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18. Mr. Andrew Mitchell, an eminent Biron, Erars. to be lieutenants, and Joapothecary in Pall-Mall,

feph Hudson, Gent, adjutant, in the first 20. Alexander Hay, Ela; laft year regiment of foot-guards. John Claver. high-heriff of Sussex.

ing, and Chadwalladar Blaney, Esqrs. ta Lieut. gen. Panton, the oldes lieuf. be captains ; Charles Vernon, Esq; a general in the army.

caprain lieutenant, and Thomas D'Ave. Philip Vanbrugh, Esq; commissioner nant, Esq; lieutenant in the Coldstream of the navy, resident at Plymouth yard. regiment of foot-guards. -- John Furbar,

27. Abel Fonnereau, Esq; an eminent and Mariscoe Frederick, Efors. to be capmerchant, and one of the directors of the tains, John Wells, Esq; a captain licuEart-India company.

tenant, and William Hamilton and The.

mas Wallace, Fiqrs. lieutenants in the ECCLESIASTICAL PRETERMINTI. third regiment of foot guards.Thomas TR. Paul Wright, vicar of Ugley, Bristow, Esq; to be captain of a com

presented by the governors of pany in lieutenant-general Pulteney's ré. Christ's-Hofpical, to the donative of Bur- giment, and Digby Berkeley, Esq; major den, which the late Mr. Selby enjoyed, to lieutenant-general Johnson's regiment with the vicarage of Clavering cum Lang

of foot. ley. – Mr. Jones, jun. organist of the Whitehall, July 14. The king has apTemple, chosen by the governors, orga- pointed the earl of Alhburnham to be nift of the Charterhouse, in the room of keeper of Hyde-park, in the room of Dr. Pepusch, deceased. --- Mr. William the late earl of Pomfret. Guftling, presented by the dean and chap- Whitehall, July 28. Robert Coney, Erq; ter of Canterbury, to the vicarage of appointed by his majesty one of the comStone, in the Ine of Oxney.--Mr. Maw- missioners for appeals and regulating the fon, to the vicarage of Deepham, in duties of excise. Norfolk, Mr. William Wade, by the

From the orber PAPERS. archbishop of Canterbury, to the vica- Ensign Charles Stanhope, of the third rage of Midiy, near Queenborough, in regiment of foot-guards, made a captain Kent, Samuel Nicholis, LL. D. pro- on the Irish establishment.--Edward Her. moted by his majesty to the office or place bert, Erq; made comptroller of the cul. of master of the Temple, in the room of toms in the port of Chester, - William she bishop of London, who resigned. Brough, Erg; made marshal of the higla Mr. Herring presented to the redory of court of admiralty. Matthew Pleydeil, Deal, near Dover, in Kent. Mr. Peir. Erq; made store-keeper of Kenfing on fon, by lord Ilchester, to the rectory of palace. Puddimore-Milton, in Somerfetthire. Mr. Richardson, of Epping, in Effex, by

BKR-TS. the bishop of London, to the living of ARY Lawes, of Norwich, milli. Finchinheld in the said county.

ner.- Elizabeth Brown, of Dul. Biddulph, M. A. by Robert Biddulph, verton, in Somersetshire, chapwoman. Efq; to the rectory of Coringham, in Edward Backhouse, now or late of the Errex. --- Mr. Daniei Thomas-Adams, by Minories, hosier. Andrew Braughall, of the bishop of Rochester, to the vicarage the parith of St. James, within the liof Westmoor, in Kent.--Charles Bedford, berty of Westminiter, brazier, broker, M. A. to che vicaraze of New Anick, in

and dealer.--Edm. Stevens the younger, Cornwall. Mr. Richard Levett, by the of Deptford, in Kent, brewer: - Pury earl of Salisbury, to the rectory of Little Caister, of the parith of St. Martin in Barkhamstead. in fiertfordshire.


the Fields, victualler. - Samuel Phillips, Laron, by the bishop of Norwich, to the of Norwich, butcher, dealer and jobber. Vicarage of Illing, in Suffolk.

