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CC to the Insinuations of his Enemies :' And, as soon as Sir John Russell had delivered his Message, he took Horse, and was back again at Greenwich before Break-of-day. What passed on this Occasion Cavendijs relates.

Soon after this the Cardinal had Part of his Furniture and some of his Plate, &c. restored to him, which was a great Mortification to those who were resolved to ruin him one Way or other. The Cardinal besides this, upon Ap- The King grants

the Cardinal a plication, obtained from the King this

Protection, &c. Licence and Protection*.


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* « The King, To all whom it our said Court, was put out of may concern, greeting.


•And whereas the aforesaid Cars THEREAS Thomas, by dinal, that is to say, on the next

Divine Permission, Car- o after the Morrow of St. Martin ' dinal Priest, Archbishop of • last past, in our said Court be· York, Primate of England, fore us, of and concerning an

· on Saturday next after the other Bill, first preferred by our • Feast of St. Michael last past, • faid Attorney General, in our • in our Court before us, of said Court, for us, against the

and concerning a certain Bill • aforesaid Cardinal, that is to by our Attorney General, in say, on the 20:h of O&tober last

our said Court, first preferred • paft, for divers other grievous • for us, against the aforesaid · Contempts, Transgressions and

• • Cardinal, by the Name of the • Offences, committed and per• moft Rev. Father Thomas, petrated by the faid Cardinal, &c. that is to say, on the against us, our Crown, Dig' • gth Day of October last part, 'nity, and Prerogative; and the • for divers grievous Contempts,

« Form of the said Statute was Transgressions, and Offences, late- • convicted, and, by the Senly committed and perpetrated by tence of our said Court, put the said Cardinal against us,

out of our Protection, as may our Crown, Dignity, and Pre- • be plainly seen by the sepa• rogative, and against the Sta- ' rate Records relating to the o tute of Provisions made in the « Premises, kept before us in • Parliament, held at Winchester our said Court. • by Richard the IId, King of • And afterwards the same CarEngland, after the Conqueft, ' dinal most humbly entreated of

our Progenitor, and in the 16th us, that he, being thus out of « Year of his Reign, was con- our Protection, has probable victed, and by the Sentence of • Conjectures to fear, that he may

• be


He enquires af- Tho' the King granted the Cardinal ter his Eftates. this last mentioned Favour, yet he and his Ministers omitted not to make the most diligent Enquiry to find out any Estate or Effects that belonged to his late Minister, and when any appeared, they were immediately confiscated to the King's Use; the Form of the Inquisition we have here exhibited.


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be eanly set upon by certain • Complaints, and Bills on what· Rivals, to the Damage and ' foever Transgressions and other

Danger of his body, unless we personal Caules, accruing and mercifully fueçour him.

happening to him from hence · Being willing graciously to ' forward, or that may be comprovide, in this Behalf, for the • mitted or perpetrated by him,

Security of his body, against in our faid Court before us, < the Malice of his faid Rivals, or before whomsoever of our

we, being favo'ırably inclined Judges, or Juftices, according * to the faid Pciition, out of our to the Laws and Customs of

special Grace, have taken and our Kingdom of England, and

received, and by these Prefents ' that he ought to be answered • do take and receive the Body • in the said Prosecutions, and s and Person of the aforesaid Car- - likewise from time to time to • dinal, from the Day of the i demand and have the Sentences Date of these Presents, during and Execution due and issuing

• our Pleasure, into our Protec- thereupon during our Pleasure, « tion and Safeguard in the Man- as the Causes and Case shall

and Forin following, viz. require in Law. Whatever Sta• We forbid all and fingular tute, &c. In Testimony whereour Subjects, and every of them, • of, &c. Witness the King at

of what State, Degree, or . Westminster the 18th of Nov. « Condition foever they may be, By the King in Person. " that they or any of them nei• ther do, nor procure to be done,

* « The King to his beloved and any Damage or Harm to the faithfuil Rodolph Badman, • faid Cardinal's Body: And we Knt. John Baker and Wilgrant our firm Peace by these

• liam Walsyngham, greeting. • Presents to the said Cardinal during our Pleasure.

that • And further, out of our

, more bountiful Grace, we grant two of you, our Commissionto the said Cardinal, that he ers to enquire, on the Oath of



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NOW ye

K contituted you, three or

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may profecute and follow all • of honest and just Men of the i and whatsoever our Personal • City of London aforesaid, as * Briefs ; as likewise all Man- I well within as without the Liner of personal Actions, Suits, • berties, by whom the Truth of

s the




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But before any of the Proceedings,

The King gives we have been speaking of, were had a

Direstions for gainst the Cardinal, the King gave Di

calling a Parrections in the Month of August, forliament. calling a Parliament to meet on the 3d of Nov. and Mr. Cromwell was, by the Means of one Mr.

