, surrounded by salt water, and must soon be abandoned and leaving abler philosophers than myself to dive deeper unless some very extensive works be undertaken for the into the inquiry, I remain yours, &c. J. M. defence of the beach, the whole of the interior lands of the Leasowe being considerably under the level of high- with this phenomenon ; but to go minutely into them P.S.-There are many other considerations connected

6 water of spring-tides. This coast, with its sand-banks in the offing, its submarine forest, and the evidence of living would be too voluminous an undertaking: the action, witnesses as to the encroachment of the sea upon the similar to that of a boy's sucker, and the relief from the firm ground, is altogether highly interesting to the geolo- pressure on the upper card, by the escape of the injected gical and scientific inquirer. The remains of forests in the air out of the cavity through or between the lips or edges bed of the ocean occur in several parts of the British coast, of the cards, are two essential features in the operation of particularly off Lincoln; on the banks of the Tay, near Flisk ; at skiel, in the mainland of Orkney, and in other the phenomenon. places, noticed in the transactions of this society, and are strong proofs of the encroachment of the sea upon the land.

The Housewife. However difficult, therefore, it may be to reconcile the varied appearance in nature, regarding the sea having Children's Shoes.-Children's shoes ought to be made at one time occupied a higher level than at present, yet its large and easy. Their feet are rapidly expanding ; conseencroachment, as a general and almost universal principle, quently shoes, which, at present, just fit, will pinch in a

A B C D E F G H seems to be beyond doubt in the present day. Since I had month. Hence are produced doubling of the toes, painful last the honour of addressing the society on this subject, corns, curving of the nails into the quick, and, often, head

WHITE opportunities have been afforded me of making many ache and general disorder. Shoes for daily wear should additional observations on the British shores, and of per- never be thin : such shoes do nor protect the feet in walksonally extending these to almost every port on the Con- ing; and, instead

of encouraging a firm, manly step, give COLONIAL DESPOTISM.—In our next we shall bestori

To Correspondents. tinent, between the Texel and the Garonne. I have also, rise to a timid, hobbling gait, which is extremely uncouth. through the obliging communication of friends, been ena--Roberton, on the Management of Children.

or two of the Kaleidoscope upon Pringle's Poenis, bled to extend my inquiries to other quarters of the globe;

which has been obligingly lent us for the purpose and I am now prepared to state, that, with a few compara

Patent Mangle. By the advertisement of Bullman and EAST AND WEST INDIA SUGAR.— The two parens tively trifling exceptions, the sea appears to be universally Son, it will be seen that their neat and compact Patent which we have been favoured by a friend, gaining upon the land, tending to confirm the theory, that Mangle is on sale at the Mercury-office, Lord-street, in another part of our journal. debris, arising from the general degradation of the land, where the mode of using it will be explained.

ANTIQUITIES OF LIVERPOOL.-We shall, next week being deposited in the bed of the minor seas, is the cause

our readers an original and interesting paper com of their present tendency to overflow their banks.


the history and antiquities of our native town (From the Liverpool Courier.)


next week, unreservedly express our opinion

Extreme Therono-Extreme State of


candid and uncourteous treatment to which til Night. morning mmg Day. at noon.

American tragedian was lately subjected by a L

dience; or rather,

we should say, by an interest

pudent junto, who too often lead the public by the TO THE EDITOR.

N.W. Cloudy.

matters of taste. We shall, at the same time, tra

0 N.N.E. Fair. SIR,--Since the publication of my letter in the Ka.

article on the subject from a late Franklin God N.W. Rain.

taining Mr. Cooper's own account of this very

29 50 37 leidoscope of Monday last, I have received a communica

affair; we say disgraceful, because we have seen tion from Mr. M. Faraday, of the Royal Institution,

E S.E. Cloudy,

act, and we know him to be a good and effective London, in which he informs me that there is a full ex

2d, Half-past one, p.m. rain.