William Satterthwaite, of Lancafter,

merchant. - Charles Prefton, of Wide. PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. gate-alley, near Bishopsgate.street, weavet,

and dealer. Richard Wanforough, of From tbe LONDON GAZETTE. Trowbridge, Wilts, clothier.- John Scott, Hitehall, July 2. The king has ap- of Norwich, linen-draper and milliner,

pointed Sir William Owen, Bart. Herbert Bedford, of Haverford. Wort, to be lieutenant and cuftos rotulorum of Thipwright.-Joseph Marples, of BishoptPembrokeshire, and of the town and gate-street, vintner. - John Slemaker, of county of Haverford-Weft : And. Isaac St. Paul's, Shadwell, blockmaker.Tho. Jamineau, Esq; to be his consul general mas Lodge, of Norwich, money. scriveat Naples.

ner.- John Clement, of Angel-court, in Whitehall, July 3. The king has ap- Throgmorton-ftreet, broker. John Sa. pointed Nathaniel Manlove, : William vidge, of Tower- ftreet, cooper and turner. Miles, Cholmondeley Brereton, ang co.


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UR last accounts from Vienna say, The town and diftri& of St. Remo

near the western border of the Genoere Itein has had one of his fineft seats, which territory rebelled lately against that rewas on the confines of Saxony, destroyed publick, and confined the marquis Doria by fire, of which a Jew is said to be the their governor, on account of some new author, in revenge of the prince's refusing impositions which they refused to pay, to renew an advantageous lease of a farm as being contrary to the articles upon he was poíTessed of, which is a fresh in. which they first submitted to the reAance of tlie implacable revenge so natural publick ; but when a weak itate fub. to that people ; and this natural disposi- mits to a stronger, articles are of no tion of theirs (hews how neceffary those great fignification. As soon as the reAtriot injunctions were, which we have in publick had notice of the rebellion, they the gospel against resentment and revenge. ordered a small squadron to be fitted out

From Wilna in Poland, June 11, we with 600 regular troops and all necessary have an instance equally shocking of po- materials on board, under the command pish revenge against a Jew, as follows: of M. Agustine Pinelli, which failed in The court of judicature in this city pro- a few days, with directions, that if the nounced sentence a few days ago against inhabitants did not submit immediately an apoftate, named Raphael Sentimany, at discretion, and comply with every a native of Croatia, who after being edu- thing the republick demanded, to Mew cated in the christian religion, renounced them no mercy, and to lay the town in it at the age of 12 years, embraced Ju- alhes. On the 13th ult. this squadron daism, and took the name of Abraham arrived before St. Remo, and on the inIsacowicz. While he was in prison, reve- habitants refusing to submit, began to ral zealous priests daily visited him, shew- bombard the town, which the rebels an. ing him the heinousness of the crime of fwered with some small cannon,

without apostasy, and exhorting him to repent doing much damage. On the 14th M. and return to the church ; and for a day Pinelli having landed his troops without or two they had some hopes of reclaim- opposition, and beat the rebels from their ing him: But they soon found themselves intrenchments, they desired to capitulate, mistaken; he was so hardened, that nei- which was rejected with indignation, so ther the torments he was to suffer, nor the that they were obliged to surrender at offer of a pardon, could make any im. discretion, and fix of the ringleaders were pression on him. The gth instant he was next day banged, but none of the poor led to execution : Being arrived under the misled people were made to suffer. Howgallows, the executioner plucked out his ever, the republick have fince imprisoned tongue, and fung it into the fire before the magistrates, and imposed a fine of his face; and then, with his hands tied 200,000 livres upon the town, beldes - behind him, he was thrown alive into a depriving them of their charter. heap of blazing faggots. When his body From Munster we hear, that there has was confumed, the ashes were scattered lately heen a sort of contest between that in the wind. This poor wretch suffered regency and the regency of Hanover, a. death with great resolution ; not so much bout the purchase of the little principality as a groan, ,or the least sign of fear having of Bentheim upon the frontier of Overyffel, escaped from him.

