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Which when they hear, they shall begin to kill,
And never cease until that bell shall cease ;
Then breathe awhile.

Enter a Messenger.
Char. How now, fellow, what news?
Mes. An it please your grace, the lord High Ad-

miral, Riding the streets, was traitorously shot; And most humbly entreats your majesty To visit him, sick in his bed. CHAR. Messenger, tell him I will see him straight.

[Exit Messenger What shall we do now with the Admiral ?

Q. Mo. Your majesty had best go visit him,
And make a show as if all were well.

CHAR. Content; I will go visit the Admiral.
Guise. And I will go take order for his death.

(Exeunt. SCENE V, The ADMIRAL discovered in bed. To him enter

King CHARLES, und others. CHAR. How fares it with my lord High Admiral? Hath he been hurt with villains in the street?I vow and swear, as I am king of France, To find, and to



with death,
With death delay'd, and torments never us’d,
That durst presume, for hope of any gain,
To hurt the noble man his sov’reign loves.

Adm. Ab! my good lord, these are the Guisians, That seek to massacre our guiltless lives.

Char. Assure yourself, my good lord Admiral, I deeply sorrow for your treach'rous wrong: And that I am not more secure myself, Than I am careful you should be preserv’d. Cousin, take twenty of our strongest guard, And, under your direction, see they keep All treach'rous violence from our noble friend ; Repaying all attempts with present death, Upon the cursed breakers of our peace. And so be patient, good lord Admiral, And every hour I'll visit you.




MOUNTSORREL, and Soldiers, to the massacre.

Guise. Anjou, Dumaine, Gonzago, Retes, Swear by the argent crosses on your burgonets, To kill all that you suspect of heresy.

Dum. I swear by this, to be unmerciful.

Ans. I am disguis'd, and none knows who I am, And therefore mean to murder all I meet.

Gon. And so will I.
Retes. And I.
Guise.Away, then! break into the Adiniral's house!
Retes. Aye, let the Admiral be first dispatch'a.

Guise. The Admiral,
Chief standard bearer to the Lutherans,
Shall in the entrance of this massacre,
Be murder'd in his bed. Gonzago, conduct them


And then beset his house, that not a man may live. ANJ. That charge is mine. Switzers, keep you

the streets; And at each corner shall the king's guard stand. Gon. Come, sirs, follow me.

(Exit Gonzago, with others. Ans. Cousin, the captain of the Admiral's guard, Plac'd by my brother, will betray his lord. Now, Guise, shall Catholics flourish once again ; The head being off, the members cannot stand, RETEs. But look, my lord, there's some in the

Admiral's house. [They enter into the house of the Admiral, who is in bed.


MOUNTSORREL, and others, to the ADMIRAL.

Axj. In lucky time; come, let us keep this lane, And slay his servants that shall issue out.

Gon. Where is the Admiral ?
ADM. Oh! let me pray before I die.
Gox. Then pray unto our Lady; kiss this cross.

(Stabs him.
Adm. Oh! God, forgive my sins !
GUISE. What, is he dead, Gonzago?
Gon. Aye, my lord.
Guise. Then throw him down.

ANJ. Now, cousin, view him well.
It may be 'tis some other, and he escap'd.

Guise. Cousin, 'tis he, I know him by his look;


See where my soldier shot him through the arm;
He miss'd him near, but we have struck him now.
Ah! base Chatellain, and degenerate, chief standard-

bearer to the Lutherans,
Thus, in despite of thy religion,
The duke of Guise stamps on thy lifeless bulk.
Away with him : cut off his head and hands,
And send them for a present to the pope;
And when this just revenge is finished,
Unto Montfaucon will we drag his corse;
And he, that living hated so the cross,
Shall, being dead, be hang’d thereon in chains.
Anjou, Gonzago, Retes, if that you three
Will be as resolute as I and Dumaine,
There shall not a Hugonot breathe in France.

Ans. I swear by this cross, we'll not be partial,
But slay as many as we can come near.
Guise. Mountsorrell, go and shoot the ordnance

off'; That they, which have already 'set the street, May know their watchword; and then toll the bell, And so let's forward to the massacre. Mount. I will, my lord.

(Erit. Guise. And now, my lords, let's closely to our

business. Ans. Anjou will follow thee. DUM. And so will Dumaine.

(The ordnance being shot off, the bell tolls. Guise. Come then, let's away.

| Exeunt.


Guise enters again, with all the rest, with their

swords drawn, chasing the Protestants. Guise. Tue ! tue ! tue ! let none escape, murder

the Hugonots. ANJ. Kill them! kill them! Enter LOREINE, running; Guise and the rest pur

suing him. Guise. Loreine! Loreine! follow Loreine!

Are you a preacher of these heresies?

Lor. I am a preacher of the word of God;
And thou a traitor to thy soul and him.
Guise.“ Dearly beloved brother”-thus 'tis writ-

[Stabs him. Ans. Stay, my lord, let me begin the psalm. Guise. Come, drag him away, and throw him in a ditch,

[Ereunt. Enter MountSORREL, and knocks at SEROUne's

door. SER. WIFE. [Within.) Who is that which knocks

there? Mount. Mountsorrell, from the duke of Guise, Ser. Wife. Husband, come down; here's one

would speak with you. From the duke of Guise.

Enter SeROUNE. Ser. To speak with me, from such a man as he?

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