The Traveller, No. VII. of this original series is to planation of the cause of the eurious phenomenon with the

6th, Heavy rain during night.

publication next week. It will be impossible to tube and cards, in the Quarterly Journal of Science, pub

7th, Heavy rain during night.

arrangements respecting the publication suggested

without a personal interview. We think the sche lished on the 1st of April last. To those of your corres


answer; but we fear it would improperly inter pondents who have been engaged in the investigation, and Monthly mean of atmospherical pressure, 29:88; mean the vested rights of others. who may feel interested in this experiment, this notice temperature,-extreme during night, 40:24 ; eight, a.m. Nimrod's verses have been received, and the entire may prove satisfactory. The solution (which is by Mr. mean, 45:9; prevailing winds, N.W.;' highest tempera- The "Lover to his Mistress," in our next.

C. and J. W. have been punetually attended to

the month, in the Kaleidoscope of this week. This experiment, 15 stormy.

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Literary and Scientific Mirror.


miliar Miscellany, from which all religious and political matters are excluded, contains a variety of original and selected Articles; comprehending LITBRATURE, CRITICISM, Mexand zas, AMUSEMENT, elegant EXTRACTS, POETRY, ANECDOTES, BIOGRAPHY, METEOROLOGY, the DRAMA, ARTs and SCIENCES, Wir and SATIRE, Fashions, NATURAL HISTORY, &c. forming dsome ANNUAL VOLUME, with an INDEX and TITLE-PAGE. Persons in any part of the Kingdom may obtain this work from London through their respective Booksellers.

108. – Vol. VIII.

Price 3d. Scientific Notices. means of his kites, “beat up against the wind;" but, merely told of exhausted strength, which, like the strugbending Notices of new Discoveries or Improve as the process for doing this is not explained, we gles of the dying, became faint and more faint. The in Science or Art; including, occasionally, sin- shall offer no opinion on the subject, but confine breeze lasted just long enough to carry us into a current Medical Cases; Astronomical, Mechanical, Phi, ourselves to the general observation, that the perusal which sets in between the Western Islands, and there, mena, or singular Facts in Natural History, of his book has inclined us to put implicit credit in thinking we had no more need of it, it left us to jog on ai ation, &c. ; Antiquities, &c.

what he asserts. He is certainly a clever scientific the rate of a knot and a half, or two knots an hour, with man, and there is no boasting, or exaggeration, in the perfume of the orange trees. Various conjectures

this same current-the more leisurely that we might enjoy MANAGEMENT OF kites. (Continued from our last.) his very amusing work.

were afloat about our coming to an anchor, and getting a After having ascertained the main fact, now few boxes from St. Michael's, and one youth, bolder than Thus soaring-thus flying along

notorious to the whole country, that Mr. Pocock, the rest of us, ventured to express a hope of the kind to Ethereal pleasures we find;

with his kites, has passed, on the road, gentlemen's the captain. Oh! you should have seen the writhing of Bay kind Heav'n accept of our song, Who lends us the wings of the wind."

carriages, and mail coaches, and that he has fol. his eyebrow, as he replied, “I wish you were St. Michael, Pocock. lowed the windings of the road, avoiding houses, or any other saint that could get me out of this,-if you

trees, and other obstacles ; after knowing this, we did not do it, your saintship should swing at that yardocock's mode of manæuvring his patent are prepared to believe all that he stands publicly arm before you had time to cross yourself.” as to cause them to draw wheeled-carriages pledged to in his book.

We had looked upon the distant land, morning, noon, tall directions with the same wind, although If our correspondent does not yet understand what and night; our limners had sketched its appearance as the ingenious, is not altogether new. We we mean by saying that carriages may be moved in the far end, as you would call it, of the channel we wera

slowly shifting vessel altered its outlines, until we reached as an essay on the mode of causing kites, diametrically opposite directions with the same traversing between the Islands of St. Michael and Ter. shipwreck, on a lee shore, to descend when wind, we will tell him. If the wind blows from ceira. pired, so that the grapnel, or anchor, at the the north, the carriages can proceed directly south fall where it will hold. This is done by side directly east, and directly west, or in any of the friend, the north-easter, peered out upon us again, and

Then there came“ a change a total change.” Our old lich, by bringing the edge of the kite to the intermediate directions. This constitutes the great lasted for three days. The muscles of the captain's face cessarily cause it to drop.