one of the Dutch United Provinces; but From Copenhagen they write, that the that the former were a little too late in Jews of that city are like to pay for a their application, the agreement having proceeding prompted by their zeal for re- been before concluded by the regency of Jigion: A young man of their nation, Hanover, named Lazarus, applied fome time ago Smyrna, May 25. In the night between to a Lutheran priest in order to be in

the 14th and 15th inft. A fire broke out structed in the christian religion ; and he in the quarter of the Armenians, which was accordingly received, placed in a destroyed several houses and magazines private house, and supported by means of belonging to the merchants of that naa pension obtained from the king. This tion, and would probably have spread Lazarus, being invited to sup at a house a great deal farther, if a stop had not in the principal quarter of the Jews, been put to it by the English and Dutch he was permitted to go thither, but has factors settled there, by means of their never since appeared ; and it is averred, fire engines

Among the houses burnt that he was trepanned, and sent away. was that of Signor Aviat de Babijan, an The bishop having informed the court of Armenian, who, with his wife, then'in it,, his majesty has ordered the Jews to the last month of her pregnancy, his son produce this young man in a certain time, and daughter, and five of his domesticks, on pain of forfeiting eight thousand Gec perished in the flames, man crowns,


Pr. is.

39. Merit

The Monthly Catalogue for July, 1753. 343 DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY.

28. A Letter concerning the Use of Ontemplations on the Ocean, Har. ftudying History. By J. Petvin, M. A. C

29. A Discourse of the Poor, By R. ment. By R. Pearsall, pr. 25. 6d. Buck. North, Esq; pr. is. Cooper. land.

PHYSICK 2. Family Devotions, pr. is. 6d. Grif. 30. An Essay on the Hydrophobia. By fiths.

C. Nugent, M. D. Cooper. 3. Theophilus to Gaius, pr. 6d. Noon. 31. Remarks upon the Pestilence and MISCELLANEOUS.

peftilential Diseases. By W. Hird, M. D. 4. An Essay on the Government of pr. 1$. 6d. Innys. Children. By J. Nelson, pr. gs. Dodlley. 32. A Defence of the Letter to Dr.

5. An Introduction to Book-keeping. Lobb, pr. Is. Roberts. By J. Shortland, pr. 28. 6d. Fuller. - 33. A Differtation concerning the Use

6. A Letter to the Publick on the Sub- of Sea Water in the Diseases of the Glands, ject of clandestine Marriages, pr. 18. &c. By R. Russel, M. D. pr. 55. Rie Marí.

vington. 7. The Hon. Thomas Hervey's Letter POETRY and ENTERTAINMENT. to Sir Wm. Bunbury, pr. 6d. Carpenter. 34. Scotch and Englith Poems, pr. 28.

8. The honest Country Quaker's Baldwin. Speech, pr. 6d. Carpenter.

35. The Song of Deborah, reduced to 9. An Enquiry into the legal Confti. Metre. By W. Green, M. A. pr. is. Dod. tution of the College of Physicians, pr. 36. Trandation ; a Poem. By T. is, 6d. Noon.

Franklin, pr. 15. Cooper. 10. A Letter from a Clergyman con- 37. Verses written by M. Voltaire to cerning the Affair of Elizabeth Canning, the K. of Prussia, pr. 6d. Cooper, Seddon.

38. The first Six Books of Virgil's 11. Hypatia, pr. 6d. Cooper.

Æneid. Trandated into blank Verse, 12. A Proposal for a free and unexpen- By A. Strahan, Esq; pr. 45. Payne. five Election of Parliament-men, pr. 1$.

a Poem. By H. Jones, Fuller.

pr. is. Dodsley. 13. An Account of the late Applica. 40. Taste : An Epifle to a young tion to Parliament of the Sugar Refiners, Critick, pr. is. Griffiths. Grocers, &c. pr. 6d. Brotherton.

41. Eloge de la Ville D'Edinbourg, 14. An earnest Persuasive to the Jews,

Wilson. pr. 6d. Withers.