Rush, • the Matter may the better be * ter the Conquest, King of Eng" known, into what and how ma- land; held at Westminster, as • ny Manors; Lordships, Lands, “gainst those who had obtained

, Tenements, Possessions, Rents, or sollicited, or that caused to • Services, Reversions, Advowfors, . be sollicited or obtained, front . Patronages of Churches, Cha- the Court of Rome, or else• pels, and other Ecclefiaftical "where, Processes, Sentences, • Benefices, Pensions, Portions, Excommunications, Bulls, In

• • Incomes, and all other Here- • struments, or any thing of • ditaments whatsoever, which this Kind, which • the most Rev. Father in Christ, the Lord the King, against his

« Thomas, Cardinal Priest; Arch-Crown, Prerogative, or the

• • bishop of York, and Primate of Kingdom of England, and aEngland, was seized of and pof- gainit those who brought them • sested on the 28th Day of Au- • into of received them, notified

guft, in the 15th Year of our or executed any of them, in the Reign, or on the 2d Day of " said Kingdom.

• o the Month of Dec. in the same « We therefore command you, • 15th Year of our Reign, or at I that ar certain Tinics and Places « any other Time after the said · which you three, or two of you, • 2d Day of Dec. either alone, or • Dall appoint for this purpose; • jointly with any other Person . to make diligent Inquiries a• or Persons, as a Fief, or Re. • bout all and lingular the Pre• verfion; or for the Term of mises, which being ditlinály • his Life or Years, or otherwise • and openly made, to send thein • in the said County. On which • to us in our Chancery, where: • faid ad Day of Dec. the same « foever it shall be, within the. • Cardinal in our Court before • Octave of St. Michael; under • us was legally, lawfully, and o the Seals of three or two of

juftly conoitred, and stands con- ' you, who had been present at • demned for divers Contempts, • the taking of such Inquisition, • Transgressions and Offences a- i and the Seals of those who had • gainst us, our Crown, Prero- • made the Enquiries, together

gative, and Dignity and a- • with this our present Com:

gainst the Tenor of the Statute • mission, • made in the 16th Year of the • And we command our She, • Reign, and in the Parliament

, • riffs of the City of London a. of the late Richard the Ild af. forefaid, by the Tenor of theso VOL. IV.


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• Prea


Rush, his Friend, chosen a Member of that great Ar-

On the 3d of November the Parliament
Proceedings of met at Black-friars, where, the King
the Eighth

being seated upon his Throne in the

House of Lords, and the Commons at1529.

tending, Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor, standing on his Majesty's Right-hand within the Bar, opened the Cause of calling them together with a Speech, in which he observed, as Hall has handed it to us, “ That, like a good Shepherd, " which not only keepeth and attendeth well his “ Sheep, but also foreseeth and provideth for all

Things, that might be either hurtful or noisome

to his Flock, or may preserve and defend the “ same against all Perils that may chance to come ; “fo the King, who was the Shepherd, Ruler, and “ Governor of his Realm, vigilantly foreseeing Things

to come, considering how divers Laws which, be“ fore that Time made, were now, by long Conti“ nuance of Time and Mutation of Things, very in“ fufficient and imperfect; and also, by the frail “ Condition of Men, divers new Enormities were

sprung up among the People, for which no Law

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• Presents, that they bring be- And we therefore command • fore you three, or two of you, you to proceed carefully and

on certain Days, and at cer- diligently on the Premises, and «tain Places, of which you are to execute and fulfil the fame • to give them Notice, such and r with Effect. Salvo the Amerce• as many honest and just Men “ments from issuing and certain• from their Bailiwicks, as well ing to us. « within the Liberties as without, • by whom the Truth of the

• In Testimony whereof, & Co • Matter in the Premises may

• Witness the King at Wefte be the better known and en

fter, &c. quired into, pursuant to the • Number and Qualities of the And Commiffions of the fame • Persons which you shall re- Nature were sent to all the

quire, in our Behalf, to be Shires, Cities, and Burroughs, • brought before you.

&*c. in the Kingdom.

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