and distinctive merit of Mr. Pocock's discovery; but were gaining their former awful rigidity ; but, the God of ocoek's adaptation of the side lines, to steer as for his beating up against the wind, as we do not winds be praised, we had a happier destiny. Good cometh

in the requisite direction, upon which the fully comprehend that part of the contrivance, we out of evil—so the wind driving us to the westward, where ur his invention so materially depends, is shall for the present offer no opinion, as it is not our

we ought to have kept at first, gave us the benefit of a however, to great praise, as it must have custom to talk about what we do not understand.

westerly wind, which navigators know prevails almost nine much perseverance, as well as ability, to

months of the year in certain latitudes. The fine weather to any thing approaching perfection.

we had enjoyed had enabled us to rig jury masts and put

The Traveller. et persons doubt that Mr. Pocock's united

the ship to rights; and we now came gallantly on, leaving uld more a vessel through the water at all;

about 450 miles of sea behind us in 48 hours.

[ORIGINAL.) man, who has two ideas in his head, must

It was about noon on the 230 December that the blue hat a very slight impulse will move a

hills of Erin took off their nightcaps (a dense fog,) to ask dy, in a yielding medium like water ; and, LETTERS OF A TRAVELLER.

what ship full of little living things called men might be

passing at their feet. Gloomily and angrily they lowered vessel is becalmed, if the kites have been

MY DEAR FRIEND,-Cheerful everywhere and at all down upon us, and many a gust came from their chasms raised, and the wished-for wind prevails cimes are the first streaks of the morning light. I cannot, which spoke in no friendly tone. Had he been of the susper regions, the kites, which would move e, with several persons in it, at the rate of) ills that flesh is heir to," can so congeal the pulses of the hint to keep more upon his own coast; but on he went,

for my own part, think that any or all of the “ thousand picious sort, the captain would have taken it as a gentle twenty miles an hour, would impel a vessel human heart as to render it callous to some sense of plea- John Bull like, fearing danger nothing, and thinking of which, under such circumstances, would be sure, when the glorious portals of the east” are opened it as little. He had pricked off his position on the chart, rable. A person who doubts this, must, as to usher in the god of day. No, it cannot be in the and we were to be at Liverpool in two days, that is, as

before observed, be extremely ignorant, power of misfortune-of despair or even of remorse it- near as he could guess within a foot or fourteen inches, as eed, cannot bave made the proper use of his self

, to stifle a feeling entwined with our very being as this an ancient friend of ours would say: The mate had orders he must have seen a heavily laden flat, of, is. However industriously we seek to change and pervert to keep her on the course given until he made the Small's from sixty to one hundred tons burden, our nature, we can never do so entirely. We have been Light. He was then to call the captain. About nine we forward in a canal by one horse.

accustomed from infancy to derive impressions of joy and were at supper, the mate having left the carpenter in espondent, who expresses his doubts respect. happiness from the re-appearance of day, and we are too charge of the deck. The breeze was steady, but blowing remark in the last Kaleidoscope, has mistaken much the creatures of habit to receive any other, let fresh. The steward was just setting the pig's cheek and

did say. He thus misquotes our words : - languid fine ladies, fastidious fine gentlemen, or love-sick roasted potatoes on the table, when a rough voice shouted zes may be drawn in diametrically opposite chambermaids say what they will to the contrary. Words down the companion, " A light on the starboard bow,

would feebly describe to you the balm it pours upon the Sir.” The mate had already shown some signs of dislike se with the wind.” Whereas what we said soul of the worn and tired mariner, after a night of storm at our proximity to a coast the dangers of which he knew

they moved “ in diametrically opposite and tempest. I am now bringing you back to my home something too much of. The course the captain had set is with the same wind.” We wonder any ward bound voyage, after we had dismasted our vessel in was correct enough for the object intended, but the inticommon sense could so confound things as bearing down to a stranger in distress. The gale had mation now given, coming much earlier than was antici.

rue this into the ridiculous assertion, that moderated, and the morning came in unexpected bright- pated, aroused the mate's slumbering suspicions. The is would draw' a carriage right against the ness. The sun rode majestically, and in triumph, over knife held with murderous intention over the pig's cheek, Mr. Pocock, indeed, says, that he can, by] the broken masses of clouds, and the heaving of the seal-the fork about to impale the potato already jumping out


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