42. Shakespear illustrated, pr. 6s. Mil15. A fuli Answer to a fallacious Apo- lar. logy for the Jews, pr. 6d. Fox.

43. Letters from Julia, the daughter of 16. An historical Treatise of Jews and Augustus, to Ovid, pr. 25. sewed. L. Judaism in England, pr. 6d. Baldwin. Davis.

17. The Lives and Characters of Actors 44. The Temple of Gnidon, pr. 25. and Actresses. Part 1. By T. Cibber, sewed. Swan.

45. Paradisus Amissus. Poema Joannis 18. The Inspector Inspected, pr. 6d. Miltoni. Latine redditum, a G. Dobson, Bouquet.

LL. B. In 2 Vols, 4to. Manby. 19. An alphabetical Collection of Max- 46. The Works of Virgil. Trannated ims, Principles or Rules, Definitions and by Mr. Pitt and Mr. Warton. In 4 Vols. memorable Sayings in Law and Equity, Svo, pr. 205. Dodney. Worral.

47. The Works of Aaron Hill, Esq; 20. Remarks on the Minute Philoro- In 4 Vols. 8vo. pher, pr. is. Robinson.

48. An Essay on Ridicule, pr. n. 6d. 21. Remarks on Lord Bolingbroke's Millar. Letter to Sir W. Wyndham, pr. is. Cooper. 49. The Life and History of a Pilgrim, 22. Observations on the Greek and

pr. 35. Whilton. Roman Clafficks. pr. 35. Browne.

50. An Ode on Benevolence. By S. 23. Elizabeth Canning's Story display'd, Beckingham, Esq; pr. 15. Dodsley. pr. Is. Cooper.

51. Poems by Mr. Grey, with Designs 24. An Elay on Sacred Harmony, pr. by Mr. Bentley, pr. 1os. 6d. Dodfey. 6d. Owen.

(See p. 332.) 25. Thoughts on the Reafonableness of 52. Sylla, a Dramatick Entertainment, general Naturalization, pr. 60. H. Cox. pr. 15. Bouquet.

26. Treason, &c. confidered ; with 53. A Translation of the 19th Satyr Rengarks upon the Case of Dr. Cameron, of Juvenal. By R. Hingeston, M. A. pr. 6d. Corbett.

Dod. 27. A Letter upon Churches being ra (To be continued in our next.) entirely forsaken, pr. 6d. Bizet.


pr. 2s.

pr. 35. Griffiths.

pr. 26.

pr. is.


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Bibl of Mortality from 1 BANK INDIA (South Sea South Sea South Sea:B, Annu., B. Apmu.3 p. Cert./S. S.. An, Ind. BondsfB.Cir. p. Wind at Weather

London. 1746. 1747-8-9 B. Annu, STOCK. STOCK. S TOC K. Annu.oid

præm. ll. s. d. Deal. 1753.

June 26. to July 24.

N. E. by E. feltry Christ. Males 629}

S. W.


Femal. 5915

106 | 106


S. W.
71. 6s


Males 6551

31 1381377


W. N. W.

71. 28 106


Femal. 612 4 137

ili js

N. W. Prin fair Died under 2 Years old 504

71. gs
N. NW.

Between 2 and

N. E.

5 and 10 -

S. W. wind hot

joand 20Sunday

106 I 106

71. gs 106

S.S. W. fair clou. 3

20 and 30 137

S. W. rain 106



106 1


S, W.

40 and 50


W. 3

71. 55 106

clou. fair 106 /

go and 60

91 138

'S. 106

rain fair 106

3 5 106

60 and 70 74 13 138

S. S. W. fair warm

3 5 106;1071

70 and 30


W. rain thun. 15 Sunday

N. W.

3 50 106


go and 100 -16

fair 106

o N. N, W.

3 5 106

71. 58 17 138 106

3 5 W.N. W. fair
106 | 106.5

Within the Walls 105
3 5
N. E. fair clou.

Without the Walls 346
19 137


o N. N. E. fair clou.

In Mid. and Surrey 539
201374138 192


ro6 1565

35 o N. by E.

cloudy 107

City & Sub, Weft. 277

N.NE. fair 22 Sunday

fair hot


3 5

Weekly July 3

fair N. E.


3 5 122 24 137 192

106 106 107

Ν. Ε. fair

292 106 106

* 107 25

fair hot
N. E.
5 o

261 137

fair hot

288 106

108 271 137

1033 106

fair rain o N, N, E. 13 5

1267 28

N. E. lair hot Wheaten Peck Loaf 25. 2d. 1065

71. gs 1073

3 5

fair 01 E. by N.

Peale 198. to 295. 03. p. Quar. 30 137

71. 45 13 ś o N. E. fair Taies 186. to 225. per Qu
311 137 1

Farnham. 1 Henley,
Mark-lane Exchange. Bafingstoke. | Reading.

Guildford. Birmingham.

Abingdon. i
Wheat 348 to 355 ar 101. 15s load 1. 16s load 091. ros load 11. ogs load 10l. Tos load 4s 4d to 45 8El

. 18. to iol. gs. p. load o9l. 146.10 101. 115. p. load
25 8d to 38 ocigs. to 205. ood.

175. to 198. : Barley 175 to 198 od 175 to ob qr 208 to 22 qr 156 to 19 qr 18 to 21 gr 165 to 18 Oats iis to 148 od 145 to 14 6 135 to 16 148 to 155

ios to 13 6d|1s jod to 25 0145. ood. to 155. o6d. p. q. 145. ogd. to 16s. cod. Beans 195 to 215 60 258 to 24 od 18 to 24

218 to 24 238 to 275

| 213.ood. to 225. 06d. per gr 1288 to 30

13s od to 3s 301198. to 248. ood. LOTTIRY TIÇXITS, 31. 8s, 60, zl. gs. 6d. 31. gs. 31. 85. 64. 31. 103. 31. jos. 64. gl. gs. 64. 31, 106 3), gs. 6d, 31. jos, 3l. Tos, 6d.

18 137 1

71. 45 zl. 45

106 %


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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For AUGUST1753.


To be Concinued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of tbe fame Price.) 1. The remarkable Trial of John Barbot, XIII. Other Questions proposed.

at St. Christopher's in the West Indies, XIV, Observations on Bounties upon the

for the Murder of Matthew Mills, Esq; Exportation of Corn. II. A genuine Account of the Manner of XV. Proceedings and Observations on the making best Russia Pot-Ames.

Affair of the Turkey Trade. III. Mr. Horne's Stute of tbe Cafe, &c. XVI. Clauses proposed to be added to the defended.

late Clandestine Marriage Act.
IV. Of the luminous Spaces about the South XVII, French Perriwig-Maker's Advertise-

V. A Description of the County of York. XVIII. Queries to the Circuiteerers of Great-
VI. A SUMMARY of the most important Britain.

Affairs in the last Sellion of Parliament. XIX. POETRY: An Address to the Muse; VII. Account of Henry Jenkins, who lived to a Friend ; to Lord Boyle on his Marto the Age of 169 Years.

riage with Miss Hoare, of Sturton ; the VIII. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli. Charms of Sally ; the Head-Ach; Epi

tical Club, &c. continued : Contain. taphs ; Young Dorilas, a new song iet
ing the, SPEECH of Servilius Priscus on to Mufick.
the Jews Bill; and the SPEECHES of XX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER :
Arrianus Maturius, and C. Numifius, on Tragical Murders ; Fires ; Malefactors
the Bill for better preventing Clandestine executed ; Country Alizes, &c. &c. &.

XXI. Promotions; Marriages and Births ;
IX. Extract from Dr. Addington, of the Deaths ; Bankrupts.

XXII. Prices of Stocks for each Day,
X. Of Air, Light, Ele&ricity, &c.

XXIII. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XI. Odious Character of a Lyar.

XII. Solutions of a Surveying Question. XXV. Catalogue of Books.
With a beautiful and correct GENERAL MAP of YORKSHIRE, and the Head of

Old HENRY JENKINS, curiously engraved.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Role in Pater-Nofter-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Set: from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any iingle Month to compleat Sets.

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